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5 fitness valentines that are relevant to life

We just want somebody to lift, run far, and drink protein shakes with us. We just want somebody who will accept just how much we’re into the healthy lifestyle. Jump-squat for joy, because we have 5 hilarious fitness Valentine’s Cards that capture all of our feels in the cutest and most relevant way possible. PumpUp-Valentine---Fitness-1

One does not simply eat ONE Quest Bar.



You’re sweaty. I’m sweaty. Half the work is done ;)



Somebody call the paramedics, you just took my breath away


I just want someone that will cuddle, lift, and drink smoothies with me. Is that too much to ask?


It beats swiping right.


Never skip leg day, right? To WIN PumpUp swag this week, post your silliest health/fitness related picture! Make PumpUp laugh! Be sure to tag it with #PumpUpSwag! Brownie points if you reblog :) This hilarious photo is from PumpUp member ggrmi, look at her six-pack!