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You're reading food labels wrong! Start looking for these 4 things

You're reading food labels wrong! Start looking for these 4 things


A huge component of fitness comes down to developing healthy eating habits. Exercise will only take you so far – Fuelling your body with the right food is crucial. However, finding healthy foods can be more difficult than it might seem. Just take a peek at any food label and you can see why it’s so easy to become overwhelmed. There is a lot of information packed into the tiny space – What’s really important? What makes a food healthy? What should you be looking for?

More than 1 in 3 people report that they do look at food labels, but 90% admit that they don’t really know what they are looking for!

It’s not surprising that obesity has become such an epidemic – Most people are actually reading food labels wrong.

The CSSI Method: How To Make Food Labels Simple

There is a lot of redundant information on your food labels, so we can simplify the process by focusing on what matters most. A 4-step process known as the “CSSI Method” will get the job done.

Instead of counting carbs, adding up fat calories, or analyzing vitamin dosages, the CSSI Method sticks to the crucial aspects of establishing a healthy diet.

It allows you to quickly answer the question, “Is this food a great one for me to eat?”

For example, the second “S” in CSSI stands for sugar. But, instead of counting sugar calories each day, the goal is to build up your familiarity with foods that are high in sugar. Then you won’t unknowingly consume much more than you might think.

Take a look at the infographic below to check out the CSSI Method. Then try it next time you start reading food labels at the grocery store – Do your food choices pass the test?

food labels cssi method infographic

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Dave Smith is a professional fitness and weight loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” by CanFitPro in 2013. You can learn more about Dave and his services at