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This video shows that it's okay to fail

This video demonstrates that it’s okay to fail

We’re doing Workout Wednesday a little differently in light of our December theme: Spreading Positivity. PumpUp member @jenac demonstrates that it is okay to fall and fail in this video. “Yes, you may laugh. I don’t mind,” she shrugged. “After completely falling on my [butt], I laughed too.” 

Many times we do fall. Both videos and pictures may seem perfect when the final version is edited, polished, and published. In reality, it takes a few tries before anybody can achieve the ‘perfect form’ or take the ‘perfect picture’. “I’m human, I can only try my best and HOPE that I don’t fall flat on my face. But if I do fall, I’m never worried. It’s all a part of learning,” said Jen. 

It’s natural to feel discouraged when our first attempt at anything fails to meet our expectations. “That’s when you need to take a step back and look how far you’ve come,” explains Jen. “I did fall after this video, but I continued and beat my personal record by adding another plastic frame! Push yourself and strive for greatness. You already have it in you.”

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