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Challenge of the week : Walk more

Challenge of the week : Walk more


For a chance to win some PumpUp Swag from our March To Your Dream theme this week, we challenge you to walk more. Walk as many steps as you can this weekend. Track it on PumpUp, and tag your caption with #PumpUpSwag! The winner will be chosen on Monday.

How can I walk more this weekend?

Walking (or running, for that matter) really isn't for everybody. We still encourage you to get up and get moving; that's what March To Your Dream is about, after all!

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • If you're taking the car out, park further away from your desired destination
  • Plan to disembark public transit one or two stops earlier than you're used to; you'll benefit from the extra walk (and have more room to eat weekend brunch, obviously)
  • Instead of calling your friends over to watch a movie, do something active together instead
    • Indoor trampoline parks are a riot. More of a riot than Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
    • Weather permitting, go for a run! You don't have to be Usain Bolt. Dial down the pace so that you can chat and jog at the same time
    • Place yourself in an area where you know you'll walk a lot: malls, the zoo, museums, etc. are all locations where you'll definitely and deceptively walk more without it feeling like a chore

Good luck, PumpUp!

March to your dream

March to your dream


Throughout the entire month of March, we challenge you to exercise at least once a day. Share about it on the pumpupapp using the #MarchToYourDream hashtag. Be conscious of how you're increasing your daily movement and use these guidelines to help you track your activity on the app this month: How many hours you exercise each day, how many miles/kilometres you ran, how many times you exercised, etc so you can look back and see how much you accomplished this month.

We’ll be providing tips, small challenges, and recipes along the way! What’s your dream? We celebrate all kinds of goals. Join the PumpUp community so we can cheer you on!

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