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How Amanda Triumphed Over Anorexia, Bulimia, and Menière's Disease

How Amanda Triumphed Over Anorexia, Bulimia, and Menière's Disease

For years, Amanda had a difficult time thinking about food as fuel. She battled with both anorexia and bulimia at the same time. "I had a surgery, I was just really down about myself, and I took it out on my body," she recalled. "Once I started eating and it all became bingeing, I knew I had to make a change. That was when I really got into working out." It has been two and a half years since Amanda healed from her eating disorders. Moderation was the key to her success. 

Ask an Athlete: An Interview with U.S. Gymnast Jake Dalton

Ask an Athlete: An Interview with U.S. Gymnast Jake Dalton

Not a fan of setbacks? U.S. Olympic Gymnast and four-time World medalist Jake Dalton experienced his fair share of them. After withdrawing from the 2015 P&G Championships due to a shoulder tear, Jake plans to come out on top with a vengeance. He hasn't stopped exercising, either. Jake announced that he'll be sharing his workout routines on PumpUp (@jdalton775) over the next few weeks. PumpUp chatted with Jake about training, motivation, and maintaining a positive mindset while on the road to recovery.

How popular Brazilian Instagrammer Jade Picon stays healthy with PumpUp

How popular Brazilian Instagrammer Jade Picon stays healthy with PumpUp


Jade Picon is a Brazilian teenager whose captivating Instagram page garnered a great deal of attention over the last year.  Though her star rose modestly on other social media platforms, it skyrocketed on PumpUp. Jade joined PumpUp in August 2014 and used the app to keep track of her health and fitness goals.  She since amassed a massive following of over 10,000 members, many of whom look up to her as a role model. PumpUp's positive fitness community gives Jade the motivation to stay physically and mentally fit. In turn, she inspires others with her healthy and active lifestyle. PumpUp caught up with Jade to chat about how she maintains healthy habits and a healthy sense of self esteem. How popular Brazilian instagrammer Jade Picon stays healthy // PumpUp Blog

Before Jade began her journey with PumpUp, her friends sparked her initial interest in health and fitness.  "My friends lived such healthy lives and they always told me things like, 'Jade, you should start eating healthy and exercising'," she explained. Jade became more conscious about her lifestyle choices after she joined the PumpUp community. She strongly relies on a strong support system in order to stay organized and motivated. "My goal is to stay healthy," she insisted. "I don't want to lose weight, nor gain weight. PumpUp helped me to live a healthier life." Because Jade had to keep pace with a hectic school and work schedule, it was awfully difficult for her to take care of her body. "The greatest challenge that I faced in my health journey was definitely time," she lamented. "I couldn't find the time to be active. There were so many things I had to do! To solve this problem, I started to make lists so that I could organize my life according to smaller tasks." 

How popular Brazilian instagrammer Jade Picon stays healthy // PumpUp Blog

Although Jade is constantly working on different projects, she assured that it is possible to stay healthy in spite of a busy schedule. "It was really hard at first," she shared. "But to be healthy, you need to exercise and eat well. A nutritionist helped me with my diet. After that, I just needed to organize my schedule so that I could find the time to work out. I love how easy it is to stay healthy with PumpUp."

Now that Jade is on vacation from school, she has more time to focus on her wellbeing. "Every day, I wake up at 9 am to exercise," she elaborated. "Working out is a great way to start my day. Another important factor is my diet. I have a schedule that tells me what I have to eat every day. Of course, I drink a lot of water." Her best advice for others who hope to live a more active lifestyle is to focus on eating healthy, exercising regularly, and to love your body as it is. "I maintain a healthy sense of self-esteem by loving myself first," she counselled. "When I'm having a bad day, I don't take pictures of myself and I look at my good pictures instead."

How popular Brazilian instagrammer Jade Picon stays healthy // PumpUp Blog

Jade's biggest motivation

My biggest motivation is Alessandra Ambrosio, a Brazilian top model! She has an incredibly healthy lifestyle!

Fun facts about Jade

My favorite sport is skateboarding and I love Japanese food!

Find out more about Jade Picon on her PumpUp page @jadepicon and on her Instagram! Motivate her with positive words of encouragement in the comments below!

How Erin beat PCOS, lost 4 dress sizes, and became more motivated than ever - PumpUp Success Stories

How Erin beat PCOS, lost 4 dress sizes, and became more motivated than ever - PumpUp Success Stories


At just 16 years old, Erin was diagnosed with a condition that would change her life. "I was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time," she recounted. "I was depressed, hated the way I looked. I was a size 24 and very overweight." A few flights of stairs would make Erin feel breathless. She'd also avoid certain social situations because of her weight. "My sister-in-law started to train with my boyfriend and she lost a ton of weight, which really motivated me to get better," she remembered fondly. "My symptoms of PCOS are now a lot better."     When Erin joined PumpUp, she was 12 pounds down and one year into her weight-loss journey, but lacked the motivation to overcome her plateau.  "I was not motivated at all," she insisted. "I would work hard in the gym but never stuck to my diet any longer than two weeks. I would always go off course and felt so down and disappointed." Not only did her snacks often consist of chocolate or chips, Erin would reward herself with takeout food for dinner after intense workouts. "I was weight training 3-4 times a week but wasn't pushing myself at all," she remembered. "I didn't set any goals." 

Thanks to PumpUp, Erin was able to overcome her plateau, beat PCOS for good, and make more progress than she ever could have dreamed. "I honestly think I would have quit my journey if it wasn't for PumpUp," Erin affirmed. "I now workout 5 times a week and log all of my exercises on the app. It's a good way to keep track of my progress." What's more, Erin adopted far better eating habits, eating junk food only in moderation. "Everyone is so motivating and helpful on the app and nobody is there to judge you!" she gushed. "I love it."

Erin is 25 pounds and 4 dress sizes down and inspires thousands of members on the app with every post. "I would love to just motivate others," she said warmly. "It would be the best feeling to know that I have helped somebody. Compared to other peoples' stories, [my weight loss] is not a lot, but it's something to me. Hopefully it's enough for anybody to approach me about anything." Her best advice for others struggling with their personal health struggles is to persist, regardless of circumstance. "Always look back on old pictures, do not depend solely on the scale, and try to be positive," she urged. "It's hard but always remember that you are one day closer to your goal than you were yesterday."
Biggest Motivator
"My old self. I try and better myself all the time and my boyfriend is very motivating! He has been with me since the start and he also trains me in the gym so I get a boyfriend and a personal trainer all in one. Dana Lynn Bailey is also a big role model to me, she's amazing!"

Motivational Mantra
It's one I actually tell myself and my boyfriend whenever we don't want to eat healthy or don't want to go the gym. It's short, simple and to the point. "You will not succeed if you give up" I have come so far but I have a long way to go and giving up will not make me reach my goals.
Erin's exercise routine
I stay active doing weightlifting.  I now enjoy going the gym and working out! At first I was not keen on weightlifting, but I've dropped pounds, lost inches and dress sizes from lifting weights. For example I can push 365kg for a set on leg press and my legs have never been as small and defined as they are now! I love being stronger mentally and physically. My body has changed so much and I know I don't have a six pack or a flat stomach, I don't have amazing legs, arms, back etc., but I will get there. Girls, do not be afraid to lift weights!! 

More about Erin
I would love to become either a make up artist or when I get fit enough a personal trainer. I think I have the knowledge now to become a PT, however I know you have to have a certain look. Hopefully in the next couple of years I'll be a lot smaller and I can have the image to go with my knowledge. I'll share my story and help others. 
Keep Erin pumped on the app @erinjlane and motivate her as she strives to March to her dream and reach all of her goals! Struggling to beat PCOS? Have questions for Erin? Comment below?

Spotlight Series: Akvile A.

She’s a gymnast, a diver, and a member whose presence in the PumpUp community is difficult to miss. She radiates positivity, and lives by the mantra: “You are the creator of your own destiny.” Can you guess who our Wednesday Spotlight is? (Hint: it’s @akvile!)


There’s a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this was partially true in Akvile’s case. Due to stress, inactivity, and forlorn feelings of isolation during a home-stay exchange program in Spain, Akvile gained fifteen pounds in the three months that she was there.  “I was placed with a family where people didn’t care about me and didn’t talk to me, so I was stressed almost all the time,” she explains. “Even though I wasn’t eating a lot and walked long distances, ran, danced, and exercised because there wasn’t much else to do… I gained so much weight and so little muscle.” It was difficult for her to adjust to this physical transformation when she arrived at home. “I was even more stressed out because everyone mentioned that I changed a lot,” she admits. “I said to myself: ‘It is time to work out a little harder.”

Since then, she sings praises about how her resolution to exercise became the best decision of her life. It wasn’t without challenges, as her weight fluctuated a bit after that fateful summer. “I was naturally quite skinny before Spain, but [when I began to exercise after], I lost 24 lbs in 4 months,” she explains. Akvile began by eating very small portions and engaging in intense cardio exercises: hour-long cycling sessions, long-distance running, and more.  “I burned more calories than I ate!” she exclaims. “I was underweight—almost anorexic. [Now], I am so happy to say that I have found the right weight.”


Akvile attributes the bulk of her success to weight lifting, working out 3-4 times a week, and being mindful of what she eats. She joined the PumpUp family three months ago in pursuit of motivation to work out harder. “I thought, here I could find people who are dreaming about the same things. They will push me to work out harder and won’t let me give up!” affirms Akvile. 

For PumpUp members looking to become more active, Akvile advises that we should never complain about not having enough time. “You are reading this post, after all, which means you have free time,” says Akvile. “As you become active you will feel stronger, healthier, and happier! I know from experience. The beginning is always hard but as long as you stay strong and motivated, you will reach your goal!” She counsels us to start modestly and slowly, for example by gradually increasing the distance and/or pace of our runs. 


As Akvile continues to inspire others on PumpUp, she aspires to motivate them to reach their goals. “I just really want to help others because I know how important motivation can be!” she professes. “I already have so many followers who make my day with their amazing comments and positivity! Here, I have found so much positivity and happiness.” She admits that she also feels like a role model for a lot of people on PumpUp. “It forces me not to skip my workout, because I can share it with my second family,” she warmly smiles. 

Her biggest motivation is seeing her own results, because it provides purpose to any residual soreness she feels when she exercises. “Strive for progress, not perfection,” she states. “We have different types of bodies and striving to look like somebody with a thigh gap when you have narrow hips could destroy you!” Akvile also looks up to Pamela Rf and confesses, “She is the one that I would change my body into, if it could be possible!” 


Favourite Food and Drink

My favourite snacks are nuts, peaches and cheese (I love cheese!)

Meals: Chicken with rise and pineapples, whole meal bread with peanut butter and banana! Drink: kefir!! Cold water and green tea with honey

Motivational Mantra

You are the creator of your own destiny! Excuses don’t burn calories.

Akvile’s workout routine (ABC):

• 25 crunches holding 5 Kg(3 reps)
• 15x2 side bends holding 15-17 Kg(3 reps)
• 15 leg raises(3 reps)

20 simple squats - 3 reps
15 squats with 15 Kg - 3 reps
15 donkey kicks with 2,5 Kg weight - 3 reps for each leg
15 fire hydrant - 3 reps each leg
50-100 bridges

Cardio: Running, walking long distances, jogging, cycling, dancing and etc.

Abs: Monday, Thursday; Butt: Tuesday, Friday; Cardio: Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday.

Akvile’s Cold Soup Recipe

2 cucumbers
50 grams of dill
100 g of onions
2 eggs
500 g kefir
1/2 cup sour cream
100 g red beets


Mix kefir with salt, put cut into strips red beets, cut onions and all other ingredients and mix it! Put a sour cream on the top and enjoy it with a boiled potatoes!  

It is really tasty and refreshing! Bon appetite!

More about Akvile

I am a gymnast! I used to have gymnastics lessons when I was 7, but I had to quit it because of illness. However, I still can do everything the same way that I could11 years ago and have been able to accomplish even more by teaching myself :) I just love it and try to do my best!
Also, I love photography! Every time I feel sad or just bored, I take pictures of a nature! I walk, breathe fresh air and take amazing pictures!
These year I began diving! So far, I’ve received my “Advanced Open Water Diver” licence, which is just unbelievable for me! I am looking forward to go to Egypt during my autumn holidays to dive there!
I love dancing and singing! Actually, I was always dreaming about becoming a famous singer, but I realized that I wouldn’t live life as I wanted as being a singer.

Interesting facts

I am wearing braces (that is why I don’t smile in pictures :D), I never do what others tell (I find it so annoying! ), I am caramel ice cream maniac ( I eat it everyday, I just can’t handle it! ) I love when people smile at me!

Follow Akvile on PumpUp @akvile and on Instagram @elivkaaa