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Need motivation to get fit? Here's how Alex found it - PumpUp Success Stories


Alex’s reason for joining PumpUp was simple: she wanted to find enough motivation to transform her lifestyle into a healthy one. As she began her journey, she wanted to learn from other likeminded individuals who were redefining the way they approached health and fitness. “PumpUp has definitely been a great part of the motivation that I needed to find,” she confessed. “The PumpUp family just amazes me. Everybody motivates each other and I still have yet to encounter a single negative comment.” Since August 2014, Alex has amassed thousands of supporters who constantly cheer her on.

Prior to PumpUp, Alex actually incorporated a considerable amount of activity into her routine. She’d workout four to five times a week—although the only type of exercise that she felt like performing was weightlifting. “I thought I could negate whatever I ate,” she shrugged. “I’d eat whatever I wanted: that includes greasy food, sweets, fast food, soda, you name it! I’d binge on fast food and get stuffed after lifting weights because I ‘deserved’ it. I was so wrong. I’d also skip meals—constantly using the excuse that I was ‘too busy’ to eat.”


Her relationship towards food and exercise became much more balanced, nurturing, and forgiving once she joined the PumpUp community. “I started buying healthy food, stopped drinking soda, started drinking way more water, and stopped skipping meals,” she confirmed. Alex eats every 2-3 hours: 3 meals with snacks in between each of them. “Since I started using PumpUp, I’ve lost over 14 pounds and I feel great,” she exclaimed. Alex diversified her exercise preferences thanks to the encouragement of her biggest supporters. “I fell in love with cardio, whether it’s on the treadmill or on the bicycle, I love it!”

For others learning to love themselves and accept themselves for who they are, Alex stresses the importance of finding motivation and courage from within. “You don’t find confidence when others start to ‘like’ you. You find confidence when you’re comfortable even if others don’t,”  she mused. “Stop caring about what other people think and be happy with who you are. With any change you want to make, be sure that you are doing it for yourself, and not to please others.”


As Alex continues along her journey with the PumpUp community, she hopes to get in the best shape of her life before she leaves for boot camp with the U.S. Navy. “I just enlisted this past January and I want to be in top form,” she offered. “My brother’s also an incredible source of motivation for me. He’s my gym partner and we push each other to try harder every day.”

Alex’s Meals

“My meals mostly consist on skinless chicken breasts or fish like tilapia and tuna. I add mushrooms, broccoli, mashed potatoes or a simple salad. My usual snacks include yogurt, granola bar, a cup of juice, a fruit or whole wheat crackers with Swiss cheese. My favourite snack is going to sound a little weird—but everyone should try it: it’s a banana with a slice of Swiss cheese wrapped around it. It’s SO good! I also love to prepare really simple banana pancakes: just two eggs for every banana and that’s it! Super easy, healthy, and delicious.”


Motivational Mantra

“My favorite motivational saying is “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”. It basically means, throw me into any situation and I will return victorious.”


More about Alex

This summer 2015 I’m going to be graduating college and I’ll finally have my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. After that, on August 2015, I’ll be going to Navy bootcamp and joining the nuclear power school. So excited with everything that’s up ahead!”

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How trauma from Yanê's past paved the path for a healthier future - PumpUp Success Stories

#LoveYourself and embrace your past, just as pumpupapp member @yalua did! Tired of having her weight fluctuate, Yanê began her journey with PumpUp to find a consistent source of motivation. She is a beacon of light who inspires thousands of people with her demeanour, her dedication, and her determination.

By learning from her past, she has made leaps and bounds towards a healthier future. A brutal accident galvanized Yanê to truly focus on her wellbeing.  “After my accident, my vertebrae shifted and my ribs were blocked—I couldn’t breathe for at least 40 seconds,” she recounted. “I had a lot of therapy with a chiropractor, but working out and building muscle helped me to recover the most. From time to time, the back pain returns but PumpUp helped me to push through the pain and overcome this.” As a victim of violence during her adolescence, Yanê also revealed that she struggled to find motivation due to the mental trauma of her past. “I often felt like I wasn’t good enough—like I would never look the way I wanted,” she lamented. “Once again, PumpUp helped me immensely when people started commenting, ‘We miss you!’ or ‘You are my inspiration!’”


Yane’s weight fluctuated before she began to embrace a healthy lifestyle

Prior to PumpUp, Yanê also had a different perspective towards healthy food and moderation. “I didn’t eat much—I was really thin,” she admitted. “I ate a lot of take-out food as well. PumpUp became my favourite app ever!  I now make sure that I always eat as healthy as possible, and a big healthy breakfast became very important to me because it gives me the energy I need to have a great and active day.” Good nutrition and balance are essential components of Yanê ‘s current lifestyle. “It’s more important than exercise—but don’t beat yourself up if you skip a healthy meal or eat something sweet,” she advised. “I don’t ever restrict myself, because I’d end up craving for unhealthy food that much more. I allow myself to eat a little bit of chocolate once in awhile.”

The PumpUp community encouraged Yanê to incorporate a lot more activity into her routine. The frequency of her workouts increased from 1-3 times a week to 4-6 times a week. This particularly helped her cope with academic stress. “Working out was like therapy: I could release all of my stress after sitting around studying all day,” she explained. “Now, I go to salsa 2 times every week—sometimes more—and either work out at the gym or do exercises at home. I do up to 30 minutes of cardio and up to 2 hours of heavy weightlifting at the gym, mostly focusing on my legs, back and abs.”

Motivation from PumpUp helped Yanê to change her mentality about her fitness. “Everything starts in your mind, so if you want to lead a more active lifestyle you should find motivation – like people on the PumpUp community or pants that you want to fit into again,” she counselled. ”Consistency, dedication, and the courage to step out of your comfort zone are very important. Just don’t be too hard on yourself: workouts should be fun!”

Owing to the overwhelming support and encouragement from the PumpUp community, Yanê began her studies to become a fitness instructor. “On PumpUp, positivity is everywhere—it’s what I love the most!” she gushed. “I want to motivate others to be healthy and to help them see that a healthy lifestyle can also be a positive and fun one. This is why PumpUp motivated me to become a personal fitness instructor and to spread positivity—nowadays it’s rare to find.” As Yanê strives for her absolute dream body, she’ll be turning to PumpUp as a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

Yanês Motivators

Lots of fit women motivate me, especially Michelle Lewin. I absolutely love her and her precious behind. My family members are also a source of motivation for me. My dad is a drug addict—that’s how I know what unhealthy living can lead to.  I also want to be a role model for my little cousin, to teach her how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I most of all aspire to make my mother proud! She’s motivated by my new lifestyle (I even got her to do an activity with me and shared about it on PumpUp!) Finally, my followers on PumpUp keep me motivated with all the love and support that they give me. I want to make sure that I stay healthy for them, so that they aren’t disappointed.”

Yanê’s Eats

“My favourite snacks are fruits and veggies—especially tropic fruits and carrots with mustard. It doesn’t sound so yummy—but I love it. I absolutely adore eating peanut butter with bananas! I love to drink self-made lemon ginger juice as well! Find the recipe here. My favourite meal is traditional Brazilian chicken with rice and manioc. My favourite breakfast is cooked oats with warm raspberries!”

Motivational Mantras

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up – Nelson Mandela

Whenever I feel bad, I use the feeling to motivate me to work harder. I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself—Beyoncé

Favourite Exercises

“I generally love all the exercises PumpUp creates! They are so much fun! My daily routine is: 100 squats, 10 pushups, 50 sit-ups, and self-invented pilates inspired exercises to tone my core and train my balance. I do intensive salsa lessons because I want to make it into the salsa show group!”

More about Yanê

My name is Yanê Ferreira de Souza. I am half Brazilian and half Swiss. I live in Switzerland. I am studying pop music. My biggest dream is to become a professional pop singer! I am the absolute BIGGEST BEYONCÉ FAN EVER you’ll ever meet! She is also one of my biggest inspiration/motivation.

I grew up in a artistic family, which explains why I also love to draw and play the piano.

My friends call me the crazy Brazilian. I had to go through a lot, but I learned to deal with all of it (the Beyoncé quote I mentioned helps me a LOT). I smile all the time and I am a very lively and happy person.

Probably because I went through so much I want people to be happy, I want people to move on with the negative thoughts and try their best to make themselves happy. And if I can help them with my posts, thoughts, and this blog, I’d be the happiest person in this world!”

Keep Yanê pumped on the pumpupapp @yalua and on Instagram @yaneluar!

The friendliest personal trainer you'll ever meet - PumpUp Success Stories


Have you ever sought advice from a friendly personal trainer but didn’t know where to start? Meet PumpUp member Lee (@rocsolid_626). He joined PumpUp in July 2014, in search of a niche community tailored to his intense interest in health and fitness. “It was a perfect fit,” he enthused. “Fitness is an obsession for me.”  

As a personal trainer, he has been using the app to motivate his clients, create personalized conditioning exercises, and inspire others with recipes and top-notch advice. “I’ve always enjoyed sports and I work out daily because of my occupation as a personal trainer,” he mused. “By using PumpUp, I’ve helped others reach their fitness goals—and not just my clients. Watching others go through complete transformations (just as I did) inspires me like no other. If I can prevent somebody from experiencing health issues later on in the future, then I’m doing great work.” His weight fluctuated a lot throughout his journey. Lee began at 135 lbs, peaked at 206 lbs, and has since maintained a weight of 200 lbs with 9% body fat. 


Lee mentioned how hard it was for him to find a continuous source of motivation along his health and fitness journey. PumpUp allowed him to keep tabs of his progress along the way.  “I’m inspired by everybody who works hard on PumpUp because a lot of folks won’t even try!” he professed. “On PumpUp, I’m able to post recipes, workouts, fitness tips, and more. I hope that at least one person can benefit from any of my posts.” 

His best advice for those looking to lead a more active lifestyle is to be persistent about your goals. “You can workout every day and work out until you can’t move another muscle, but I guarantee that if you don’t eat proper meals, your fitness goals won’t last,” he counselled. Meal prep has been a crucial part of Lee’s success. He frequently struggles to fight the temptation of indulging in fast food. “That’s why meal prep leaves you no excuses. I still battle with being lazy, and forcing myself to work out because I know that if you take just a few days off, those days can turn into weeks upon weeks. All of your hard work will go down the drain. Every post on PumpUp motivates me. Once I see a post, it drives me to get my work done.”


Lee is a strong advocate for having a positive mentality when it comes to health and fitness. “It takes years for procrastinators to get started, but it takes seconds for winners to get started,” he mused. “Little by little, once the results show value, then you start to enjoy your work ethic. You will be treated with the same respect that you put in yourself.” For Lee, working out goes beyond aesthetics. A core tenant for him is exercising to improve his physical and mental health, and to feel comfortable in his own skin. “I’m always posting photos with my shirt off, but staying fit to me is beyond being topless,” he mentioned. “Through PumpUp I learned that it’s all about being confident within yourself.”

For Lee, PumpUp is more than just a fitness community. It’s a place where others can feel comfortable to share and support each other as they endure struggles and celebrate success. “It’s a blessing to be a part of a movement like PumpUp,” he mentioned. “Strive for your fitness goals! Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, or ‘tone’—I notice. PumpUp members such as @tweetii, @_harleyjade_ and @_marieta_, and everybody else on the app have become like family to me. PumpUp is so welcoming when it comes to feeling uncomfortable with yourself. It’s a great place to be if you’re struggling with bad habits that you fight daily.”


Lee’s Biggest Motivation

“My biggest motivation is myself, because I’m the only one that has the power to give me that push.”

Lee’s Eats
“I love aloe drinks and eating oatmeal with bananas. It’s pretty simple!”

Motivational Mantra
“This quote from Will Smith: ‘There are two types of people in this world. There are hammers and there are nails. You decide which one you want to be.’”

Favourite Workout Routine

“I like the circuit training exercises that PumpUp has, as well as the demonstrations that accompany each workout!”


Fun Fact about Lee
“I am fun and outgoing! I love to try new workouts. I am Crossfit certified and I have an intense passion for fitness”

Follow Lee on the pumpupapp @rocsolid_626 and keep him pumped! 

How Kristi's New Year's Resolution Became A Lifestyle Change - PumpUp Spotlight Series


Arms like those of PumpUp member @kayleefit31 weren’t built in a day. After nine months of hard work and dedication, Kristi achieved her goal weight with the help and support of the PumpUp community! Learn about how this adventurous and incredibly dedicated mother transformed her life in the best way possible with one simple resolution.

Kristi joined the PumpUp community in search of motivation as she embarked upon her health and wellness journey at the start of the New Year in 2014. “I was tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle and I wanted to see if change was actually possible,” she explains. For her, change wasn’t only possible—it became a lifestyle that she chose to maintain. 


Since she started using PumpUp, Kristi incorporates more activity and healthier eating habits into her routine. “Before PumpUp, I performed no exercise, I ate any and everything, and I was extremely lazy,” she reveals. “My average day would consist of work, eating, playing with my son, and sleeping. I skipped breakfast most of the time and did no exercise whatsoever.” Breakfast is now a staple for Kristi, who now works out 5 days a week despite her busy schedule and eats 6 small meals a day to keep her metabolism high. “In the morning I do a quick 15 minute workout, go to work, and try to get in a half-mile walk on my lunch break. I come home, workout for 30 minutes, and then I eat a healthy dinner,” she elaborates.

Kristi’s dedication to her exercise routine and mindful meals culminated in her reaching her goal weight—all within the span of nine months! Moving forward, she plans to maintain her current lifestyle and gain more muscle by increasing her calorie intake as she concurrently hits it hard at the gym.  “I have accomplished so much with this app. I am now always motivated to do some type of exercise every day,” she states proudly. “I have never been so excited to work out and hit the gym! On the days I am not able to work out, my body does not feel right.”


What is truly admirable about Kristi’s transformation is that she has been able to overcome obstacles such as post-partum depression and eating disorders by surrounding herself with positive people and by learning to holistically enhance her wellbeing. As her story demonstrates, there isn’t a quick or easy solution to beginning and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Rather, it is a product of perseverance and hard work. “Never give up. Keep pushing yourself. Don’t stop until you have the body you want,” says Kristi. “Even when you do have the body you dreamed for, keep going. Once you see results it becomes addictive.”


The fuel that feeds Kristi’s passion for health and wellness is her own awe-inspiring transformation, as well as the support she receives from the PumpUp community. “If it were not for my progress and the progress and motivation of other PumpUp members, I would have never been able to stay dedicated to exercising and eating right,” she confirms.

Favourite Snack

“Peanut butter, bananas, and honey on wheat bread. I thought that it was going to be gross, but it was actually good and very filling.”

Motivational Mantra

“Stop wishing and start doing.

Favourite Exercise

“Squats, weights, lunges, and sometimes burpees. To stay active, I normally do a workout that PumpUp has designed for me because it’s hard to get to the gym during the week.”



More about Kristi

“I love trying new things. If someone asked me to go skydiving, I would not hesitate in doing so. Life is short so I love to live to the fullest.”


Follow Kristi on Instagram and PumpUp @kayleefit31 to pump her up along her journey!