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Sophia Le is a PumpUp role model - PumpUp Spotlight Series


Want to learn more about how PumpUp member @SophiaLe stays active? She’s a print model and a huge role model on PumpUp! Sophia has tons of great advice to share about exercising, eating healthy, and keeping herself motivated! 

Sophia joined the PumpUp community in May 2014 in search of a platform where she could share and discuss health and fitness with like-minded individuals. “I initially only had Instagram and I loved posting pictures of my workouts and the food I cook—but I’m so into it and wanted to post about it all the time,” explains Sophia. “It seemed like instagrammers got annoyed with all my health and fitness stuff,” she chuckles. This can be discouraging, particularly for those just beginning their wellness journeys. “I wanted to join PumpUp because everyone on there is just as into it as I am, and they don’t get annoyed with my posts,” she elaborates. “I also like seeing the cool workouts other people do, so I can learn new ones to try and new recipes to cook.”


Due to the nature of her occupation as a model, it’s important for Sophia to remain active. “Some nights are intense workouts that are 2 hours long, and on other nights when I’m too tired, I’ll do a small workout for 20 or 30 minutes,” she says. Like many other PumpUp members, Sophia is a night owl. “I’ve always exercised at night and I see a lot of people on PumpUp doing home workouts like I do,” she tells us. “They have great results, it’s inspiring. It just shows that you can do it yourself without a trainer or some super expensive gym equipment.”

Balance and moderation are important for maintaining a healthy diet, and Sophia does this successfully by using simple tricks that don’t require big changes. “If I eat eggs, I’ll have just the egg whites. If I make a sandwich, I’ll use one piece of bread and make a half sandwich instead,” she explains. “Instead of regular whole milk, I’ll have soy or almond milk. I’m not gonna lie though, I have a lot of cheat meals. I just don’t splurge all day every day like I used to.” After all, PumpUp members strive for progress, not perfection, right?


Sophia is as real as real can be. She explains that it’s easier to be healthy by making small changes because it relieves a lot of pressure. Drastic changes can be daunting and even overwhelming for beginners.  “Make 2 or 3 small substitutions to your diet using healthy choices,” she advises. “You’ll feel good about yourself and want to make more changes later on. When people put so much pressure on themselves to the point where they deprive themselves of everything, their cravings take over and it gets too hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” 


Answers, rather than excuses, keep Sophia motivated. She likes to ask herself questions before making decisions about health and exercise. “‘Am I really too tired to work out for 10 minutes?’ or ‘How am I going to feel after that? Is it worth it?’ I don’t want to wake up the next day with the regret of eating something bad or not squeezing in a workout,” she shares.  She is also inspired by the determination of other PumpUp members to remain active and healthy, regardless of their circumstances. “When I see others on PumpUp who work full time, have kids, engagements with friends, and everything else, yet they still somehow find time to squeeze in a workout, it motivates me to work harder,” she confirms. “Sometimes it makes me realize that I make too many excuses,” Sophia chuckles.


Favourite Snack

“When I feel like snacking (which is ALL THE TIME!), I try downing some water and waiting a few minutes to see if I still have the cravings. I read somewhere that your body often mistakes thirst for hunger, so I drink a ton of water. But when I do snack, one of favorites is Snap pea Crisps! They’re so good and so addicting. Tip: Put your snacks into a tiny bowl or plate, that way you don’t eat way too much! I never eat out of the bag. 

Motivational Mantra

"Did you do anything today that will move you one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow?" 

Favourite Exercise

“I love kettle bells! It’s easy to make up new exercises with them. Whatever muscle group I want to work on, I pick up my 20 lb. kettlebell and keep moving until I find a motion that works out the muscle in a new way.”


Be inspired by Sophia and keep her motivated! Follow Sophia on PumpUp and on Instagram @SophiaLe!