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Fuel Up with Nike's Fuel Band


Here at PumpUp we love fitness technology. There’s been a lot of recent buzz around fitness tracking bands, like the Jawbone Up, Nike Fuel Band, and FitBit Flex, so our Director of Health & Fitness, Jonny, decided to give the Fuel Band a try!


For those hearing about Nike’s Fuel Band for the first time, it’s a fitness tracking band that has a built in accelerometer so it can measure your calories burned, steps taken, and of course, it tells you the time! A cool bonus is that you get Fuel Points for being active while wearing the Fuel Band. I like the Fuel Band and have definitely become more active since I started wearing it at the beginning of April.


It’s been just over a month since I started wearing the Fuel Band. I set my goal to be 3000 Fuel Points a day. According to Nike, 3000 points is what you need to be considered an active person. I found that this really motivated me when the clock struck 6pm and I’d only reached 1000 of my 3000 points. On good days, I found that I reached my 3000 point goal very quickly, so I challenged myself to get as many fuel points as possible. So far, my best day is 5520 points!

While my experience was mostly positive, there are some downfalls with Nike’s Fuel Band. First and foremost, the price tag of $150 is fairly high. Second, I found that when I used leg machines at the gym or went on a long bike ride, I got 0 fuel points but burned tons of calories.


Overall, the Nike Fuel Band is a great tool to keep you motivated. It even comes with a sleek iPhone app lets you compete against your friends and receive achievements after completing certain goals.

You’re probably thinking: should I get one?

Well, here’s my opinion: this product isn’t for people who are looking for a way to count calories or even as a pedometer — you can find much cheaper step counters. However, if you are a person looking to get a little more active, or you’re interested in adding a little technology to your fitness regiment (that you built with PumpUp), the Fuel Band is perfect for you!

Ps. Try wearing your Fuel Band during your PumpUp workout to rack up more Fuel Points.