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Why you should dare to believe in yourself

Why you should dare to believe in yourself


Do your nerves become tangled in a panic when somebody challenges you to a dare? When the words "I dare you" are uttered, you have a decision to make. Whether you choose to take up the dare or not, your outcome will be positive or negative. How do you normally respond to a dare? What determines your outcome? What will your outcome be? I dare you to believe in yourself. Here's one option. When you choose not to believe in yourself, you might collapse under pressure whenever you don't accomplish a goal. It will overwhelm you mentally, affecting every physical component of your workout.  If you don’t believe that you can overcome any situation or achieve a goal, negative self-talk will drain your drive to succeed. The positive thing is that you can dare to believe in yourself instead.

Here's what happens when you do believe in yourself. Everything will come full circle (and in ways you could never have imagined).  You'll approach life with an extra intensity and the rewards will multiply. You can actively refute critics who don't believe in your dreams. You'll allow your self-belief to carry you through every workout and every healthy decision. Barriers that stood in the way of prosperity and your destiny are now at your feet experiencing their harsh demise.

I dare you to believe. Believe that you can do whatever it is you put your heart to. I dare you to believe that you are worth more than money can buy.  I dare you to believe that your life is worth living for and fighting for. I dare you to believe that now is the time for change in your life. I dare you to believe you can remove obstacles in your life to get to the peace and success that is awaits you. Dare to believe. I dare you.

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! Did you dare to believe in yourself today? Let us know in the comments below!

Lack motivation? Learn how to control the situation

Lack motivation? Learn how to control the situation


Sometimes we try to control things that we don’t have any power over. This can overwhelm us with feelings of disappointment, causing us to act out of character.  Everybody responds differently to a loss of control. Learning about our triggers can help us to pinpoint the mechanisms of our discomfort and our loss of motivation. In my experience, the people who have control over you don’t realize how much they influence your behaviour. When somebody shares a strong remark with you, the phrase may still resonate with you years into the future. While they probably forgot about the whole event, it might still be tearing you down. You will bring exactly what they said to light and eventually assume that identity.


This is why a positive fitness community is so important.  If you're in a fitness environment full of doubters who watch, stare, and judge your every action, it'll influence your behaviour. Instead of powering through your workout, you lose focus and become concerned about the negative energy around you. The burning sweat that you bring to the gym will transform into a cold chill of worry, anger and frustration. In reality, none of this is happening.


I am here to tell you that the control is yours. Feel the way you want to feel, no matter what anyone says. You have the control to pick yourself up, dust the negativity off, and get back in the game. Nobody else has the right to control your emotions. You earn your progress. You live your progress. You have the ability to control your the emotions that stem from your progress. Control is yours for the taking, if you choose to accept it.

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! How did you take control of your emotions today? Let us know in the comments below!

The truth about hard work : why the payoff doesn't happen immediately

The truth about hard work : why the payoff doesn't happen immediately


“Go hard or go home” is a saying we hear all the time in our society. This can stem from a sports player who is not giving 100% while in the game. This can be an employee who is getting paid to do a full time job but chooses to do less than average work. People will often mention that they want to live a healthier life, but find a way to avoid every opportunity that comes their way. The reason why the phrase “hard work pays off” is so difficult to achieve is because we expect the end result to happen almost immediately. Anything that we want to sustain as a lifestyle change takes time. It takes trial and error, a process that we try over and over until we master it. Getting it right the first time normally never happens, but during the times that we try to get it right, we find things that we were doing wrong and work to correct them. We learn not to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result.

What does working hard mean for you? What it does is that it provides an opportunity to achieve anything your heart desires. The goal of a better and healthier life becomes more of a reality. The light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter and closer. The doors that were normally closed are now opening little by little. The workout that we once dreaded is now one of the highlights of our day. The body that you never thought you could have is now one of the bodies that everyone around you wants answers about.

The things you stand to gain from working hard are not only things that will be noticeable by people outside of your circle— most obviously physical transformations—but you'll also stand to benefit from a transformation of the heart. You'll notice how hard your drive and passion come in to play as you work toward your goals, and that's something to be proud of. This is something no one can ever take away from you. This is something that was not just handed to you, because it was earned by you.

Hard work takes dedication. Hard work takes commitment. Hard work takes a support team. Hard work takes time.  When all of these come together, we get the one thing that comes with hard work: rewards.

This post about why hard work brings rewards was written by PumpUp member @inspiredone.