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How healthier eating habits changed Belinda's life - PumpUp Success Stories


Healthier eating habits made a world of difference for Belinda (@beldots). She’s a beloved pumpupapp member who inspires others endlessly with her dedication to a holistically healthy lifestyle. “I grew up as a chubby kid with low self esteem—but when I found my passion for GOOD food, I found myself shedding the kilos quicker than I could realize,” she admitted. Now, almost every facet of Belinda’s life revolves around health and fitness. “It has spiralled out of control (in a good way!)” she laughed. “I go to the gym 7 days a week, eat as much healthy food as I can, and talk about health and wellness in most of my conversation topics!”

WhenBelinda joined the PumpUp community in June 2014, she was looking for a way to stay true to her health and fitness goals. “I had my hesitations because I wasn’t so sure whether the outside world would be accepting or receptive about little old me and my goals,” she confessed. “After a few posts on PumpUp, I was hooked! I wanted to try PumpUp because I needed motivation and didn’t like the idea of a workout buddy. I still needed to be held accountable for my workouts and eating choices and PumpUp fit the mould perfectly.”


She lived a moderately healthy lifestyle prior to PumpUp, performing cardio-intensive workouts twice a week and making good eating choices from time to time. “I tried to cook my own meals, but studying full-time made it difficult. There is a lot of comfort food and take-out readily available around campus, and that let me down a fair bit,” she explained. As a self-professed stress-eater, Belinda recounted how she would consume chocolate and energy drinks endlessly whenever she was tasked with a big assignment. “It was terrible,” she lamented. 


Bolstered by motivation from the PumpUp community, Belinda now epitomizes health and wellness. She exercises an impressive 6-7 times a week, incorporating both weightlifting and cardio into her routine. She has begun to count her macronutrients as well. It’s something that, in her opinion, sheds a new light on what kinds of food she consumes every day. Above all, health and wellness has made a huge impact on Belinda’s mentality. “When I was younger I’d never let anyone around me take photos of myself—I was so embarrassed and ashamed!” she professed. “I don’t have any real ‘before’ photos but I do know that fitness has improved my quality of life drastically. I find myself healthier, happier, and surrounded by likeminded people on PumpUp and in my daily life—this pushes me harder to pursue my personal aspirations.” 


Belinda strongly advocates for a holistic approach towards health and wellness. “I’d love to emphasize just how important a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle is for your wellbeing and appearance,” she stressed. “I see so many girls—who are around my age or younger—believing that eating less is good. That isn’t always the case. Sometimes—maybe even most of the time—you need to eat more of the right food to lose body fat (not to be confused with ‘weight’!).” Belinda hopes that her PumpUp page demonstrates that any normal person can lead a healthy and active lifestyle at any point in their lives—it isn’t unrealistic. “I started on a similar (if not worse) state as many others who typically begin their journeys on an app like PumpUp,” she mused. “A healthy and active lifestyle can be done and it is worth it. As soon as I got my health in order, everything fell into place: university grades, relationships, overall happiness, a cleaner room—you name it!”


Biggest Motivation

“I know it sounds strange, but truly, myself! I believe you have the power to be exactly who you want to be each and every day and if you know you’re not the absolute best you can be the only person that can really change that is yourself.” 

Motivational Mantra
“’What is stopping you being your absolute best you can be today?’ 99% of the time there is none, so it works a charm!!”


Favourite snack: “Recently I’ve just discovered how amazing cottage cheese is (especially for macro counting) so that on some crackers with some fresh tomato, avocado, pepper and chives is my favourite!!”

Favourite meal:My kangaroo chili con carne recipe would have to take the cake… It’s so nutritionally good for you and chilli itself being somewhat addictive means you just want to keep eating and eating!”

Favourite Exercise

“Oh my goodness that’s a tough one! Ummmm… Everything?! I love bike riding for cardio and an added lower body workout, or ergo meter for upper body, but mainly anything with weights! I love planks! (But strange I know) but I’ve built up to doing 5kg placed on my back while planking and that really gets the heart going and core burning! Apart from that, barbell squats, deadlifts or anything with weights really!”


Fun fact about Belinda

“My overall goal in life is to live like my grandparents have. They’re from a little place just south of Rome in Italy and they came to Australia in 1955. They’re the most humble but most remarkable people you’ll ever meet and they’re my overall inspiration. My Nonno is 88 and my Nonna is 86 and they’ve never taken medication in their life, they’re still so incredible active, grow, make, and eat all their own food themselves and blow all our modern doctors away by just how healthy they are.

I think it’s something that’s lost in our society yet so so important. I want to eventually bring my kids up the way they’ve brought my whole family up!”

Keep Belinda pumped on the pumpupapp by following her @beldots! Find her Instagram page too @bel_health! 


Exciting PumpUp milestone: Double tap to say congrats! @jatie is our first PumpUp member to reach 100,000 followers! We’re head over heels for all that she has achieved!

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.”- Harold Taylor

Check out for some of her workout challenges and fitness tips!

My new job inspires me to reach my 2015 goals. Here's how you can reach your goals too


PumpUp member and NPC Bikini Competitor @sandylieu is making major waves with her goals for 2015. She shares about her exciting new job and her best advice for healthy living. Check out her blog here. 

Even though January just started, I can’t help but feel that I need to DO MORE. The start of the month has been nothing but amazing and I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m now working with Nutrex Research, Inc. 

Best of all, I’m doing what I LOVE. I love teaching/educating. Believe it or not, I used to be a 3rd grade teacher. 

What do I actually do  for Nutrex? Simple: I run the West Coast (no big deal, right?).  I educate business owners, consumers and make sure supplement stores, gyms, etc. are stocked with Nutrex products. I also make sure supplement users understand what they are putting into their bodies. Everyone is different and just like food, one ingredient may work for you but may not work for the other. In order to determine that, I like to find out what your goals are first and from there I will find the right supplements for YOU. But of course, before I even recommend supplements, whole foods are ALWAYS always the way to go. You cannot lose weight by taking supplements. You lose weight by proper exercise and nutrition (whole foods). 

Supplements add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet.

When I first started my fitness journey back in 2010, I had no clue what I was doing. But how did I learn?

Google and YouTube.

Internet essentially provides access to free education. Given that there are so many different articles and sources of information on the web, however, it’s hard to separate truth from fact. Here are my favourite blogs that have personally helped me throughout my journey: 


I love PumpUp’s blog because every blogger on this page is just like US. Normal human beings with a goal and a vision… a vision to be better.

My goal this year is to help you guys grow as a person and to be happy with the body you were given. With so many coaches/teams out there nowadays, and the competitive world growing, it gets overwhelming. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve made mistakes. But the key is to not let that drag you down.

Healthful Pursuit

Leanne is the sweetest person ever and comes up with the most amazing recipes! She’s been through it all and has a recipe for any type of food sensitivity.

The Skinny Confidential

A lifestyle blog. Pure FUN! Lauryn is so gorgeous and her writing style is unique. She makes you want to keep reading. You’ll see…

Sandy Lieu back

Appreciate every experience because this is how we grow. Find what makes you happy. If you want to eat that donut, do it. Just make sure you burn it off. How? Just…

Be Active.

sandy lieu nutrex

Find out what you physically like to do. I love aerial fitness, running, spinning, and throwing heavy weights around in the gym ;). You don’t have to be inside a gym to accomplish your goals. Hiking is amazing too! If you have a hard time looking for new activities use Yelp. I think I use yelp as much as I use Google.

My top 5 goals for 2015 are:

  1. Build my CutieBootyFit brand
  2. Start Vlogging
  3. Takeover the West Coast with Nutrex
  4. Turn IFBB Pro
  5. Travel Internationally

What are your goals?


Sandy Lieu

Wonder Woman is a real person on PumpUp. Learn who it is! - PumpUp Success Stories


A real-life Wonder Woman soars among the PumpUp community and she’s absolutely one of PumpUp’s success stories of 2014. Not only did support from the pumpupapp motivate @latinwonderwoman to become a personal trainer, Jiselly shared that she just got accepted into medical school and will continue to provide guidance with the added knowledge that she’ll gain. Learn how Jiselly transformed her body and achieved all of her goals in 2014 with support from PumpUp, hard work, and determination. 

Jiselly began to lead an active lifestyle in order to relieve the stress brought on by the pressure of her MCAT exams and medical school applications. In October 2013, at this early stage of her health and wellness journey, she decided to become a member of the PumpUp community. “After I downloaded the PumpUp app, I realized that I was not alone,” she confirmed. “I received the support of so many people. We encourage each other to become better and I now embrace fitness as a lifestyle.”


The PumpUp community is extremely proud of Jiselly for accomplishing so much since she became a member. Constant motivation and support from Jiselly’s PumpUp followers pushed her to complete her personal trainer certification. “Being a personal trainer is awesome because I’m able to help others lead a healthier lifestyle before I ultimately become a physician,” she said. “Before PumpUp, I was a simple pre-med student and a cardio bunny. Now my exercises are more fun and I am able to put routines together in 2 seconds just by using the application.” She explained that her body transformed completely within the span of a year and a half of using PumpUp. “I am stronger with more muscle definition, and became a personal fitness trainer thanks to the support of members who have been following me from the beginning,” she affirmed.

As a teenager, Jiselly struggled with weight gain. “I never felt capable of reaching my fitness goals because I lacked guidance,” she admitted. “I ate a lot of sweets and unhealthy food and I did not drink much water because I never did so as a child.” She was bullied at school for being overweight, but strong enough to ignore the negativity that permeated her younger years. “I loved myself then and I love myself today even more,” she asserted. “Being fit is just a plus!”


She urges other PumpUp members and those looking to lead a more active lifestyle in 2015 to redefine their conceptions of health and fitness. “Think about this as a lifetime journey,” Jiselly counseled. “Do not put a time frame to your fitness goals. Exercise as much as you can, learn to love it, and learn how to enjoy it.” She encourages other PumpUp members to view all aspects of health and fitness out of love, rather than out of pure necessity. “Loving what you do is going to help you be consistent,” she insisted. “One day, you will compare the person you became with the person that you were and you’ll notice how much you accomplished. Trust me, this is how I do it.”

Jiselly’s greatest source of motivation is from her PumpUp followers and her clients. “I will never let them down,” she promised. “They know me as a strong person who has accomplished a lot and I will continue to inspire them through my posts, even after I begin medical school. I’ll have more knowledge and I will be able to provide them with more guidance.”


Favourite snack

“I LOVE peanut butter. I have a peanut butter and whole wheat toast with coffee every morning before work.”

Motivational Mantra

“I find my self saying ‘No Pain, No gain’ every morning when I have to get up early for work and my body is sore.”

Jiselly’s workout routine

“I work long hours, sometimes 11 hours at a doctor’s office. My gym closes around 12am. When I get home around 10pm, I change really quickly and head out to get my workout done. When I cannot make it to the gym, I use PumpUp to get my workout done at home.”

Fun fact about Jiselly

“I was born and raised in Dominican Republic and I just got accepted to medical school  in the USA!! I am very happy and I appreciate all the support I got from my followers throughout the process!”


Keep her pumped on the app @latinwonderwoman and follow her fitness Instagram @strongfinessfit! 


Brace yourselves. Wall-sits are coming. See how long you can do it for and share a photo of yourself performing the exercise! Bonus? Reblog to challenge your followers to do a wall-sit with you and see who can hold it for longer! PumpUp member bangerz10 loves to pass the time during her #wallsit by singing her favourite song. She adds weight when she can!
Check out the FULL challenge here:


When in doubt, lunge it out: awesome photos from PumpUp’s #MyResolution lunge challenge

There are several amazing lunge variations that you can try! PumpUp member @karaboo (second row, left) wins some PumpUp swag for taking the challenge above and beyond with her weighted lunges.

  • Lunge pulse with an overhead weight
  • Wood-chop lunges (crossing the weight diagonally across your body each time, alternating sides)
  • Lunges with a bicep curl
  • Walking dumbbell unge
  • Walking lunges with a weighted twist
  • Reverse lunges with an overhead press
  • Dumbbell lateral lunges
  • Lateral raise lunges
  • Reverse lunges with a knee-up on the lift. 

Thanks @iyarbo, @katieeliza_, @jenac, @krysfit, @hayden0508, @xhaileymorganx, and @mariajo2698 for the photos! 

Learn how Alexa bravely overcame doubt and insecurity during her fitness journey - Spotlight Series


After losing more than 30 lbs over the course of her fitness journey, Alexa (@alexawinter) transcended her own personal insecurities, proved her naysayers wrong, and is consistently one of the most positive and supportive members of the PumpUp community. Learn about Alexa’s inspiring story as she spreads positivity in every aspect of her life. 

Alexa’s health and wellness journey has been punctuated by hardship and doubt, but she managed to overcome her personal obstacles with perseverance and fierce determination. “When I started to lose the weight and count my calories, it was really hard for me to stay on track,” she admitted. “I was so used to eating junk food constantly. There were days I felt worn down and I felt like I was not going to lose any weight—but after the first month of being strict about my portions and mindful of my calories, I lost my first 12 lbs. I knew I wasn’t going to stop there.” Running on a regular basis and eating healthily were both hard adjustments for Alexa at first, but the judgments passed onto her after she lost weight were much more difficult for her to grapple with. “When everyone saw that I had lost 30 pounds in 3 months, I started to hear gossip and rumours from others who called me ‘anorexic’ and ‘unhealthy’,” she divulged. “The comments did not really bother me because I knew I lost the weight the right way, and I knew that I worked so hard for those three months: I did not drink, I did not eat any junk food (minus my one cheat day), and I would run for an hour at least every single day. I worked hard to see my results, and for some people, that was hard to grasp.”                                                                                                               

When she joined PumpUp in the summer of 2014, Alexa felt like she was coming home to a community of likeminded individuals who shared her passion for health and fitness. “I think that is why I love the PumpUp community so much. I have come across a lot of positive users, and very few negative ones,” she insisted. “Every single person on the app is there to better themselves, and to motivate each other. Every day people are supporting me and giving me that extra boost to keep going. If I can help another person push through on their bad days/weeks, then I feel even more accomplished.”


Much like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Alexa became exposed to a whole new world full of diverse perspectives and workout regimens when she began her journey with PumpUp. “I used to run a ton, and I did very little weightlifting and core workouts,” she elaborated. “I was all about that cardio! Having the PumpUp app has exposed me to the lifestyles of other fitness enthusiasts. This motivated me to [shift my focus] away from cardio and towards improving the muscle tone of my body.” PumpUp has become a wellspring of inspiration for Alexa, who checks in to motivate other members as often as she can. “Other people’s healthy recipes have given me many new ideas for my own meals,” she affirmed. 

The saying that ‘Insecurity kills all that is beautiful,” resonates deeply with Alexa.  Her body is etched with a tattoo of this very motto. It’s a reminder Alexa’s mental state of being prior the start of her healthy and active lifestyle.  “I was very insecure, sad, and overall unhappy with myself before my weight loss,” she confessed. “I don’t think I was always the best person towards others because I was insecure. A lot of my issues stemmed from my body image. Once I began to change that, I felt much more happiness.” Self-love and body positivity have both changed how Alexa interacts with others. “My insecurities truly took away from my beauty on the inside, because of how I felt about my body on the outside,” she recounts. I am a much happier person today, and I am kinder to those around me.”


It’s essential for Alexa to track her own personal progress. She urges others not to give up, even if there are days, weeks, or even months when they do not feel that their fitness is up to par. “Being fit and healthy is not an easy task. It is truly a lifestyle that you need to learn to love and always follow,” Alexa advised. “I don’t think there are any quick fixes to having your dream body. You really need to make fitness and health a main part of your life.”

As she continues to be an all-star at spreading positivity throughout the community, Alexa hopes to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for those pursuing their own fitness journeys. “PumpUp has allowed me to track my workouts, and also track my progress with pictures,” she maintained. “I hope to keep using PumpUp as a source of motivation that will push me towards my dream body.”

Biggest Source of Motivation 

Jen Selter. I mean really, I am sure she is a good chunk of the woman population’s motivation. My goal in my fitness life is a tiny waist and big booty just like her.”


Alexa’s eats 

“Hummus and veggies are my favorite snack. I also love any kind of fruit. I wish I had a healthy recipe to pass on, however I admit I am not the greatest cook! I’m hoping to pick up on more recipes/meal ideas from my PumpUp family.”

Alexa’s favourite workout 

I LOVE THE STAIRMASTER. I have to do it every time I workout. Even if I incorporate some other cardio, it must be done. I think I sweat more doing stairs than anything else, and I love to sweat makes me feel like I am pushing myself. And I really just love working on my booty.”

Fun fact about Alexa

When I was younger, I broke my right upper arm about 10+ times, and had 5-7 surgeries on it. The oddest way I broke my arm was when I was reaching out for my scooter and my arm immediately cracked. This was after I had a few surgeries to transplant bone marrow from my hip to my arm because the doctor believed it was a bone marrow deficiency. The medicenter found out that my bone was about the size of a toothpick (explains the easy break), because there was a tumor eating away at my bone (not cancerous though). However it was later removed, and pins were put in place to help strengthen my arm as the bone grew back. My arm has not broken since, it has had some weakness and pain at times, however; it does not slow me down or change my workouts. No excuses!”


Follow @alexawinter on the PumpUp app, and keep her pumped as she posts updates of her healthy and active lifestyle! Also find her on her fitness Instagram (@littlefitlex) and on her personal (@lilmunchielex).