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8 reasons why PumpUp members would make the best superheroes

We’re home to our very own league of legends. People on PumpUp do extraordinary things every day, and we’re honouring that by showcasing the superpowers you’d like to have. Your answers and actions make you kind, smart, and important.

you is kind you is smart pumpupblog

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They have the superpower of kindness

“Just remember how easy it is to make someone’s day with a simple compliment,” says @tricky. This galvanized other members to share other inspiring superpowers they wish they had.

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They have the superpower of compassion

“That kindness comment got me thinking, and I would probably want to be able to make food out of thin air,” replied @julianandres96. “Not for me but because I can’t stand to think of all the children and even adults who don’t know where their next meal comes from.”

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They have the most positive voices in the world

Wouldn’t it be cool to have sonar-like vocal chords that would vanquish all the negativity on the planet? “My superpower would be to have the most beautiful voice in the world that fills everyone’s heart with so much love that all the negativity in the world disappears for good,” said @seliva. Sign us up now.

karen o they don't love you like i love you pumpupblog

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They have the superpower of happiness

“I want to make everyone happy regardless of the state the are in,” shared @melissasasa. Her happiness is, in turn, contagious. “I strongly feel that happiness is the best thing anyone can have in the world, so being able to give happiness is just powerful. Happiness just keeps us moving no matter how tough life gets,” she continued.

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They recognize that ordinary heroes are extraordinary

“The heroes in my eyes are those that give back to society and impact so many people’s lives. You don’t need to be special to be able to make someone’s life better,” opined @melissasa. “Anyone can spread the love and happiness through the simplest ways. Even though some of those people don’t get noticed and are not portrayed glamorously, they are the ones that make the biggest impact in the world. That’s so powerful to me.”

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They’d heal you

“If I had a superpower I’d want it to be the power to heal,” says @mjmartinez86. “I do try my best in what I can everyday through kindness, positivity, gentle words, and encouragement. But I really wish that I had the superpower to heal terminal illnesses—particularly cancer.”

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They’d be great at multitasking

It’d be great to have Hermione’s time-turner from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but it’d be better if we could stop time ourselves. @krysfit agreed wholeheartedly and explained, “That way I can get my homework done, ace my classes, go to the gym, AND get a solid night of sleep every night!”

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They’d achieve ALL their goals

Benjamin Button got the short end of the stick in our opinion. @brandonskornia has a better alternative, explaining that “My superpower would be eternal life without aging. That way, no matter what my goals are, I’d always have time to achieve them and live to do everything I want to accomplish.”


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Thank you for taking the time to answer our superpower question! You deserve them all.

7 Problems That Active People Know To Be True—and How To Solve Them

We’ve got (less than) 99 problems and being active ain’t one.

Being healthy and active isn’t always easy, but it isn’t our fault.

Take food, for example. Humans have a survival mechanism that makes our taste buds genetically predisposed to crave foods that are higher in fat and calories.   This can make healthy habits hard to form, but it isn’t impossible.  Small and gradual changes can eventually become habits—whether it’s increasing our jogging distance by a little bit every week to slowly substituting fruits for sugary sweets. 

Maintaining a balanced and active lifestyle has rewards that extend beyond health and longevity. We become more confident, more energized, and more self-aware, in addition to many other things. We are all striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle for different reasons.  Remember those reasons, and push through these #healthypersonproblems!

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Getting a leg cramp during the last mile of your run

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To ease yourself through a cramp, stretch your muscles very gently. Hold the stretch and relax, building up the amount of time you remain in the stretch until your cramp passes. Remember to do active stretching before you run or do any vigorous form of exercise and cool down stretches after to help minimize cramping. Drink plenty of water and avoid salty food prior to a workout, as dehydration may lead to muscle spasms.

Being too sore to work out the next day

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Dial it down to prevent further injury. Muscle fibres tear during exercise and take up to four days to become stronger.  

When somebody at the gym takes the machine you want to use

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Finding it hard to cinch a machine at the gym? Try getting up early: there will likely be less people up and at it in the morning. If the cardio machines at your gym are always occupied, take your run outside, weather permitting! 


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The average person has 2 million sweat glands in their body—it’s normal! If sweat gets in your eyes, wear a headband to mop it up.  For those who sweat heavily, invest in active-dry exercise clothing and remember to change your footwear and socks often. Interesting fact: people have also been known to use baby powder to absorb workout sweat. 

Having to laundry ALL the clothes

laundry all the clothes gif pumpupapp

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Having to laundry your exercise clothes is unavoidable, but if you can afford to invest in a few extra pairs of shorts, shirts, and underwear, do it! 

When your workout partner bails on you

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Our buddies can certainly keep us motivated to exercise, but it can be tough to coordinate different schedules. Stay one step ahead to keep yourself pumped up. Try signing yourself up for an actual class or scheduling a workout in your calendar (like your PumpUp calendar!). Setting aside time for physical activity this way provides focus and enforces a greater sense of responsibility.

When your phone or iPod battery dies in the middle of a workout

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Portable chargers are easy to come by. Keep one in your bag so that you’re never a moment without music if you need it to work out. 

Do you have any #workoutproblems? Share them below!