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Burpee Partner Workout

You’ve never done burpees like this before

Share if you’re brave! As effective as they are, burpees are a full-body exercise that we love to loathe. Make them fun with a partner! This burpee partner workout is a great way to start.

burpee partner workout pumpup

Begin by jumping up with your arms raised in the air, immediately touch your hands to the floor, do a push-up.

burpee partner workout pumpup

One person rolls over to the other side, one person does a lateral jump over the other person.

burpee partner workout pumpup

Perform a vertical jump and repeat.


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Try these dumbbell raised pushups

PumpUp’s @jenac showed us these killer raised #pushups on #SweatySunday. How did you spend yours?

"Working out is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable," said Jen. "One of my greatest achievements has been learning to accept the soreness and the sweat. I do complain about how exhausted I am but honestly I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything because at the end of my workout, I know that I’ve surpassed last week’s intensity." According to Jen, when we exercise, we intend to exceed the limitations that we’ve placed on our minds and bodies while unintentionally silencing the doubters around us.

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