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Ever owned pants that you've always wanted to fit into again? Learn how Katie did so in 2014 - PumpUp Success Story


Never to be seen without her clever workout shirts (“Gundalf the Grey”, anybody?), her fantastic smile, and her positive attitude, @KatieLovesFitness takes the PumpUp spotlight today with an incredibly inspiring story about how she was able to achieve more than she could ever have hoped for in 2014 with the support of the PumpUp community. 

There’s a song that muses about how sometimes, life gets in the way of ‘living’. This rang true for Katie before she began her journey with the PumpUp. Although her lifestyle had always been healthy and active in general, stress and pressure from college have made it very difficult for her to remain healthy and active. “Last semester, I studied abroad in Germany. That’s when I really lost it with my weight,” she explained. “I ate whatever I wanted and exercised very little. It’s easy to get off track—once you start to gain weight and continue to gain weight, it’s hard to stop.”



With one snap decision and a lot of determination, Katie managed to get back into the rhythm of leading a holistically healthy routine with the help of the PumpUp community. “It’s never too late to set a new goal or to dream a new dream, and this summer I really decided to start living a healthy lifestyle again,” she elaborated. “PumpUp helped me stay on track so much. If I hadn’t been taking pictures along the way, I probably would have never noticed any change. I think this was my biggest problem in the past.”  Her resolution for the end of 2014 was specific and tangible: to fit into a specific pair of jeans that she wasn’t able to wear in nearly 4 years. “Now they’re getting big—I honestly didn’t think my body could be smaller than that,” Katie confessed. “I’m being healthy and that’s all that really matters to me.” 2014 was a major year of progress for her and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. Katie began to lift heavier weights towards the end of December and even managed to beat her personal record—clocking in a squat of over 100 lbs.


Katie’s 15-pound weight loss is a brush stroke in the broader scheme of her transformation. She is most thrilled by the happiness and renewed sense of confidence that she gained with the support of her friends on PumpUp. “I am beyond grateful for this app and fitness community,” Katie insisted. “[Everybody] is so encouraging that it makes me keep trying to strive for more. I want to inspire people, and I would not be able to do so as directly without PumpUp.” 

She emphasizes how being part of PumpUp really is a team effort. “Whenever I don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy, I check PumpUp to see how everybody else in the community is doing and how they are fighting against their struggles,” she said. “This motivates me to keep going because I feel like I’m not alone in this struggle.” Katie underscores important, albeit difficult, it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and she’s glad to have other people on the app who understand her perspective wholeheartedly.  


Favourite Healthy Snack

Non-fat Greek yogurt with vanilla!”

Motivational Mantra

I don’t train every day because I hate my body. I do it because I love my body.”

Fun Fact about Katie

I speak English and some German!” 


Katie truly is a PumpUp success story! Follow her squatting and weightlifting adventures on the PumpUp app @katielovesfitness!