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Let’s Get Pumped - Your Epic Workout

There are songs that make you feel energized…and there are songs that make you feel like a BOSS. Whenever you feel like pleading “This hurts! Make it stop!” in the middle of your workout, remember that you won’t want to. These songs have your back.

Check out our newest playlist on 8tracks: Let’s Get Pumped - Your Epic Workout.

It has a little bit of everything: PumpUp-approved songs chosen by the PumpUp community. Thanks for participating in our #8trackspump contest! Your music is here.

Photo credit: @tampasalsa on Instagram and PumpUp


Say happy birthday to your iPod! Apple unveiled the first iPod on Oct 23 and we want to know which songs have stood the test of time on your iPod/phone and never fail to keep you pumped! Thank you PumpUp member @superfunkaytay for sharing this photo!