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Cooking with Cassandra: Back to School Edition

cooking with cassandra pumpup

This week’s Foodie Friday kicks off another series of community recipe posts!

Forget the instant noodles! Can college cooking be simple AND healthy? Our vibrant member @losingitwithcassandra shows us how to do college cuisine right. From protein pancakes with vanilla sauce to refreshing green smoothies, Cassandra gives us recipes that are palatable, packed with nutrients, and easy to prepare.  Read below to learn more about Cassandra!

veggie avocado omelette

1. Veggie Omelet with garlic, spinach, bell peppers, and avocado


4 eggs (I like 3 of them to only be egg-whites)

1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)

1/4 of a red, yellow, and orange bell pepper. (chopped)

A handful of spinach

Half of an avocado

1 teaspoon of Olive Oil 

Salt-less seasoning (I love Mrs.Dash Garlic and Herb)

Black pepper



1.  In a skillet, add olive oil on medium heat. 

2.  Once the skillet is heated up, add in the garlic . Once it browns, add in your spinach and chopped bell-pepper.

3. Then add your salt-less seasoning and a dash of pepper and salt. Once it is cooked, put the veggies to the side.

4. Now it’s time for the eggs. I find it helpful to cook the veggies separately to create a perfect looking omelet. In a separate bowl add in 1 egg and 3 of the egg whites. Then add a dash of salt and pepper. This is optional but i like adding a little bit of almond milk to the eggs to make them fluffy. Whisk until mixed. 

5. In a separate pan add non-stick cooking spray on medium heat.

6. Once the pan is heated, add in the egg mixture. Once it starts to brown on the bottom carefully flip it over like a pancake using a spatula.

7. Then, get the veggies, place them on top, and flip your omelet half way.

8. Finally add avocado slices on top.

refreshing green smoothie

2.  Refreshing Green Smoothie


A handful of Kale

A handful of Spinach

A handful of Pineapple Chunks

A handful of Raspberries

1/2 a banana

1/2 of a lime (juice)

1 packet of stevia

Ice cubes and water


In a blender add the kale, spinach, pineapple, raspberries, and banana. I like to add in more pineapple for a sweeter taste. Add in the juice of half a lime, stevia, ice, and water. Mix until everything is blended up. 


whole grain roasted bell pepper turkey sandwich

3. Whole grain roasted bell pepper turkey sandwich


Olive Oil

2 slicesof whole wheat bread

A handful of spinach

Salt-less seasoning (I love Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb)



1 garlic clove

1-2 Turkey Slices

1/4 of ared, yellow, and orange bell pepper

Half of an avocado(For Spread)


1. In a skillet add olive oil on medium heat.

2. Once the skillet is heated up add the garlic and sauté until golden.

3. Then add your spinach and bell peppers.

4. Add a pinch of pepper, salt, and seasoning and sauté until soft.

5. Toast some bread and add avocado for spread. This is optional but i like using an avocado rather than mayo.

6. Then add your turkey slices and veggies on top.


4. Mixed Berries with white chocolate chips (Super Simple!)




(Any kind of berry you would like)

1 tbsp White chocolate chips


1. Mix all of the berries and white chocolate chips in a bowl.

Perfect Combo. 


protein pancakes with vanilla sauce

Protein Pancakes with Vanilla Sauce



  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 1/2 Cup Oats 
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 Tablespoon of almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1/4 Cup of plain Greek yogurt


  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt of your choice
  • 1 packet of stevia 


  • Raspberries( Or fruit of your choice)
  • Granola of your choice


1. Mix oats, protein powder, and baking powder in a blender until they get a flour consistency. 

2. Then add your egg-white, almond milk (or milk of choice) and Greek yogurt in with the dry ingredients and mix until the batter thickens and everything is mixed very well.

3. In a pan add non-stick cooking spray over medium heat.

4. Once the pan is heated you can slowly pour out the batter onto the pan.

5. Cooking time will vary so you want to make sure it is brown on the bottom before you flip it. This usually takes me 1-2 minutes


6. Mix your stevia packet with the vanilla Greek yogurt and add this on top of your pancakes.

7. Top with granola and raspberries or fruit of your choice


About Cassandra


Cassandra is a 20 year old college student from California who takes pride in creating simple and healthy meals. She began her health and wellness journey in the summer of 2008 when she joined her high school’s cross-country team. “Since then running has been in my life. I absolutely love it," gushes Cassandra. "I hope to run a half-marathon soon which is really exciting. Along with running I enjoy hiking and weight training!”

Cassandra gives PumpUp excellent tips about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle while dealing with the pressures of school. “In my first two years of college, I struggled with eating healthy and exercising. I am now going on my third year at my university and I can honestly  say I feel confident, ” Cassandra confides. “Once you find that balance, great things can happen.”

Her motto? “You are capable of much more than you owe yourself credit to. Keep going, stay strong, and prove them wrong." Well said, Cassandra!

Follow Cassandra on PumpUp and on Tumblr @losingitwithcassandra