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How Justine lost 35 lbs. in 7 months as a mother of 3

How Justine lost 35 lbs. in 7 months as a mother of 3

After Justine became a mother of three, she realized that her metabolism wasn't as fast as it used to be. "I really started using PumpUp around March 2015 because I gained a lot of weight after I had my children, I didn't lead a very healthy lifestyle, and I didn't feel good about myself any more," she revealed. "I needed to change my lifestyle not only for myself, but for my children." 

How Venus stays healthy and active as a mother of two

How Venus stays healthy and active as a mother of two

How often do you work out on an average week? Venus is a PumpUp member and a mother of two children who strives to exercise for 6 days a week - at least 3 hours a day. "Summer is my very active season," she revealed. "I'm constantly doing something." When Venus isn't going for a fast-paced run, performing medicine ball push-ups, or lifting heavy at the gym (she can deadlift 165 lbs, for instance), she's motivating others on the PumpUp community to do the best that they can.

How I lost my baby weight for good - Vanessa's PumpUp Success Story

How I lost my baby weight for good - Vanessa's PumpUp Success Story


Baby weight isn't impossible to lose. When Vanessa joined the PumpUp community in June 2014, she was fiercely determined to shed the 50 lbs that she gained while she was pregnant with her son. "As soon as I got clearance from my doctor, I dived right into PumpUp," she recounted. "I shared photos every day and my PumpUp family would motivate me by commenting and pushing me daily, especially @randiashley and @tweetii. PumpUp workouts and a program called T25 got me started, because I didn't know too many exercises when I first started out." Backed by motivation from the PumpUp community, Vanessa lost over 30 lbs of her baby weight. Prior to PumpUp, Vanessa's eating habits went astray. It was common for her to eat several hot dogs and a large-sized pizza in one sitting. "I didn't know anything about planning my meals, or what eating healthy really meant," she professed. "On an average day, I would look at fit people and wish I was them. While I was pregnant, I knew that I would bounce back as soon as I had my baby."

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

Since Vanessa joined the PumpUp community, she exercises on a daily basis and shares about each of her workouts on PumpUp to keep herself accountable. "I became a wellness coach too," she added. "I know there are people who look up to me now. Using PumpUp daily and putting my life out there actually keeps me motivated to work out, especially when I don't want to." Vanessa likes check up on members who motivate her the most on PumpUp. She's also inspired by those who are just beginning their fitness journeys. "Looking at progress pictures really motivates me to work out," she insisted.

Making time to exercise isn't always easy when you have a baby, but Vanessa worked hard to create a schedule that accommodates her lifestyle. She stays positive by maintaining a firm resolve to never compare her progress with that of anybody else's. "Be patient, be persistent, and don't compare yourself with others," she advised. "Use PumpUp to track your journey and don't be afraid to share about your concerns. PumpUp has amazing motivators who are always positive."

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

As Vanessa continues her journey on PumpUp, she strives to make as many fit friends as she can from around the world. "I love how this app allows us to connect with people from other countries in a close setting," she shared. Vanessa ultimately hopes to gain 10 more pounds of muscle and might even consider training for a fitness competition in the future. Finally, she's trying to help her father, mother, and sister overcome their less healthy habits. "My dad had a dialysis a few weeks ago due to his diabetes and bad eating habits," she said solemnly. "Trying to stay consistent with my workouts has been hard, but I make time for it when I can."

Vanessa's Biggest Source of Motivation

My biggest source of motivation is my son and family. I want to set a healthy example to the people around me, I want to be here for a long time. Thus, I need to eat healthy and active. The people who have always kept me motivated have been @Randiashley and @Tweetii on PumpUp. Since day one, they kept pushing me to lose my baby weight and they made it happen! 

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

Favourite Workout Routines

I love the ab and lower body workouts that I can put together on PumpUp, I love how I can decide which body groups I need to target with the equipment I have on hand. It helps me because I work out at home. When I go to the gym or want to try something different than a Beachbody Workout, it is easy to put together. I usually do Beachbody programs because I am a coach, and I also love weightlifting.

Vanessa's Meals

I love everything organic. 85% of my food is organic. It does cost more, but I'm passionate about investing in my health. Recently, I had stomach problems when I attempted to eat processed food. My body has completely changed and I won't go back to the way that I was eating before.  

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

More about Vanessa

I am a stay at home mom. Over the course of my year-long fitness journey, I lost over 30 pounds by eating healthy, doing Beachbody programs like 725 and the 21 day fix, and using PumpUp. I became a wellness coach through Beachbody to help others lose weight and become healthy. I also became P90X certified and will become a group exercise instructor and personal trainer soon. I recently told my husband (2 weeks ago) that I was going to quit nursing school to pursue my business with Beachbody and to become a fitness instructor. I LOVE the fitness lifestyle and everything about it. I want everyone to have the chance to build a business from home if they need to, so that they too can stay home with their children without missing out on opportunities.  

Keep Vanessa pumped by cheering her on PumpUp @vanessamejia! Have any questions for Vanessa? Let us know in the comments below!

The Fit Moms of PumpUp

The Fit Moms of PumpUp


Between hectic schedules and sleep-scarce nights, mothers face a difficult set of challenges along their health and fitness journeys. There are thousands of fit moms on PumpUp who choose to make their health a top priority on a daily basis. Despite the varied landscape of obstacles that they've overcome, these fit moms prove that they really are superwomen in their own capacities. Not only are they mothers to their own families, they make the PumpUp community feel like a family by nurturing other members with their own brand of support. There's a reason some people think that they can do anything. They listened to their mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful parents on PumpUp! Here are some awesome fit moms who have been in the PumpUp spotlight in the past:

limitlesstyle pumpup

PumpUp member @limitlesstyle combatted depression with the help of exercise and with the support of PumpUp's community. By sharing about her workouts, tasty recipes, and words of encouragement, Francesca is an inspiring mother to the PumpUp community and frequently offers help to other members.

Designsbuydonna pumpup

After recovering from 3 devastating athletic injuries, @designsbuydonna joined the PumpUp community and began to realize her full potential as a role model for others in the PumpUp community. "By using PumpUp, I have been given a glimpse of what people are searching for.  This has definitely helped me realize that my purpose is to encourage, inspire and inform these individuals how to reach their goals."Screenshot_2015-05-10-14-09-03

@minimimi26 broke from her family's history of high blood pressure and diabetes by getting healthy on her own terms. She's in her fitness journey for the long run. Though Mimi initially adopted healthier habits in order to set an example for her daughter, Mimi began to inspire the PumpUp community with her constant stream of motivational words of encouragement and her stunning progress photos.

One simple New Year's resolution prompted @kayleefit31 to change her lifestyle. She achieved her goal weight with the help of the PumpUp community after 9 months of hard work and dedication.

With the help and support of the PumpUp community, @carmel23shine lost over 60 lbs over the past year. She stays healthy and active by maintaining a positive attitude. "My journey is still ahead of me. I love the encouragement everyone on PumpUp gives! I have met a lot of people that don’t even know me. They push me harder than my own family!”

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 2.26.10 PM

PumpUp member @countrygirl4ever overcame a traumatic brain injury. She's an amazing example that anything is truly possible if you set your mind to it. This PumpUp member is now a yoga instructor and a p90X, Asylum, Chalean Extreme, and Rushfit grad.

@shundyg combatted depression with the support of other PumpUp members. She also found the consistent motivation that she needed in order to break away from quick-fix dieting.  "“I currently go through depression moments but I’m quickly pulled out of that dark place when I log onto PumpUp,” she confirmed. “It truly keeps me going. Everyone is so uplifting and sometimes I cry when I read the kind words under my posts."

PumpUp member @dezireeryonna confirms that progress is more about the journey than the end result. Her weight fluctuated throughout her lifetime. By embracing a balanced diet with nourishing meals, Desiree is more confident than ever with her post-pregnancy body. "I was always overweight. I wanted to be 'skinny' so badly that I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle to do so. Don't ever sacrifice your health. I'm doing it right this time, and so can you."

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 3.20.41 PM

PumpUp member @vanessamejia taught us about the importance of self-love throughout any transformation journey. We highlighted her story on #TrasnformationTuesday: "It took me 9 months to get to where I am! Having a baby is the best thing that happened to me! I do have stretch marks and loose skin, but I almost have abs. For those of you just starting your fitness journey, just remember that you will get there!"

Completing a 5K race was a huge achievement for PumpUp member @racquelannd. She trained for 8 weeks prior to her first race, despite the fact that she had never been much of a runner over the course of her entire life.


"6 months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of doing something like this, ever," said PumpUp member and former PumpUp contest winner @ilovecoffee2xaday, a mother who ran her first ever 5K race just two months ago. Like many others on PumpUp, she fell in love with running after joining the PumpUp community. @ilovecoffee2xaday likes to push herself outside of her comfort zone. "I've been lifting heavier (30 lb) weights instead of 5lb dumbbells that I've been doing. I tried to push for the 4th set and I failed to take it all the way up. I failed but I had to try! No shame in that. It's a start and I am here to get strong."

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 3.15.44 PM

PumpUp member @jmorales617 won a PumpUp contest by demonstrating her favourite outdoor exercise move. You can try it any time you find yourself at the park! Her favourite exercise is the hanging knee raise. It targets your lower abs, hip flexors, and your lower back.

Keep them pumped! We'll be adding to this list as we feature more PumpUp mothers in the future. Have story that you want to share with the PumpUp community? Let us know by emailing alessandra[@]

Transformation Tuesday: Desiree

Progress: it’s more about the journey than the end result, and PumpUp member @dezireeryonna can confirm!

"I was always overweight. I wanted to be ‘skinny’ so bad that I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle to do so. Don’t ever sacrifice your health. I’m doing it right this time, and so can you."

She lost over 60 lbs of her pregnancy weight, going from 189 lbs to 128 lbs by eating lots of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, as well as fruits and vegetables. She works out from home with 45-60 mins of high intensity interval training.

Cheer her on! She wins some #MyResolution #PumpUpSwag

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