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How Xanthy got healthy and recovered from heartbreak - PumpUp Spotlight


Xanthy (@xanthynauta) is an International Business student who made a healthy lifestyle her business after she was inspired to eat mindfully with the help of PumpUp. She gained confidence, recovered from heartbreak, and is stronger than ever. Learn about how the PumpUp community (and posts from members like @_harleyjade_) helped her along her journey!

From the age of 7 till the age of 16, Xanthy’s life revolved around Irish dancing—but when this stopped, she needed a way to get back on track. Xanthy won the Mainland European Champion title three times and trained almost every day to improve. To her dismay, due to financial difficulties, she was forced to quit Irish dancing and abandoned her active lifestyle as a consequence. “Over summer vacation I’d eat McDonalds a few times a week and drank way too much alcohol. Seeing myself in pictures at the age of 18 made me want to change and get rid of that awful feeling of being insecure,” recounts Xanthy.


In the 5 months before she started using PumpUp, Xanthy enrolled in a gym and worked out 4 times a week—without seeing palpable progress. “I had no clue about healthy eating habits until I started using PumpUp,” she insists.

Since she joined the app in April after her sister @cheyennenauta recommended it to her, Xanthy’s eating habits changed drastically. “Other PumpUp members gave me inspiration and a good image for how a healthy lifestyle should work,” she says. “I limit my calories to around 1200 a day: Oats or Greek Yogurt for breakfast, a small fruit snack, a small lunch (usually corn tortillas with chicken slices, a fibrous snack (often whole wheat bread with peanut butter), dinner cooked by my mom, and a high protein snack after I work out.”


Xanthy works out everyday but rests when she feels like her muscles need to recover. She thrives on having variety in her routine. “I love going to the gym, doing a T25 workout, an Insanity workout, or going for a run. Squats are my favourite!,” she says excitedly. 

Support from the PumpUp community helped Xanthy recover from a broken heart.  “It was my first real relationship in my life and it lasted 8.5 months,” she reveals. “[From the time that this was written], it has been 2 months since the break up and PumpUp and fitness helped me through it every single day.”

The gym was the first place she turned to on the day of the break up. “I was crying and walked out of the gym, very emotional. I needed one week for myself,” she elaborates. “After two months I finally feel happier than ever because of your support! Seeing posts from other PumpUp members and all of the nice and motivational things that people say here, this PumpUp community makes me feel loved! It’s a very important part of my life.”


Xanthy strongly stresses that PumpUp members should never compare their own progress with that of others. “Only compete with yourself,” she emphasizes. “Place one of your ‘before’ body shots in your room where you’d often see it. You will see that picture every day and you will be reminded why you started this [journey]!” As Xanthy continues to live an active lifestyle, she hopes to remain dedicated to her health, gain strength, and lose all of her insecurities. 

The greatest source of motivation for Xanthy is confidence. “It’s the best feeling in the world that every dedicated person deserves,” she says. Xanthy is extremely inspired by other members of the PumpUp community as well! “PumpUp member @_harleyjade_ is a strong lady who posts motivational things every day!”

Favourite Eats

“I love combining banana, peanut butter, and a little bit of dark chocolate in my oats. It’s my favourite thing for breakfast on weekends.”

Motivational mantra

“I am my only competitor.”

Favourite exercise routine

A complete body workout at the gym always makes me feel amazing!” 


More about Xanthy

“I’m studying International Business. I’m 19 years old (my healthy lifestyle started at April 2014 thanks to PumpUp! I’m feeling blessed with my amazing family, sharing all the sad and happy moments in my life with them. And yes I’m obsessed with my new lifestyle and the PumpUp app!” 

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