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#MyResolution Day 10: PumpUp’s Favourite Tuck Jumps

We aren’t going to lie: tuck jumps are very hard to capture in a photo. Luckily, several courageous PumpUp warriors stepped up to the challenge and performed wonderfully.  Here are our favourite tuck jump photos from the #MyResolution Photo Challenge.

Check out the full photo challenge here


@paigewagey and @pameladiazfc’s amazing #PumpUpSwag photos win them both tanks this week! Thanks for participating!
@paigewagey is pictured above: “The ocean and sky together make such a beautiful wonder wall. One of my favourite things to do is to paddle out on a flat day, float, and reflect.”
Check out @pameladiazfc’s PumpUp profile for her photo: Tricep Dips with her feet on a stability ball, and a 25lb plate on her lap!