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These PumpUp members actually achieved the impossible

As thrilling (or laughably cliché) as the Mission: Impossible franchise is, it sets a nice tone to contour the rhythms of everyday life. Christopher Reeve mentioned that the attainment of dreams and goals comes in stages: at first it seems impossible, then improbable, but with enough will, they become inevitable. We’re showcasing the feats of PumpUp members who one-upped Tom Cruise: they accomplished what they never thought was possible before, without the help of stunt-doubles. 

PumpUp member @Ljt1973 quit smoking and ran 8 miles without stopping.

Strong self-confidence is an accomplishment in itself, and several members could not have achieved the impossible without motivation and support from the PumpUp community. For example, @tlspasaway confessed, “My PumpUp fam believed in me and most of all, they made me believe in myself. With all of the motivation and support, I indeed made my impossible possible.” Since joining the PumpUp community and working out, @bananasandbooty now has a positive body image and shared this incredible statement with us. “I never knew I could feel this good about myself. I have so much confidence… and I can plank for 4 minutes straight,” she said.  Similarly, @Emilie28 reveals that self-confidence changed her entire perspective. 

“[My achievement has been] to accept and love myself! I’ve been working and work out really hard. I said to myself: YES, you are beautiful and now, just live your life and never care again about what people think,” she revealed. 

PumpUp member @Emilie28 became self-confident.

With self-confidence, will, and support, there ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough for us. @Taraesmiley2014 started her weight loss journey 3 months ago and she told us that she’s in the best shape she has ever been in her life. 

“I could have never imagined myself 24 pounds lighter. A healthy lifestyle brought confidence and happiness for me. I’m finally learning to love myself and work hard to get even better. Thank you PumpUp.” 

We’re also very proud of @Tenibear for sharing this outstanding story: “My ‘I’m possible’ moment was birthing my youngest daughter. 100% drug free at home last December. I just trusted my body to know what to do, and I was my own biggest cheerleader at the end because my husband didn’t end up making it home”. 

Running is hard. It’s hard on your body. It’s hard without beautiful scenery. It’s hard: we get it. Despite these shortcomings, PumpUp member @trynkeepup took it up a notch by finishing his first Tough Mudder Race. “10 miles. 20+ obstacles. I was dying but I did it!” We also commend PumpUp member @eedgeu2mx, who mentioned,

“I used to be extra lazy. Today I can say I have ran 3 marathon races and I feel great!”

PumpUp member @trynkeepup finishing the Tough Mudder race.

Races aside, even smaller running achievements deserve major recognition. PumpUp member @fitandfabmary managed to transcend her own barriers and shares, “I once ran 30 minutes straight. I never thought I could do it! It was an amazing feeling.” Progress is progress, no matter how small, and we’re proud of @russiancanadian for her honesty and humour in admitting, “I ran/walked 10 km. I was slower than Internet Explorer, but I did it!”

Leaving old habits behind can dramatically increase opportunities for improving your health and fitness. We’re extremely proud of @Ljt1973, who said that “The first thing I did that I thought I couldn’t do is quit smoking almost four years ago. That opened all sorts of doors to other things I didn’t think I could ever do, like run 8 miles without stopping!”

PumpUp member @mdex climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Finally, we’re especially excited to highlight this anecdote from the always-positive @mdex. “Only a couple of years ago, I had pretty much given up on myself and was ready to become ‘old’. I used to ask my kids to help me up if I was sitting on the floor,” she stated. Since then, she’s become fitter by eating clean, exercising 5 days a week, and even climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge (it’s 137 metres above the water, and she’s afraid of heights!). “I never thought that I would be capable of doing something as thrilling as that. Now I’m planning to do the bridge climb in Brisbane,” she said.

“Never give up on yourself! I’m proof of the fact that you can always make positive changes to yourself and your life.”