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How Triona is changing the world, one workout at a time

How Triona is changing the world, one workout at a time

"It's so important to take care of our bodies and to know what we are putting into our bodies," affirmed Triona R. (@TrionasFitN5), a PumpUp member who joined the community with an action plan to pursue her own health goals, and to assist others during the process. "I wanted to educate others about a healthy lifestyle. As a life-long athlete, I thought I was always healthy until I became more aware about what I was putting into my body.

Gaining muscle is a great thing. Just ask Samantha - PumpUp Success Stories

Gaining muscle is a great thing. Just ask Samantha - PumpUp Success Stories


If Netflix's deadly auto-play feature ever spawned far too many television-marathons for your liking, you're not alone. Samantha has been down that road before and emerged triumphant in the best possible way after joining the PumpUp community. "I was super lazy, always watching Netflix right after work," she recounted. "I would eat whatever I felt like eating and paid no attention to how much I was eating. I was extremely unhealthy and I wasn't confident with my body." Samantha has come a very long way from the "old" her. In fact, she constantly reflects upon her past as extra motivation to maintain an active lifestyle. "I don't want to be the old me or feel like the old me," she insisted. "I felt insecure all the time and I don't ever want to go back to that." There was also a time when Samantha abided by a diet that was far too restrictive. "I only allowed myself 900 calories a day and performed intense cardio," she recalled. "I was just under 120 lbs: that's very tiny for a 5'11" girl." Others began to comment on her weight— even strangers took notice. "It got to the point where my body became fragile and if somebody even so much as touched my shoulder, it would hurt because I had no meat on me," Samantha lamented. "I still wanted to lose weight because I felt like it was the only thing that I could control." It's important for Samantha to focus on non-scale victories and she keeps tabs on how she's gaining muscle in particular. "I'm at 164 lbs now and I could never imagine saying that I'd be happy with how little I weighed back then," she affirmed. "I'm so much thicker but in a positive and healthy way." 

gaining muscle transformation

Since Samantha made the transition to a healthy lifestyle with the help of PumpUp, she's been maintaining a rigorous schedule of regular workouts and balanced eating habits. She began to weight train and gained more muscle mass than she's ever had before.  "After day one of using PumpUp I was hooked," she insisted. "To me, PumpUp is a way to share my passion for fitness with others who share the same interests. It's really motivating." Now, you'll be hard-pressed to find a moment when Samantha isn't active. In addition to the fair amount of physical activity that she performs at her warehouse job, Samantha exercises 5-6 days a week, alternating between weightlifting, blogilates videos, or HIIT workouts. She also gleans PumpUp for healthy eating ideas.   "I love to look at other peoples' posts about healthy meals and I get excited to share mine as well," she enthused.  Beyond the digital sphere, Samantha benefits from the support of her friend Patty, who also strives to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Best advice

Take it one day at a time, and don't beat yourself up over one bad day or one bad meal. Just remember your goals and start over the next day.  Focus on how you feel/look rather than the number on the scale!! I cannot exaggerate this enough.

Samantha's Meals

"My food usually consists of eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch, and a standard dinner. When I want a snack I'll have a protein bar, smoothie, fruit, etc. On weekends I tend to be more lenient and treat myself!"

Motivational Mantra

"Laziness fuels more laziness. Activity fuels more activity' and 'A year ago you will wish you had started today."


Cheer Samantha on as she strives to reach her goals with the help of the PumpUp community @samanthagonsalves3.

How trauma from Yanê's past paved the path for a healthier future - PumpUp Success Stories

#LoveYourself and embrace your past, just as pumpupapp member @yalua did! Tired of having her weight fluctuate, Yanê began her journey with PumpUp to find a consistent source of motivation. She is a beacon of light who inspires thousands of people with her demeanour, her dedication, and her determination.

By learning from her past, she has made leaps and bounds towards a healthier future. A brutal accident galvanized Yanê to truly focus on her wellbeing.  “After my accident, my vertebrae shifted and my ribs were blocked—I couldn’t breathe for at least 40 seconds,” she recounted. “I had a lot of therapy with a chiropractor, but working out and building muscle helped me to recover the most. From time to time, the back pain returns but PumpUp helped me to push through the pain and overcome this.” As a victim of violence during her adolescence, Yanê also revealed that she struggled to find motivation due to the mental trauma of her past. “I often felt like I wasn’t good enough—like I would never look the way I wanted,” she lamented. “Once again, PumpUp helped me immensely when people started commenting, ‘We miss you!’ or ‘You are my inspiration!’”


Yane’s weight fluctuated before she began to embrace a healthy lifestyle

Prior to PumpUp, Yanê also had a different perspective towards healthy food and moderation. “I didn’t eat much—I was really thin,” she admitted. “I ate a lot of take-out food as well. PumpUp became my favourite app ever!  I now make sure that I always eat as healthy as possible, and a big healthy breakfast became very important to me because it gives me the energy I need to have a great and active day.” Good nutrition and balance are essential components of Yanê ‘s current lifestyle. “It’s more important than exercise—but don’t beat yourself up if you skip a healthy meal or eat something sweet,” she advised. “I don’t ever restrict myself, because I’d end up craving for unhealthy food that much more. I allow myself to eat a little bit of chocolate once in awhile.”

The PumpUp community encouraged Yanê to incorporate a lot more activity into her routine. The frequency of her workouts increased from 1-3 times a week to 4-6 times a week. This particularly helped her cope with academic stress. “Working out was like therapy: I could release all of my stress after sitting around studying all day,” she explained. “Now, I go to salsa 2 times every week—sometimes more—and either work out at the gym or do exercises at home. I do up to 30 minutes of cardio and up to 2 hours of heavy weightlifting at the gym, mostly focusing on my legs, back and abs.”

Motivation from PumpUp helped Yanê to change her mentality about her fitness. “Everything starts in your mind, so if you want to lead a more active lifestyle you should find motivation – like people on the PumpUp community or pants that you want to fit into again,” she counselled. ”Consistency, dedication, and the courage to step out of your comfort zone are very important. Just don’t be too hard on yourself: workouts should be fun!”

Owing to the overwhelming support and encouragement from the PumpUp community, Yanê began her studies to become a fitness instructor. “On PumpUp, positivity is everywhere—it’s what I love the most!” she gushed. “I want to motivate others to be healthy and to help them see that a healthy lifestyle can also be a positive and fun one. This is why PumpUp motivated me to become a personal fitness instructor and to spread positivity—nowadays it’s rare to find.” As Yanê strives for her absolute dream body, she’ll be turning to PumpUp as a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

Yanês Motivators

Lots of fit women motivate me, especially Michelle Lewin. I absolutely love her and her precious behind. My family members are also a source of motivation for me. My dad is a drug addict—that’s how I know what unhealthy living can lead to.  I also want to be a role model for my little cousin, to teach her how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I most of all aspire to make my mother proud! She’s motivated by my new lifestyle (I even got her to do an activity with me and shared about it on PumpUp!) Finally, my followers on PumpUp keep me motivated with all the love and support that they give me. I want to make sure that I stay healthy for them, so that they aren’t disappointed.”

Yanê’s Eats

“My favourite snacks are fruits and veggies—especially tropic fruits and carrots with mustard. It doesn’t sound so yummy—but I love it. I absolutely adore eating peanut butter with bananas! I love to drink self-made lemon ginger juice as well! Find the recipe here. My favourite meal is traditional Brazilian chicken with rice and manioc. My favourite breakfast is cooked oats with warm raspberries!”

Motivational Mantras

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up – Nelson Mandela

Whenever I feel bad, I use the feeling to motivate me to work harder. I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself—Beyoncé

Favourite Exercises

“I generally love all the exercises PumpUp creates! They are so much fun! My daily routine is: 100 squats, 10 pushups, 50 sit-ups, and self-invented pilates inspired exercises to tone my core and train my balance. I do intensive salsa lessons because I want to make it into the salsa show group!”

More about Yanê

My name is Yanê Ferreira de Souza. I am half Brazilian and half Swiss. I live in Switzerland. I am studying pop music. My biggest dream is to become a professional pop singer! I am the absolute BIGGEST BEYONCÉ FAN EVER you’ll ever meet! She is also one of my biggest inspiration/motivation.

I grew up in a artistic family, which explains why I also love to draw and play the piano.

My friends call me the crazy Brazilian. I had to go through a lot, but I learned to deal with all of it (the Beyoncé quote I mentioned helps me a LOT). I smile all the time and I am a very lively and happy person.

Probably because I went through so much I want people to be happy, I want people to move on with the negative thoughts and try their best to make themselves happy. And if I can help them with my posts, thoughts, and this blog, I’d be the happiest person in this world!”

Keep Yanê pumped on the pumpupapp @yalua and on Instagram @yaneluar!

How healthier eating habits changed Belinda's life - PumpUp Success Stories


Healthier eating habits made a world of difference for Belinda (@beldots). She’s a beloved pumpupapp member who inspires others endlessly with her dedication to a holistically healthy lifestyle. “I grew up as a chubby kid with low self esteem—but when I found my passion for GOOD food, I found myself shedding the kilos quicker than I could realize,” she admitted. Now, almost every facet of Belinda’s life revolves around health and fitness. “It has spiralled out of control (in a good way!)” she laughed. “I go to the gym 7 days a week, eat as much healthy food as I can, and talk about health and wellness in most of my conversation topics!”

WhenBelinda joined the PumpUp community in June 2014, she was looking for a way to stay true to her health and fitness goals. “I had my hesitations because I wasn’t so sure whether the outside world would be accepting or receptive about little old me and my goals,” she confessed. “After a few posts on PumpUp, I was hooked! I wanted to try PumpUp because I needed motivation and didn’t like the idea of a workout buddy. I still needed to be held accountable for my workouts and eating choices and PumpUp fit the mould perfectly.”


She lived a moderately healthy lifestyle prior to PumpUp, performing cardio-intensive workouts twice a week and making good eating choices from time to time. “I tried to cook my own meals, but studying full-time made it difficult. There is a lot of comfort food and take-out readily available around campus, and that let me down a fair bit,” she explained. As a self-professed stress-eater, Belinda recounted how she would consume chocolate and energy drinks endlessly whenever she was tasked with a big assignment. “It was terrible,” she lamented. 


Bolstered by motivation from the PumpUp community, Belinda now epitomizes health and wellness. She exercises an impressive 6-7 times a week, incorporating both weightlifting and cardio into her routine. She has begun to count her macronutrients as well. It’s something that, in her opinion, sheds a new light on what kinds of food she consumes every day. Above all, health and wellness has made a huge impact on Belinda’s mentality. “When I was younger I’d never let anyone around me take photos of myself—I was so embarrassed and ashamed!” she professed. “I don’t have any real ‘before’ photos but I do know that fitness has improved my quality of life drastically. I find myself healthier, happier, and surrounded by likeminded people on PumpUp and in my daily life—this pushes me harder to pursue my personal aspirations.” 


Belinda strongly advocates for a holistic approach towards health and wellness. “I’d love to emphasize just how important a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle is for your wellbeing and appearance,” she stressed. “I see so many girls—who are around my age or younger—believing that eating less is good. That isn’t always the case. Sometimes—maybe even most of the time—you need to eat more of the right food to lose body fat (not to be confused with ‘weight’!).” Belinda hopes that her PumpUp page demonstrates that any normal person can lead a healthy and active lifestyle at any point in their lives—it isn’t unrealistic. “I started on a similar (if not worse) state as many others who typically begin their journeys on an app like PumpUp,” she mused. “A healthy and active lifestyle can be done and it is worth it. As soon as I got my health in order, everything fell into place: university grades, relationships, overall happiness, a cleaner room—you name it!”


Biggest Motivation

“I know it sounds strange, but truly, myself! I believe you have the power to be exactly who you want to be each and every day and if you know you’re not the absolute best you can be the only person that can really change that is yourself.” 

Motivational Mantra
“’What is stopping you being your absolute best you can be today?’ 99% of the time there is none, so it works a charm!!”


Favourite snack: “Recently I’ve just discovered how amazing cottage cheese is (especially for macro counting) so that on some crackers with some fresh tomato, avocado, pepper and chives is my favourite!!”

Favourite meal:My kangaroo chili con carne recipe would have to take the cake… It’s so nutritionally good for you and chilli itself being somewhat addictive means you just want to keep eating and eating!”

Favourite Exercise

“Oh my goodness that’s a tough one! Ummmm… Everything?! I love bike riding for cardio and an added lower body workout, or ergo meter for upper body, but mainly anything with weights! I love planks! (But strange I know) but I’ve built up to doing 5kg placed on my back while planking and that really gets the heart going and core burning! Apart from that, barbell squats, deadlifts or anything with weights really!”


Fun fact about Belinda

“My overall goal in life is to live like my grandparents have. They’re from a little place just south of Rome in Italy and they came to Australia in 1955. They’re the most humble but most remarkable people you’ll ever meet and they’re my overall inspiration. My Nonno is 88 and my Nonna is 86 and they’ve never taken medication in their life, they’re still so incredible active, grow, make, and eat all their own food themselves and blow all our modern doctors away by just how healthy they are.

I think it’s something that’s lost in our society yet so so important. I want to eventually bring my kids up the way they’ve brought my whole family up!”

Keep Belinda pumped on the pumpupapp by following her @beldots! Find her Instagram page too @bel_health! 

Nobody kicks more butt than April and we mean it. Learn all the reasons why- PumpUp Success Stories


PumpUp has its very own #liftqueen and her name is April (@uneekapril is her PumpUp superhero alias, of course). She’s happy, healthy, extremely body positive, and lifts heavy. “I do cardio because I have to, but I lift because I love to,” she confessed. Learn about her incredible journey to recovery from an extreme leg injury and her perfect advice for those looking to lead healthier lifestyles in 2015.

When April broke her tibia, fractured her fibula, and dislocated her ankle in 2009, this event proved to be one the most challenging mental tests of her entire life. “I was completely dependent on others for many months,” she lamented. “I was incapable of doing things on my own, going places, and needed help out of the bathtub every morning.” The feeling of hopelessness consumed her, as acute pain accompanied her every action during the healing process (both during and after physical therapy). “I could feel depression overcoming me,” she recounted. “I wanted to walk again. Be strong again, Hike again. After a year of wearing a cast, then a boot, on crutches, physical therapy, then home exercises, I started to improve.” After the pain began to subside, April was determined to get her lost muscle, flexibility, balance, and mobility back. In the process, she became better and stronger than ever before, both mentally and physically. “I’m stronger than I’ve been my whole life,” she admitted. “Me and my titanium-filled transformer leg.”


Although high school represented a turbulent point in April’s life, she managed to move above and beyond her personal obstacles through the help of exercise and tons of encouragement. “I used to be a size 12,” she further explained. “I felt fat and depressed and wore baggy clothes to cover up myself.” These insecurities slowly melted away when April made the decision to be healthy in college, regardless of her size. She slowly began to incorporate more physical activity into her schedule by lifting weights and hiking. “I LOVED the feeling that lifting gave me, not to mention the tight muscles that I developed,” she stressed. When April began to lift weights with her friend Jeremy in 2002, he taught her everything she needed to know about proper technique and form. This elevated her passion for healthy active living to the next level. “I’m very fortunate to have had some wonderfully knowledgeable people to grace my life…they helped change my life,” she admitted.

Nobody ever messes around with April’s body-positive image. “I got down to a size 8 and I decided that I was healthy and therefore happy,” she affirmed. “I didn’t care what people thought about my big legs or my big butt. If they didn’t like my shape, they could eff-off. I’m proud of my shape and my strength…not to mention my overall health.” She pays attention to the queues that her body gives her and strives to eat healthy, whole foods. This helps her to keep everything in moderation: April knows when to load up on carbs and when to increase her protein intake. For this reason, she encourages others to do intensive research about what is best for their own bodies. “Everyone is different, so find what works for you,” she counselled.


April is a strong advocate of immersing oneself in a community of healthy and like-minded individuals (like PumpUp!). “Find a mentor that you trust and stay away from unhealthy people,” she emphasized. “I have found that they can be like cancer—they seem to poison people around them. Find someone you want to ‘be’ and emulate them.” She also encourages others to hold themselves accountable and to eliminate excuses—patience is the greatest virtue for April. “Change takes time, so try hard to stay dedicated,” she explained. “Your body is capable of amazing things: push it! Training is all mental—push yourself through those mental walls and you will surprise yourself!”


With each and every post, April strives to motivate at least one person on PumpUp to stay on track. She’s been a member of the app since July 2014, after @winnoble convinced her that PumpUp would be a great community for her. His intuition was right in every single way. “I hoped to meet some neat people with similar goals and looked for a community where motivation and encouragement flowed effortlessly in both directions,” she elaborated. “I can say that I’ve definitely found that..and more! I’ve met the most amazing people on here who have truly become my friends: @bellsetters, @mattgmi, @humbleman, and @jerrydonwheeler, just to name a few.” April actually met up with @jerrydonwheeler and trained with him on her birthday! “It was an honour,” she professed. “I hope there are many more PumpUp members who happen to pass by Little Rock, AR and want to lift with me!”


Biggest Motivation

“My PumpUp family definitely motives me.  I absolutely motivate myself!  My ultimate goal (although not sure it’s attainable) is to have a body like P!NK.  Saw her in concert, saw how strong she was, and decided I wanted that.”

Favourite eats

“I drink water with lemon, lime or both everyday throughout my workday.  My favorite treat is pomegranates, which I have to make myself earn. “

Motivational Mantra

“Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I have to act like one” – Me

 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” - Emerson


Fun Fact About April

“I am a tomboy completely.  I’m tough, I hate shopping, I don’t paint my nails, I won’t wear a dress, and I’d rather be cutting wood with my dad than being pampered at a spa.”

This awesome ab workout will help you get sweaty

Try this #SweatySunday awesome ab workout! You'll be feeling it tomorrow.

  • V-crunches for your upper abs
  • Bicycle crunches for your obliques
  • Pulse ups for your lower abs

It's basically a complete workout that will help you get fit no matter what. Take five minutes today and complete at least one circuit during a commercial break or in between the chapters of your book.  You won't even need any equipment! You won't even need to leave the floor! Thank the heavens.

Do you have awesome ab workout videos that you wanna show us? Tag them on Instagram with #TeamPumpUp so we can see!

[video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video]


For our #MyResolution challenge, write whatever you ate or drank today, and share a photo of your journal or your reflections about it.


Great squats! #MyResolution Day 18: PumpUp’s best squats

  • @catherinegrey’s adorable picture wins the challenge of the day! A little furry companion makes squats 10x more enjoyable
  • @limitlesstyle’s kettle bell squats up the ante with added resistance (you’ll feel it)
  • @alexawinter’s outdoor squat is beautiful! (Helps when you have a mountain in your backyard, right?)
  • @lorrin introduced PumpUp to her new fuzzy friend! (Can you tell that we like animals? Because we love animals)
  • khathreehna demonstrates that a couple who squats together, stays together

Thanks for squatting, PumpUp! Check out our full #MyResolution photo challenge here. 


Brace yourselves. Wall-sits are coming. See how long you can do it for and share a photo of yourself performing the exercise! Bonus? Reblog to challenge your followers to do a wall-sit with you and see who can hold it for longer! PumpUp member bangerz10 loves to pass the time during her #wallsit by singing her favourite song. She adds weight when she can!
Check out the FULL challenge here:


When in doubt, lunge it out: awesome photos from PumpUp’s #MyResolution lunge challenge

There are several amazing lunge variations that you can try! PumpUp member @karaboo (second row, left) wins some PumpUp swag for taking the challenge above and beyond with her weighted lunges.

  • Lunge pulse with an overhead weight
  • Wood-chop lunges (crossing the weight diagonally across your body each time, alternating sides)
  • Lunges with a bicep curl
  • Walking dumbbell unge
  • Walking lunges with a weighted twist
  • Reverse lunges with an overhead press
  • Dumbbell lateral lunges
  • Lateral raise lunges
  • Reverse lunges with a knee-up on the lift. 

Thanks @iyarbo, @katieeliza_, @jenac, @krysfit, @hayden0508, @xhaileymorganx, and @mariajo2698 for the photos! 

Ever owned pants that you've always wanted to fit into again? Learn how Katie did so in 2014 - PumpUp Success Story


Never to be seen without her clever workout shirts (“Gundalf the Grey”, anybody?), her fantastic smile, and her positive attitude, @KatieLovesFitness takes the PumpUp spotlight today with an incredibly inspiring story about how she was able to achieve more than she could ever have hoped for in 2014 with the support of the PumpUp community. 

There’s a song that muses about how sometimes, life gets in the way of ‘living’. This rang true for Katie before she began her journey with the PumpUp. Although her lifestyle had always been healthy and active in general, stress and pressure from college have made it very difficult for her to remain healthy and active. “Last semester, I studied abroad in Germany. That’s when I really lost it with my weight,” she explained. “I ate whatever I wanted and exercised very little. It’s easy to get off track—once you start to gain weight and continue to gain weight, it’s hard to stop.”



With one snap decision and a lot of determination, Katie managed to get back into the rhythm of leading a holistically healthy routine with the help of the PumpUp community. “It’s never too late to set a new goal or to dream a new dream, and this summer I really decided to start living a healthy lifestyle again,” she elaborated. “PumpUp helped me stay on track so much. If I hadn’t been taking pictures along the way, I probably would have never noticed any change. I think this was my biggest problem in the past.”  Her resolution for the end of 2014 was specific and tangible: to fit into a specific pair of jeans that she wasn’t able to wear in nearly 4 years. “Now they’re getting big—I honestly didn’t think my body could be smaller than that,” Katie confessed. “I’m being healthy and that’s all that really matters to me.” 2014 was a major year of progress for her and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Katie began to lift heavier weights towards the end of December and even managed to beat her personal record—clocking in a squat of over 100 lbs.


Katie’s 15-pound weight loss is a brush stroke in the broader scheme of her transformation. She is most thrilled by the happiness and renewed sense of confidence that she gained with the support of her friends on PumpUp. “I am beyond grateful for this app and fitness community,” Katie insisted. “[Everybody] is so encouraging that it makes me keep trying to strive for more. I want to inspire people, and I would not be able to do so as directly without PumpUp.” 

She emphasizes how being part of PumpUp really is a team effort. “Whenever I don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy, I check PumpUp to see how everybody else in the community is doing and how they are fighting against their struggles,” she said. “This motivates me to keep going because I feel like I’m not alone in this struggle.” Katie underscores important, albeit difficult, it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and she’s glad to have other people on the app who understand her perspective wholeheartedly.  


Favourite Healthy Snack

Non-fat Greek yogurt with vanilla!”

Motivational Mantra

I don’t train every day because I hate my body. I do it because I love my body.”

Fun Fact about Katie

I speak English and some German!” 


Katie truly is a PumpUp success story! Follow her squatting and weightlifting adventures on the PumpUp app @katielovesfitness! 


#MyResolution #Day7: Lunge it out! Add a little jump when you switch between legs to make this a killer plyometric move! We’d love you to share a photo of awesome lunge variations. Here’s PumpUp member @akvile’s beautiful picture: she usually does 3 sets of 15 lunges on each leg. Find the full #MyResolutionJanuary photo challenge at!


How to strengthen your shoulders with the standing scarecrow

Check out PumpUp member @greenfitbodydnk’s progress on #throwBACKthursday! The standing scarecrow is great for strengthening your rotator cuffs. It’s important to keep them strong, as an injured rotator cuff can cause shoulder ache. It may also worsen during sports that require rapid throwing movements, such as baseball. 

How to do it

Start out with light dumbbells in each hand if you’re a beginner, feet shoulder-width apart.

Keep your elbows level with your shoulders, arms at a 90 degree angle.

With your shoulders down and elbows level, gently lower your forearms till they’re at shoulder level, pause, then press them back up to starting position. 

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Get this, kellergetsfit lost 7.5 lbs between today and 8 weeks ago and look at the progress she’s made! We’re super excited for her!! Keep her pumped on Transformation Tuesday and remember to post up your photos!!


We commend PumpUp’s @naomimorris for her FANTASTIC progress so far!

She hopped on the #gaintrain last year and says, “I promised myself I’ll never go back to the way I was before and am SO proud of how far I’ve come. If I can do it SO CAN YOU!”. Double tap to keep @naomimorrris pumped up!!! You rock! You win our #transformationtuesday spotlight :)

Thank you everybody for submitting your photos! We are constantly stunned and thrilled to watch you achieve your goals! You can do anything :)

Spotlight: Rikke S.

Joining us from Norway is today’s PumpUp spotlight Rikke S., who captivates us with her balanced active lifestyle and beautiful landscape photography.  Her passion is to change at least one person’s perception of themselves for the better. Although Rikke deals with certain mental health issues, she resolves not to be defined by them, saying that ”The strongest people have the strongest minds.”  Learn more about Rikke on the blog today!spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

Prior to PumpUp, Rikke struggled to find balance amidst her hectic schedule.  Not only did she devote an average of 2-4 hours a day to handball and boxing practice in addition to eight hours of school, she often spent her weekends travelling to and competing in handball games or regional gatherings. Her drive to be the best at everything took its toll. ”In the long run this became too exhausting, mentally and physically, and I had to quit,” confesses Rikke.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

PumpUp helped her to keep track of her fitness goals and remain active after quitting handball practices. She was at last able to find a middle ground. “I definitely will not ever workout as much as I did before, but I still work out a lot. I workout about five times a week but I never go over two hours in my workouts,” states Rikke. “My eating has only become more and more healthy now that I am focusing on being healthy and not the best at everything or the skinniest or the most fit person.” Although her daily routine still consists of school and exercise such as running, hiking, and weight-lifting, the time that she now has to relax with friends contributes positively to her sense of well-being.Rikke struggles with depression and anxiety but resolves to not let the pathology of her mental health afflictions get the best of her. I definitely had ups and downs. I’ve had some major setbacks and struggles. I’ve fought with my life to get stronger than what’s trying to pull me down,” Rikke admits. ””The strongest people have the strongest minds.’”

She emphasizes that we recognize the importance of our own self worth, and has advice for those who grapple with similar mental health issues. ”I know how it is to never feel good enough,” says Rikke. ”Please never give in to any pressure that’s going to leave you headed in the wrong direction. You’re good enough for me.”

The song that keeps Rikke pumped up through difficult times is Meghan Trainor’s ”All about that bass”.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

She takes pride in what she has accomplished so far. Her biggest motivation is to keep feeling good about herself and seeing small changes in her physique. “I’ve come quite some way with shaping my body, and I hope to be able to do even more,” explains Rikke, “My body is my masterpiece…That’s what keeps me going.”  

Her advice to the PumpUp community and those looking to lead a more active life is to “Set small goals at first. When you see the results faster you’ll want to keep going. Make sure to eat and drink right and find time for rest.”

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

More About Rikke

Motivational Mantra: “Det er I motbakke det går oppover”  which means “It is in an incline it goes upward”

Favourite snack/meal/drink: My fav snack is Norwegian Apples, nuts and raisins. I love water and homemade smoothies. Any meal with fish is my favourite.

Favourite PumpUp workout routine: I usually lift weights to stay active, but I do love all the small circuits on the PumpUp app.

Rikke’s Simple Banana Pancakes: For those with sweet teeth, simple mix two eggs per banana together and cook them like you would a pancake!

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

Follow Rikke on PumpUp @Rikke and on Instagram @rikkestorvann 

The playground isn’t just for monkeying around. PumpUp’s jatie shows us that pull-ups, dips, and body-weight exercises can help us get fit this fall without having to be stuck inside all day! Does this get you pumped to do an outdoor workout on Workout Wednesday?? You’ll feel it in your body, and especially your core. Check out her video on our IG and vine!


Who do YOU admire?

PumpUp member rfitdiary’s core strength makes us positively starry eyed on Woman Crush Wednesday. She’s also mastering the handstand!

She says, "I only lift heavy weights and do long runs but heyy—handstands and generally my core muscles and balance are great." Love it!

Handstands make your muscles insanely strong, working everything from your core to your upperbody. They’ll also relieve pressure from your legs and back and give you an extra metabolism boost.

Can’t do a handstand yet? Afraid of your face getting too friendly with the floor if you fall down? Build up to one gradually by starting against the wall and practicing every day. Yoga moves like crow pose have also been known to help beginners transcend their fear of handstands. Inverted poses will gradually ease you into becoming a handstand warrior just like rfitdiary over here.


We couldn’t be more proud of carmel23shine and ALL of her hard work! Through clean eating and working out 6 days a week, she is admits that she is in the best shape of her life, saying “I’m down 60 lbs in 6 months! Anything is possible if you believe.”

This is an incredible #Transformation!!! We congratulate you and everybody in the PumpUp community sharing your amazing progress on Transformation Tuesday.