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Wonder Woman is a real person on PumpUp. Learn who it is! - PumpUp Success Stories


A real-life Wonder Woman soars among the PumpUp community and she’s absolutely one of PumpUp’s success stories of 2014. Not only did support from the pumpupapp motivate @latinwonderwoman to become a personal trainer, Jiselly shared that she just got accepted into medical school and will continue to provide guidance with the added knowledge that she’ll gain. Learn how Jiselly transformed her body and achieved all of her goals in 2014 with support from PumpUp, hard work, and determination. 

Jiselly began to lead an active lifestyle in order to relieve the stress brought on by the pressure of her MCAT exams and medical school applications. In October 2013, at this early stage of her health and wellness journey, she decided to become a member of the PumpUp community. “After I downloaded the PumpUp app, I realized that I was not alone,” she confirmed. “I received the support of so many people. We encourage each other to become better and I now embrace fitness as a lifestyle.”


The PumpUp community is extremely proud of Jiselly for accomplishing so much since she became a member. Constant motivation and support from Jiselly’s PumpUp followers pushed her to complete her personal trainer certification. “Being a personal trainer is awesome because I’m able to help others lead a healthier lifestyle before I ultimately become a physician,” she said. “Before PumpUp, I was a simple pre-med student and a cardio bunny. Now my exercises are more fun and I am able to put routines together in 2 seconds just by using the application.” She explained that her body transformed completely within the span of a year and a half of using PumpUp. “I am stronger with more muscle definition, and became a personal fitness trainer thanks to the support of members who have been following me from the beginning,” she affirmed.

As a teenager, Jiselly struggled with weight gain. “I never felt capable of reaching my fitness goals because I lacked guidance,” she admitted. “I ate a lot of sweets and unhealthy food and I did not drink much water because I never did so as a child.” She was bullied at school for being overweight, but strong enough to ignore the negativity that permeated her younger years. “I loved myself then and I love myself today even more,” she asserted. “Being fit is just a plus!”


She urges other PumpUp members and those looking to lead a more active lifestyle in 2015 to redefine their conceptions of health and fitness. “Think about this as a lifetime journey,” Jiselly counseled. “Do not put a time frame to your fitness goals. Exercise as much as you can, learn to love it, and learn how to enjoy it.” She encourages other PumpUp members to view all aspects of health and fitness out of love, rather than out of pure necessity. “Loving what you do is going to help you be consistent,” she insisted. “One day, you will compare the person you became with the person that you were and you’ll notice how much you accomplished. Trust me, this is how I do it.”

Jiselly’s greatest source of motivation is from her PumpUp followers and her clients. “I will never let them down,” she promised. “They know me as a strong person who has accomplished a lot and I will continue to inspire them through my posts, even after I begin medical school. I’ll have more knowledge and I will be able to provide them with more guidance.”


Favourite snack

“I LOVE peanut butter. I have a peanut butter and whole wheat toast with coffee every morning before work.”

Motivational Mantra

“I find my self saying ‘No Pain, No gain’ every morning when I have to get up early for work and my body is sore.”

Jiselly’s workout routine

“I work long hours, sometimes 11 hours at a doctor’s office. My gym closes around 12am. When I get home around 10pm, I change really quickly and head out to get my workout done. When I cannot make it to the gym, I use PumpUp to get my workout done at home.”

Fun fact about Jiselly

“I was born and raised in Dominican Republic and I just got accepted to medical school  in the USA!! I am very happy and I appreciate all the support I got from my followers throughout the process!”


Keep her pumped on the app @latinwonderwoman and follow her fitness Instagram @strongfinessfit! 

Daisy got the body she always dreamed about with one simple New Year's resolution


Fitness has always been Daisy (@daisymuscles)’s passion. When she purchased her first gym membership 4 years ago, however, she was a self-professed ‘rookie’. “I was so into ‘working out’ but I didn’t know what was right for my body,” she explained. "I only did cardio and some weight machines, but my nutrition was bad. I’d eat 2-3 times a day and I wouldn’t eat ‘clean’." 

Years went by and though Daisy was fit, in her eyes she still seemed too skinny. “It was very depressing to see no progress,” she lamented. "One of my goals was to have thick and toned legs, as well as a slim waist." Frustrated by this conundrum, Daisy resolved to stop going to the gym in 2013, eating much more without incorporating exercise back into her routine. "Of course, it didn’t work out," she confessed. “I did gain weight, but it was all fat. That was even more depressing. I went from skinny to fat, and all I really wanted was to look fit.”

At the end of 2013, Daisy challenged herself with a New Year’s Resolution: to transform her body into the body that she always dreamed about. She took charge of her transformation with full force. "I asked around for help and advice, followed a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram, and began my journey with PumpUp," she mentioned. "It is really inspiring to see other peoples’ transformations and it’s reassuring to receive so much feedback from other PumpUp members. We are all a true fit fam."

When she first started out, nutrition was the hardest for Daisy to get ‘right’. “I began to body build and was advised to eat 6 times a day, all in small portions,” she explained. “This was something I never had to do before! I had to do a lot of research about what to eat, what kind of carbs, protein, and fats are good for my body, etc.”

Needless to say, Daisy’s one New Year’s resolution changed her life. Body building was at first introduced to her by one of her brothers. She quickly fell in love with the concept of giving time and attention to each section of her body in order to build muscle. “That’s why I embraced this lifestyle. My progress is my motivation,” she enthused. "Weights changed my body and gave me the definition of muscle that I always dreamed about."

Her rigorous schedule manifests in more confidence than she’s ever had in her whole life. Here’s a peak at Daisy’s routine: she performs cardio 1-2 times a week and does weight training 5 days a week. "After years of struggling to have a fit body, I’m finally seeing progress and I’m in the best stage of my life," she professed. “I’m inspired by my own progress as well as PumpUp members and fitness instagram accounts. I challenge everybody to not give up on their dream bodies. No matter how much time it takes, no matter how many struggles, regardless of the circumstances: just do it.” Daisy successfully achieved her 2014 New Year’s resolution. She’s ending it on a happy note and is motivated to keep striving for the best version of herself in 2015. 

How Ron nestled himself at the heart of the PumpUp community - Spotlight Series


As a performer and fight choreographer known among PumpUp members for his incredible physique and his motivational posts, Ron danced his way into the PumpUp community’s heart and shines bright like a diamond in the spotlight. Ron’s advice is wise, his training schedule is magnificent, and his presence in the PumpUp community is unmistakeable.

At the beginning of his journey, Ron kept himself busy with plenty of cardio due to the nature of his occupation but he hadn’t begun to truly focus on building muscle prior to joining PumpUp. “I hit the weights maybe once a week and ate indiscriminately,” Ron admitted. “I certainly knew nothing about nutrition, or eating to achieve certain goals. Though I got plenty of exercise as a dancer/theatre performer, I really wasn’t making any lean muscle gains!”


After becoming a member of the PumpUp family 8 months ago, Ron made dramatic changes to his lifestyle and it absolutely reflects in his incredible progress. He frequents the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time. “My splits focus on free weights and I’m training for strength and size so I mix hypertrophy (4 sets for 8-12 reps) with basic strength (5x5 or 5 sets for 5 reps). I also hit a lot of calisthenics, bar brothers or street workout style exercises,” he explained. “I monitor my calories (3200 a day) and eat 70% clean. With nutrition it’s all about balance!”

Certain obstacles have marked notches in Ron’s pathway toward a more healthy and active lifestyle. “I’ve found that life always intervenes during your fitness journey,” he admitted. “Heartbreak, death in the family, illness or injury: I’ve had all of these things happen this year. It’s tough to stay motivated—and to be honest, there were times when I wasn’t motivated at all. I had to take a few days to regroup, but the gym was a place of stability for me.”


Ron aspires to inspire others on PumpUp for change. “I’m currently studying a diploma of fitness and using PumpUp has been really great for me to share my own personal fitness experiences and the knowledge that I’ve gained,” he elaborated. “The community is top notch—basically one big family!” It seems surreal for him to have garnered such a critical mass of followers who are motivated by his posts, but Ron affirmed that he hopes that he can do his best to help them in any way. “I’m really just a regular guy who likes the gym,” shrugged Ron. “It’s crazy to see how many people are following me (and I thank them immensely) and I hope that I can inspire them.”

His affirmation for those looking to lead a more active lifestyle is sage and succinct. “The best way to get started is to get started,” he counseled. “If you’ve made the start you’re already halfway there! Make activity and exercise a routine or habit and motivation becomes unnecessary. You don’t question whether or not you brush your teeth in the morning, so why question exercise?”

Ultimately, Ron aims to be the best version of himself that he can be, in and out of the gym. “I’m most motivated by myself—it may sound weird but I’m motivated to be better, bigger, stronger, and more awesome than who I was yesterday,” he professed. “There are people that I admire but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wanted to be the best at whatever I do. I think that drive is natural and even healthy. Just don’t let it turn negative. I’m always hungry for progress.”


Ron’s Meals
“Without a doubt, [I can’t resist] buffalo wings. No matter what diet plan I’m on, if there is a chance of wings, I’m down like a clown. I’m actually not a great cook though! That’s why there are so many selfies on my profile. None of my meal preps look amazing. Nutritionally, they are great. Aesthetically—how great can brown rice and tuna look? (I do love brown rice and tuna).”

Motivational Mantra

“I don’t really get motivated by sayings, sure some of them are 100% true but I think I can find them a bit cliche. I’ve always found a connection with Dylan Thomas’s poem, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’. It’s got a fierce, desperate quality that fires me to no end.” 

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Ron’s favourite exercise

“In terms of weights, I love my compound exercises (squats, deadlifts and bench press). I [also] love working on bars because you can be flashy!”


Fun fact about Ron

“Two things: I used to be in the Australian army (the infantry). I’ve also nearly traveled around the whole world through various theatre opportunities.

Find Ron on the app @rseet and check out his Instagram @ron_seeto!

Katie is the most inspiring person you'll ever read about - PumpUp Spotlight Series


It would be an understatement to say that PumpUp member @katieeliza_ has been through a lot! “Confidence is a new thing to me and I wish I could help grant everyone with even just a little bit of it!” shared Katie. “I could only imagine where I would be or who I would have become if I’d just learned to believe in myself sooner.” After she gained weight in the years following high school, Katie recovered from an eating disorder and now lives an active lifestyle with the help and support of PumpUp!  


Katie has been on PumpUp for almost a year—and look how far she’s come! “I was starting to make a change in my lifestyle and I figured that using the app would be a good way to help me get started and keep track of my progress,” she exclaimed. Not only has Katie been consistent about updating the PumpUp community about her transformation, she gives back unwavering support to other members as well.

Prior to PumpUp, Katie’s lifestyle was quite different. “It was pretty all over the place,” she explains. “I was athletic when I was younger and I used to eat a lot of junk without a second thought. After high school my metabolism hit a brick wall and I started gaining weight. I had no idea what to do with myself.”


It was difficult for Katie to cope with the physiological changes brought on by her weight gain. “I was pretty depressed about my body image and I struggled with losing weight in extremely unhealthy ways,” she revealed. “Living [with an eating disorder] left me miserable and I felt too weak to do even the simplest of daily tasks.”  Nevertheless, Katie bravely recovered from her eating disorder, put weight back on, but began to feel sluggish all the time. “I knew it wasn’t the way that a normal person in their twenties should be feeling,” she recalled.



Now a self-professed gym-junkie, Katie wouldn’t trade her active lifestyle for the world. “If you had ever told the old me that I’d be a gym junkie, I would have probably laughed in your face!” she gleamed. “But look at me now!” Since she joined PumpUp, Katie eats clean most of the time and eats more frequently than she ever has before. “I push for 5 small meals a day. But every once in awhile I remember how much I love cookies…I’m a sucker for a chocolate chip cookie,” nodded Katie. She also manages to work out 5-6 days a week, despite her hectic schedule. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she affirmed.

She counsels other PumpUp members to find motivation from within his or herself. “Hold on to that motivation for dear life,” she urged. “You are so beautiful and so worth working for! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.” Recognizing personal victories is an important part of the process for Katie. “Love yourself through all the successes and failures of your journey! You will fall, but that only makes victory that much sweeter when it’s accomplished,” she continued. Moving forward, Katie aspires to help other people find comfort in their own skin, just like she found comfort in hers. 


Katie’s biggest motivation is her best friend Shayler (@shaysymm on PumpUp). “She really helped me kick my butt into gear!” said Katie. “She’s always been here to help guide me, she’s a beast!”

Favourite meals

“I’ll totally crumble for a gooey chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of fat free milk. But besides that, I love steamed squash so much.”

Motivational Mantra

 ”We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”- Kurt Vonnegut 

Favourite Workout

I love weightlifting!”


Fun Facts about Katie

 “I’m a Gemini, so I’m kind of a jack of all trades! I really enjoy doing just about anything new.”

Find Katie on PumpUp and Instagram @KatieEliza_  to keep her pumped!


PumpUp member _emme_ is our spotlight this saturday! She’s been through an amazing transformation and just began her journey at the end of April this year! She’s so positive towards everybody and now she needs some motivation to get back on track, so keep her pumped!

These pictures from PumpUp's Emy B. will take your breath away - PumpUp Spotlight Series

All the world’s a stage, and Emy B. glimmers under the spotlight both as a theatre major and as an extraordinary PumpUp member. She is wise beyond her years, earnestly confessing thatI have realized that comparison is the thief of happiness. I tell myself that ‘Flowers do not think of competing with the flowers next to them, they simply bloom.’”  She blossoms today on Spotlight Sunday for her optimism and insight. Read about Emy’s incredibly balanced lifestyle and view more of her breathtaking photos in workout gear from Jillian Michaels’ new clothing line for Kmart down below.


Emy, who joined the community more than one year from the time that this article was written, is a beacon of inspiration for many longtime and newfound PumpUp members. “It is by far the most motivational health app on my phone. I love how supportive and positive everyone in the PumpUp community is,” asserts Emy.

She has been a dancer and a yogi for several years, but committed to set health and fitness goals for herself on a regular basis when she entered college. Her commitment to wellness derives from both personal and professional reasons. “I’m an actor and a theatre major. I love the performing arts and it’s really important to be in shape as an actor,” Emy explains. “I love theatre for the same reason I love PumpUp, it’s an incredible community that, once you decide to be a part of it, will welcome you with open arms and support you in your journey.”


Emy advises PumpUp members looking to lead a more active life to begin with a health journal. She advocates its personal and portable qualities. “Write down your goals, your successes, your workout and meal plans and inspirational quotes,” she counsels. I think it’s important to track progress in a way that is completely personal to you because you can write down exactly how you’re feeling without needing to censor yourself.”


Though Emy works out almost every day—either by taking a walk, practicing yoga, or dancing— she identifies Pilates as her favourite strength activity. She gushes, “I can do it anywhere and I feel like a beast when I push myself to do more reps and say, ‘If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not changing yourself!’” Hiking is her favorite cardio activity because it gives her a chance to commune with nature. “It satisfies me on so many levels,” Emy conveys. “I feel that it is good for my mind, body, and soul. Being in nature clears my mind. Hiking and climbing up hills makes my body feel great and feeling the earth under my feet soothes my soul.”


Emy admits that she at times struggles with comparing her own progress to the progress of others, but reminds herself not to do so. “I’m really good at seeing the beauty in others but I need to remember that I will make more progress by being my own cheerleader instead of my own biggest critic,” says Emy. “Everyone is beautiful in their own special way.”

Personal growth is something that Emy constantly strives for, and in 6 months from now she hopes to be able to do something that she could not have imagined herself doing today. Just over this past year, Emy has made patient and steady progress with hoop dancing. “When I started, I dropped my hoop and messed up a lot but I worked at it every day and approached it with a purely positive mindset and now all my practice has paid off,” she says. “I hope to continue growing and improving and do so with nothing but happy vibes.”


Every person on PumpUp committed to living a healthy lifestyle inspires Emy. “I love seeing the pictures people post and how they choose to express themselves and their health journey,” says she. Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates, is also a person that she looks up to. “She sees the beauty in everyone and everything,” explains Emy. “I think that’s a really important message to remember: you are beautiful just the way you are. We work out because we love our bodies, not because we hate them.”

Motivational Mantras

“I have so many quotes all over the place that inspire me but one that I came across recently is ‘Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.’ I really like this because it’s true that small steps lead to big changes. Switching out soda and juice for water and tea seems like a small step that can make a huge difference to how you feel. I believe in making choices today that will make me proud tomorrow, every little decision counts.”


Favourite snack, meal, and drink

“I love fruits and veggies. I often fill up a Tupperware container with spinach and mixed fruits. Right now I have mango, peaches, strawberries and snap peas in my fridge ready to go. One of my favorite meals is fruit salad. I make mine with spinach, kale, mango, strawberries, olomomo almonds and edamame! For dressing I like to add a little lemon juice or sometimes I add avocado.

My favorite drink is water, of course, because it has a ton of health benefits, and is great for your skin, nails, teeth and hair.


Follow Emy on Instagram and PumpUp @meowemy. The clothing in Emy’s photos is sponsored by Impact by Jillian Michaels for Kmart as part of the #dailyIMPACT campaign. 

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Debbie's Weight Loss Journey Will Inspire You

Easing into the groove of a healthy and active lifestyle isn’t without hardship, and PumpUp’s own DebbieMC1232 chronicles her story beautifully. Through her weight loss journey, she has been able to motivate and inspire others both on PumpUp and through her own personal fitness page. After losing nearly 42 lbs since January 2014, Debbie is now well on her way to becoming a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Learn about how Debbie has been able to marry her passion for motivating others with the PumpUp community down below. 


My name is Debbie and I’m from Ireland. When I was younger, I would spend all of my pocket money on fitness magazines and would read through every single page taking every single bit of information in.  Suffice it to say, I loved everything about fitness. I loved working out and keeping active and would play any sport when I was younger.

Everything changed when I was 18 and accepted a job at a discount store. I couldn’t wait to start and had kept imaging what I would buy with all my money (as it was my first job). But six years later, I was still working there. I had become a different, unhappy, depressed woman. I had gained 3 stone (42 lbs) over the years from comfort eating because I hated my job and hated what my life had become. I stopped going out, detested looking at myself in the mirror and just wanted to leave the job, but felt somewhat stuck as I had been there so long.

This year, on January 7th, I was fired from my job. Some people would think I would be upset but I was over the moon. It meant that my life was going to change for the better. This was the day I decided that this was my chance to prove everyone wrong. I was going to lose the weight, not by ‘dieting’ but by eating healthy and working out. I had found that every time I told someone I was going to lose the weight that they would say ‘oh sure, how long will this last?’ and nearly straight away I would give up.


This time it was going to be different. This time I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I would let them see my weight loss for themselves. The first time that my boyfriend commented that I looked like I had lost weight was the moment I knew I couldn’t give up. I had to see this through.

I found a free workout website called and did the 30 day challenge to get in shape, combined with healthy eating and working out and lost 12lbs in 2 weeks. I was ecstatic. By doing the 30 day challenge it got me into a routine of working out daily and I loved it!!

A few months later, I set up my own fitness page called Debbie’s Health and Fitness Motivation. I have constant daily tips for helping men and women lose weight. I am overwhelmed by the amount of followers I have and the amount of people that write to me daily seeking my help. I always make time to help other people with losing weight, as I know exactly what it feels like. One girl in particular has lost nearly 3 stone with the help of my page—and she is one of many.

I eat healthy 6 days a week, and one day in the week I have one treat day and have what I want, but I never over indulge any more.

On Monday September 22nd I started a combination course in Galway Ireland with Image Fitness, and I will be a qualified gym instructor, fitness instructor and personal trainer by February (as long as I pass my exams, that is).

Life is so much better since I lost the weight, became healthier and became a happier person in general.


Six years ago I could barely get myself out of bed, I hated work and I was so so unhappy. I will never go back to the way my former, unhealthy lifestyle was.

I motivate myself every single morning I get up. I go straight on my page every morning and help motivate the 1,800+ followers I have by going through all the positives of losing weight, promising them it is worth it. I have lost nearly 3 stone since January— a combination of not giving up, setting myself goals, and rewarding myself with weekends away, perfumes, and other things every time I lost 5 lbs. Take your weight loss 5 lbs at a time. Don’t pressure yourself to do the impossible. Take it a few steps at a time, but always remember to look back at how far you have come and pat yourself on the back!

You deserve it!!! I am so, so happy I was told about PumpUp as I myself need some motivation at times. I do spend most of my time motivating other people, so I found it a ‘God Send’ to find PumpUp. I honestly wouldn’t be able to go a day without the constant and daily inspiration from other people all over the world, sharing their progress and stories. 

So thank you PumpUp, you are doing such a great job, keep it up!

Spotlight Series: Melody Y.

Today’s Spotlight blog sings the story of Melody Y, an ex-gymnast who means business with her workouts. A Criminal Justice major hoping to work with juveniles in or out of prison, Melody is as ambitious as she is inspiring. Read on to find out more about her story!

Gymnastics burns serious calories by leveraging almost all of the body’s major muscle groups. After Melody left gymnastics, she sought motivation to get back into shape. She began by going to the gym at her college for at least an hour, but still ate whatever she wanted. PumpUp helped her routinize her workouts. “I’ve made workout circuits that I use everyday. I have them memorized,” confesses Melody.

Working out has and still is helping her overcome depression by motivating her to get out of her room and interact with other people leading a healthy and active lifestyle. “I’m not going to lie and say my life is perfect and have no problems,” admits Melody. “Sometimes I feel the need to break a mirror or lock myself in my room, but that doesn’t help; it makes it worse.”

At this point in her life, Melody is fueled with confidence to pursue her fitness goals and she is proud of the many feats she has been able to accomplish. “[I’ve lost] ten or more pounds, work out an hour or more, [and feel comfortable] asking other active people for advice on certain muscle groups,” lists Melody. “I believe that I can still look good as an ex-gymnast.” To say that she looks good would be an understatement—she looks fantastic. For the time being, Melody’s next big fitness goal is to have washboard abs. “I know it’s going to take some time,” she admits, “but I’m willing to get them the right and healthy way. 

She advises those looking to lead a more active lifestyle to use the app as a starting point—a catalyst for motivation. For her, the customizability of PumpUp’s Build a Workout feature is where the app gains its purchase. “These workouts have helped me lose 15 pounds and it is also a good stress reliever,” explains Melody. Exercise is proven to stimulate the human body’s dopamine receptors to release adrenaline, attenuating the effects of stress and depression. “The other day I was upset about some personal things going on in my life and I ended up running six miles,” elaborates Melody. “I usually do two [workouts] a day because of my knee issues. Push yourself every day and cut out all fried foods!”

Melody’s Motivation

Michelle Lewin. Her body is amazing. Her abs are flawless and her booty is phenomenal.

Melody’s Meals

Melody does her best to make healthy choices at her college’s cafeteria.  “I eat at least a Nutri-Grain bar or something at the cafeteria for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a sandwich or wrap for dinner,” she elaborates.

Favourite Snack: Cookies and cream Quest bar

Favourite Meal: Baked tilapia with rice

Favourite Drink: Water

Motivational Mantra

Believe in Him, because He believes in you!

Favourite Exercises

Leg raises, lemon squeezers (bringing your knees to your chest) and plank! 

Follow Melody on PumpUp @themelodyyoung

Spotlight: Rikke S.

Joining us from Norway is today’s PumpUp spotlight Rikke S., who captivates us with her balanced active lifestyle and beautiful landscape photography.  Her passion is to change at least one person’s perception of themselves for the better. Although Rikke deals with certain mental health issues, she resolves not to be defined by them, saying that ”The strongest people have the strongest minds.”  Learn more about Rikke on the blog today!spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

Prior to PumpUp, Rikke struggled to find balance amidst her hectic schedule.  Not only did she devote an average of 2-4 hours a day to handball and boxing practice in addition to eight hours of school, she often spent her weekends travelling to and competing in handball games or regional gatherings. Her drive to be the best at everything took its toll. ”In the long run this became too exhausting, mentally and physically, and I had to quit,” confesses Rikke.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

PumpUp helped her to keep track of her fitness goals and remain active after quitting handball practices. She was at last able to find a middle ground. “I definitely will not ever workout as much as I did before, but I still work out a lot. I workout about five times a week but I never go over two hours in my workouts,” states Rikke. “My eating has only become more and more healthy now that I am focusing on being healthy and not the best at everything or the skinniest or the most fit person.” Although her daily routine still consists of school and exercise such as running, hiking, and weight-lifting, the time that she now has to relax with friends contributes positively to her sense of well-being.Rikke struggles with depression and anxiety but resolves to not let the pathology of her mental health afflictions get the best of her. I definitely had ups and downs. I’ve had some major setbacks and struggles. I’ve fought with my life to get stronger than what’s trying to pull me down,” Rikke admits. ””The strongest people have the strongest minds.’”

She emphasizes that we recognize the importance of our own self worth, and has advice for those who grapple with similar mental health issues. ”I know how it is to never feel good enough,” says Rikke. ”Please never give in to any pressure that’s going to leave you headed in the wrong direction. You’re good enough for me.”

The song that keeps Rikke pumped up through difficult times is Meghan Trainor’s ”All about that bass”.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

She takes pride in what she has accomplished so far. Her biggest motivation is to keep feeling good about herself and seeing small changes in her physique. “I’ve come quite some way with shaping my body, and I hope to be able to do even more,” explains Rikke, “My body is my masterpiece…That’s what keeps me going.”  

Her advice to the PumpUp community and those looking to lead a more active life is to “Set small goals at first. When you see the results faster you’ll want to keep going. Make sure to eat and drink right and find time for rest.”

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

More About Rikke

Motivational Mantra: “Det er I motbakke det går oppover”  which means “It is in an incline it goes upward”

Favourite snack/meal/drink: My fav snack is Norwegian Apples, nuts and raisins. I love water and homemade smoothies. Any meal with fish is my favourite.

Favourite PumpUp workout routine: I usually lift weights to stay active, but I do love all the small circuits on the PumpUp app.

Rikke’s Simple Banana Pancakes: For those with sweet teeth, simple mix two eggs per banana together and cook them like you would a pancake!

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

Follow Rikke on PumpUp @Rikke and on Instagram @rikkestorvann 

The playground isn’t just for monkeying around. PumpUp’s jatie shows us that pull-ups, dips, and body-weight exercises can help us get fit this fall without having to be stuck inside all day! Does this get you pumped to do an outdoor workout on Workout Wednesday?? You’ll feel it in your body, and especially your core. Check out her video on our IG and vine!


Who do YOU admire?

PumpUp member rfitdiary’s core strength makes us positively starry eyed on Woman Crush Wednesday. She’s also mastering the handstand!

She says, "I only lift heavy weights and do long runs but heyy—handstands and generally my core muscles and balance are great." Love it!

Handstands make your muscles insanely strong, working everything from your core to your upperbody. They’ll also relieve pressure from your legs and back and give you an extra metabolism boost.

Can’t do a handstand yet? Afraid of your face getting too friendly with the floor if you fall down? Build up to one gradually by starting against the wall and practicing every day. Yoga moves like crow pose have also been known to help beginners transcend their fear of handstands. Inverted poses will gradually ease you into becoming a handstand warrior just like rfitdiary over here.


We couldn’t be more proud of carmel23shine and ALL of her hard work! Through clean eating and working out 6 days a week, she is admits that she is in the best shape of her life, saying “I’m down 60 lbs in 6 months! Anything is possible if you believe.”

This is an incredible #Transformation!!! We congratulate you and everybody in the PumpUp community sharing your amazing progress on Transformation Tuesday.


This stunning transformation was posted by PumpUp member lykadeleon. Her goal for 2014 was to get fit.

Since January, she has lost a total of 20 lbs and continues to aspire towards “fitness, not thinness”. Congrats Lyka, you’re AMAZING! Remember to tag your pictures with #TransformationTuesday today, PumpUp fam! Your progress matters to us, no matter how big or small. 

Your Monday Milestones

We’re sharing a few #milestones from our PumpUp family today.

From marathons to 5k races and from planks to bench presses, this post celebrates personal bests and firsts in addition to stories about injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Read more below!

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PumpUp member gavynhill7, a track and field athlete at Wichita State University, tore her ACL and meniscus and had surgery performed on her leg in August. As of September 2nd, she was able to get back to doing upper-body lifting and core work! She can now walk without crutches and has been recovering steadily and surely with rehabilitation. Keep it up!

Shawna K (skmh) also shared a story about recovery. “From open heart surgery, I was so stiff that I couldn’t move for months,” she reveals. “Now I am able to stretch and dance and get into better shape than I was before.”

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Marathons were a theme among many other Monday milestones. Terryx’s story about his ultramarathon is almost herculean! He says, “I joined the Run it Fast running club and they invited me to run in one of their races. I decided to give it a shot. I had never raced trails and I didn’t train except for 2 weeks to run 30 miles. I made it.” 

Amanda_fitmomof3’s biggest milestone was finishing her first half marathon in May, exceeding her own expectations. "I finished in 2 hours and 10 minutes, beating my own expected time by far. I had been training for a 10 km race until 2 days before the race," she elaborates. "I thought I could do more, so I switched to the half marathon." What is extraordinary is that Amanda had never incorporated running as a form of exercise before in her whole life until last fall! Isn’t she amazing?

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Travis619’s milestone was completing the Spartan Beast race—even though he injured his ankle 2 miles into the 13.5 mile race! He explains, “I grew up small and skinny, but changing my diet and working out helped me achieve my goal of competing in a fitness race.” Travis continues to be motivated by the PumpUp community, saying that "Everyone in the PumpUp family inspires me daily to better myself and continue competing. I hope I can do the same for at least one person."

Two of our members are thrilled with being able to run their first-ever 5 km races. Marie (marrymee) got her training off to a rocky start, explaining that "I’ve never been that interested in sports and working out. A few years ago, I was not feeling well. I didn’t like my job and it made me sick." Upon integrating more activity into her daily routine, things changed drastically. “I started taking walks and I was feeling better. Running [then] made me feel stronger, more confident. This year, I’ve decided to run a 5k for the first time!” Corey B. (coreybendebba) also ran his first ever 5k, where he finished 24th out of 120 people. "In that moment, I proved to myself that I am strong and that I CAN do anything I put my mind to!," he affirms. "Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams. You’ll reach them one way or another."

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Other Monday milestones were slightly more specific. PumpUp’s bigsalfitness shared this photo of his first attempt at bench pressing 315 lbs. His next goal? Bench pressing 405 lbs of course! We are also proud of our member jgnabc, who achieved her goal of mastering the 5 minute plank. "After having four kids, I never thought I’d have the flat toned belly I was looking for," she explains. "After joining PumpUp and learning to set s.m.a.r.t. goals, I not only was able to accomplish my 5 minute plank, but I was also able to achieve a level of fitness I only dreamed of."

Thank you PumpUp members gavynhill7, bigsalfitness/IG bigsal2417, terryx, travis619, amanda_fitmomof3, jgnabc, skmh, and marrymee for your stories. #MotivationMonday