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After Michelle quit smoking, she found the results she was looking for - PumpUp Success Stories

After Michelle quit smoking, she found the results she was looking for - PumpUp Success Stories


With hard work, determination, and a community of support, bad habits aren't impossible to break from. PumpUp member @michellecantin is a testament to this. After joining PumpUp in 2014, Michelle had the motivation to quit smoking, curb her anxiety, moderate her drinking, and achieve the results that she was always striving for. When Michelle officially began her fitness journey in 2013, her drinking and smoking habits hindered her progress. "I was still smoking, but I barely did any cardio. I was eating healthy, but I was drinking every weekend," she elaborated. "I would get frustrated because I was working out all the time. I was seeing no results because of my poor diet and lack of dedication. By the time Monday came around, I wouldn't want to go back to the gym." This vicious cycle made it difficult for Michelle to adapt the kind of lifestyle that would give her the results she was looking for. Michelle also battled severe anxiety between 2011 and 2013, which undermined her sense of self worth. "I didn't want to get out of bed except to go out and drink," she recounted. "I wanted to forget about everything else. I wasn't myself and I didn't feel like anything I did was worthwhile."

Michelle Cantin PumpUp Success Story

PumpUp became the catalyst that motivated Michelle to transform her life. "I was looking for new workouts, stumbled across it and really loved what [the app] had to offer," she remembered. "PumpUp really helped me find motivation in myself and in the other people using it." Scrolling through PumpUp in the morning became routine for Michelle. "I would see pictures of people working out and it would make me want to do the same," she recalled. "Around August 2014 I started to make serious lifestyle changes: I stopped going out every weekend and I quit smoking cigarettes. Aside from random attacks, my anxiety was almost completely gone."

The difference in Michelle is palpable. Her lifestyle underwent a complete overhaul ever since she committed to changing her habits for good. "If I had known that working out was all I needed to get rid of my anxiety, I would have started long ago," Michelle mused. "My skin is softer and zit free. My hair is softer and I am so full of energy all the time." For Michelle, working out became a passion rather than a chore. She resolves to exercise at least 6 times a week, whenever that may be. "If I don't feel like going to the gym on a given day because my body is tired, I listen and make up for it on another day," she explained. "I love watching my body change because of how I eat and exercise. It's an interesting and never-ending journey."

Michelle Cantin PumpUp Success Story

Michelle's lifestyle change didn't happen automatically. Her progress is the product of several attempts, many victories, and occasional failures. "I've given up a number of times, but what made me continue is the fact that I kept trying again," Michelle insisted. "I would give up, but I'd be back at it next week. I would stop for a month, then try again next month. Finally, I wanted it so bad that I kept pushing." Michelle's passion for health and fitness sparked big dreams for her. "I have withdrawal if I miss the gym for just two days!" she exclaimed. "PumpUp makes me want to do bigger and better things. I would really like to create a free eBook for people to use at the gym, or at home. I'm also very interested in going to school for sports and conditioning, then working my way into becoming a personal trainer."

 Michelle's best advice

Don't compare your body to others, because it will destroy your confidence. You can strive to look like someone all you want but everyone has different bodies and shapes. It's impossible to look like someone else's body. So strive to be a better, healthier person. Don't strive to look like someone else.

Biggest motivation

My biggest motivation is Lacey Dunn. She is the newest bodyspace spokesmodel and she has an amazing body. She's strong but petite and she knows her flaws which I love. It's great to find a roll model who knows they have to work on things and that the journey is endless.

Michelle Cantin PumpUp Success Story

Favourite Exercise

I love to squat. I love it because of the journey. When I started, I could only squat maybe 50 pounds. Today I can squat 180 pounds and am on a mission to 200!! I also love to sprint!

Michelle's eating habits

I now eat like a carnivorous rabbit haha. I love all vegetables, but also eat white meat and fish. Of course I indulge every now and then but I will never go back to the way I used to eat.

More about Michelle

I have been horseback riding for over 8 years and have a horse of my own named Nishka! I love animals with a passion and the fact I can join fitness and animals is great.

Michelle Cantin PumpUp Success Story

Keep Michelle pumped! Cheer her on as she makes strides with her progress @michellecantin on PumpUp! Were you inspired by Michelle's story? Let us know in the comments below.