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fruit doesn't make you fat

Fruit does NOT make you fat

This is a post by Ashley Hampton (PumpUp: @rawincollege), a college student looking to spread the power of the raw vegan lifestyle through her positive posts and vibrant photos. Check out her blog.


Finally putting the fruit controversy to rest, I am going to tell you why fruit is so beneficial for you and your body and why fruit does not make you fat!! After doing some research, I found a general consensus that people who eat more fruit on a daily basis have lower BMIs. Think about it this way—if you swap your regular morning muffin for an apple every day, you would save about 135,000 calories in one year alone! Isn’t that amazing?! Making small swaps like this will absolutely help you achieve your long-term goals. I am not saying to change your entire diet overnight—taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle will help you keep it up forever! It is all about quality and quantity on a raw vegan diet—fruit calories are packed with water, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This means NO restriction!

Just to put things into perspective for you:


I included the image above to give you a visual understanding of why you never feel full after eating a donut that is high in calories– those calories are not nutrient dense! The calories in processed foods do not give your body what it needs to thrive and properly function throughout the day, therefore sending your brain messages that you need more—now it is up to you to give your body what it truly needs. The endless nutritious components of fruits and veggies allow you to consume as much as you desire while constantly feeding your cells with what they need to survive.


Fruits and veggies do not only benefit the inside of your body, but they also help you to flush out toxins, radiate from within, and give you the energy that you need to get through your busy day. The antioxidants in fruits, for example, even out skin pigmentation and improve circulation giving you that desired “natural glow.” Fruits and veggies also fight off free radicals that could lead to diseases such as skin and lung cancer. I could truly go on and on about the benefits of this lifestyle but for now just remember to start making small changes that could eventually overhaul your life and your health inside-out.

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