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Healthy No-Guilt Pizza

Why Pizza will forever be the only love triangle we want

It’s national pizza day and we’re taking more than a moment to revel in the glory of this unctuous, hunger-abating dish. Living well isn’t about perfection: it’s about trying and doing your best. And today, it’s about great, better-for-you pizza. You don’t have to quit pizza if you’re living a healthy lifestyle because pizza isn’t quitting on you. 

Embrace Crust Alternatives

Not big on thick, doughy crusts full of white flour? No problem. It’s fun to play around with your pizza base!

  • Toasted, whole wheat tortillas and pita breads are painless thin-crust pizza bases, especially if you’re preparing individual servings. It’s so painless, in fact, that we suggest you make one right this second.
  • Doing the low-carb thing? Vegetable crusts will be the Ryan Gosling to your Eva Mendes. Most recipes follow this basic formula: shredded or finely chopped vegetable (food processors are your best friend for this), almond flour (for extra padding), cheese (because, well, cheese), and herbs (for extra oomph).
    • This cauliflower crust is our personal favourite. It holds its shape, isn’t soggy, and retains as much (if not more) flavour than white-flour pizza dough.
    • This zucchini crust is one that you can pick up with your hands, bears the weight of toppings admirably, and bakes super fast
    • You know how spaghetti squash is a great substitute for pasta? The same holds true for pizza crust. Here’s one A+ recipe that won’t fail you.

Top it with ALL the vegetables

Think of your pizza as a canvas upon which you sculpt and roast several different vegetables in order to form a neat, complete, and tasty whole. Here are our personal favourite garnishes:

  • Kale - If you like kale chips, you’ll LOVE kale on your pizza. It’ll crisp up nicely in the oven if you broil it.
  • Avocado - (Technically a fruit) full of healthy fat, avocados impart a subtle, velvety texture to offset the crunchiness of ingredients that toast up
  • Shaved asparagus- Not only will these green ribbons make your pizza perfectly pretty, they won’t get soggy! Pairs well with lighter, creamy cheeses like ricotta.
  • Roasted Sweet Potato- Cut your sweet potatoes into thin medallions and scallop them over your crust.  Pairs well with herbs and imparts a nice, caramel-like flavour to your pizza.