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Matt bounced back from knee reconstruction surgery and is now in his best shape ever- PumpUp Spotlight Series


One fateful day on Twitter, PumpUp was recommended to Matt as one of the ‘best fitness community apps’. Since joining PumpUp, Matt stated that he couldn’t agree more with this superlative. “I have been a frequent gym goer for years, but never really had the focus and determination that I do now until I had the reconstructive knee surgery.  I had hit a plateau, and was frustrated, but the awesome community on PumpUp really motivated me to go harder, lift heavier, and clean my diet up,” said Matt.

Prior joining PumpUp, Matt still exercised four days a week, for about an hour and did similar workouts to what he performs right now. This schedule helped Matt to gradually transform his body. In retrospect, however, he admits that his diet was still not at its best at that point in time. “I ate for the most part whatever was there, with no real thought to what was going into my system,” he said. “Fried food and soda was a regular occurrence for me, which definitely did not help.”


In the ten weeks that Matt has been part of the PumpUp community, he’s upped the intensity of his workouts and cleaned up his diet. “I hit the gym 6 to 7 days a week, 2x a day for at least 2 of them, and workouts are much more intense, heavier weight, more explosive lifts, just a different attitude,” he explained. “I don’t eat anything bad anymore, just tons of protein low carbs and a lot of veggies.  No soda anymore either,” he laughed. Though his average daily activities have not changed, Matt finds himself approaching life with a renewed vigor. ‘Beastmode’ is aptly his favourite term. “It reminds me to be a monster and dominate every challenge in front of me, and never back down or quit.”


Matt’s struggles do not define him, but have rather influenced him to push even harder. Last year, knee reconstruction surgery was a major obstacle for him because he lost lots of muscle, was in a wheelchair for 2 months, crutches for another month, and gained a lot of weight. “It was difficult and painful to get back into lifting and exercise, but I just focused on making small progress daily,” he admitted. “And before I knew it, was back to my old size and strength.  I am bigger, more defined, and WAY more ‘beastmode’ now.  That struggle made me better.”

Matt is one of the most supportive members on PumpUp, and he’s regularly involved in the community to both receive motivation and give it back to others four-fold. “PumpUp started as a motivator for me, and it still is. I have met great people there, and continue to use it not just for motivation and inspiration, but for the feeling of community and positive vibes that permeate the app,” he said.


According to Matt, the first step ‘off’ the couch is the most difficult, yet important part for those looking to start or lead a more active lifestyle. “It’s scary, it’s hard, but you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. You have to COMMIT to it. No quitting once you start, and find a support system that will give you a push when you feel stagnant and that will celebrate your successes with you,” he explained.

Both of his children, aged 2 and 6, are the biggest sources of inspiration for Matt. “My 6 year old son tells me every day that I’m his hero and he wants to be like daddy,” he gushed. “I’ll be damned if I’m not going to be the best me I can possibly be, and be the example of what’s possible when we focus and strive towards our goals.”  He also professed that the members on PumpUp have helped him tremendously throughout his journey. “Those people are amazing, and their posts, stories, and comments really help me stay focused and get excited to progress and push even harder,” Matt beamed.

Matt’s meals

“A monstrous 4 scoop protein shake, made with silk almond milk, and a bowl of cottage cheese with fresh pineapple on it.  As far as meals go, I eat tons of eggs, chicken, lean beef, veggies, and a lot of water. Nothing too impressive,”he laughed.

Motivational Mantra

“‘It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees’. To me this means never stop fighting, and pushing forward.  If you fail, fine. But to TRY and to fail is far superior to never trying.  The lessons learned in failure make progress that much sweeter.”

More about Matt

“I’m a major nerd!  I’m finishing my masters in software engineering, I’m also an artist (tattooed for years in college as a part time job at a shop), and a major goofball.  Always laughing and silly.  And I love horror movies and stupid jokes!”


If you’re struggling to stay motivated, Matt encourages you to reach out to somebody on PumpUp or to anybody in your life and let them help. “While we manufacture and are responsible for our own motivation, that doesn’t mean that we can’t all use encouragement and a friendly comment,”said Matt.  “Take advantage of PumpUp, your fellow gym members, and enjoy the ride.  Goals are great, but it is the road we travel to get there that truly teaches us something.  Never lose sight of that. 

Follow Matt on PumpUp @mattgmi! 

Kendrick W. is basically superman - PumpUp Spotlight Series


The late Christopher Reeve was quoted saying that “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere…in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Today’s PumpUp spotlight member Kendrick is certainly a hero in more ways than one. He brims with positivity on PumpUp and has overcome bullying in the past. If Superman’s “S” stands for “hope,” we’re very optimistic that Kendrick will accomplish great things on PumpUp in the future. 



Kendrick had to overcome his fair share of adversity before he managed to attain his current physique. “I use the past to fuel my present so I never feel alone and sad like I was back then,” says Kendrick. Never the tallest nor strongest child growing up, he explains that he was not only targeted during grade school for his small stature, but because he was reading at a college level by the 6th grade. Bullies were quick to pick on him for his other physiological conditions as well. “Having asthma and immune deficiency, I was always sick and many kids picked on me and beat me up. I am stronger now—though I almost died after being hit by a pick up truck when I was 10,” he elaborates.


Presently, Kendrick’s lifestyle consists of healthy eating and exercising at least three times a week. Since joining PumpUp, he abandoned his bad habits and cut back on his partying. He recently shared how maintaining this routine led to his impressive 4.3% body fat composition, and he doesn’t take supplements or even protein shakes. “Just the occasional protein bar if I am out and about,” Kendrick shrugs. “I am constantly eating and if I am not eating, I am training or working.”


He gives a great analogy for PumpUp members who are looking to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. “Fitness is a marathon, not a 40 yard dash,” Kendrick muses. “The true results you can feel good about will come with time. Within that time you must not lose faith in yourself or the journey.” The word Kaizen, Japanese for “continuous improvement” or “good change” sets the framework for Kendrick’s fitness goals. “Continuous improvement. That’s how I see fitness each day—it’s a day to improve upon yourself, rather than to deny that who you are is not great already,” he affirms.

Kendrick brings a herculean force of positivity to PumpUp and he hopes to inspire others while in exchange deriving inspiration from members within the app. “I’d like to motivate others to keep pushing forward in their journeys and to spread as much positivity as possible,” he shares.



Biggest motivators

In all honesty, Captain America and Superman. I have been obsessed with them since I was a kid.

Motivational Mantra

My favorite saying is “I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I am not trying the hardest.”

Favourite Exercise

Pull-ups or Shoulder Shrugs

Fun Facts about Kendrick

I’ve travelled to over 10 countries and plan to touchdown on every continent before I kick the bucket. 

Follow Kendrick on PumpUp @kendrickwilliams1291 and on Instagram @kfitbro93.