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Naturally Kai's Tips for a Healthier 2015

THE meal prep, fitness, and motivation tips you’ll remember throughout the New Year

This is a post by PumpUp member naturallykai. With the motivation from the pumpupapp, she was able to reach her goal weight for her wedding! Check out her excellent YouTube channel.

I’m kicking off the year by discussing health and fitness.  Health and fitness are two areas of life that can be challenging for many, so I hope to inspire you to continue or start your very own fitness journey.

I meal prep at least two large bowls of fruit salad and mixed green salad each week to save time and make sure that I eat healthy. I demonstrate how to prepare them here:

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my progress through meal prep alone. I elaborate upon these three tips for a healthier 2015 in the video below, and discuss how the PumpUp community helped me to achieve my goals:

  • Finding what works for you
  • Setting large and small fitness goals
  • Being more active

If you are starting or continuing a fitness journey, use the hashtag #gethealthy2015 to share your experiences!

Alright loves, I’ll chat with you soon :)

- @naturallykai

How to Kick-start your Healthy Lifestyle

Post by PumpUp member @jennoshealth. Follow her journey on her fantastic blog!

A lot of people think that this whole “healthy thing” is too much of an effort and only for certain people. FALSE 

A healthy lifestyle is for everyone: regardless of age, weight, belief, height etc. It's never too early nor too late to start eating and living right.

Get it…kick-start?
  1. Add, don’t take away. A lot of people think they need to cut out foods/drinks. It’s easier and realistic to add more nutritious foods than take away the bad ones. Try adding a fresh fruit to your dessert before totally cutting out the meal. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. 
  2. Ask questions. We’re human: we mess up and we don’t know everything. Therefore, we should thirst to know more about Health & Fitness. Your lifestyle change will be effective when it is informed because you know exactly what and why your doing what you do. To start, immerse yourself in YouTube videos and articles about healthy living.
  3. Set mini goals. You’re more likely to attain smaller goals than one end goal. When you accomplish a small goal you’ll feel more inspired to complete the next one and the next. This next stage in your life will more likely be a lifestyle change rather than a transient phase. Instead of telling yourself that you will “lose 15 pounds”, a more realistic goal would be Try go on each cardio machine in the gym for 15 minutes 3-4 times a week. Catch my drift? 
  4. When I lost all of my excuses I found all of my results. Motivation doesn’t last, determination does. You need to find time in that hectic schedule of yours, after all it is your health and you are responsible. No gym? No problem! You have all you need there are tons of free workouts eg. PumpUp out there. People didn’t post it for the good of their health, they did it to help you! 
I hope this comes in handy when you start that healthy lifestyle. It isn’t difficult at all, tons of people are doing it so why aren’t you? 


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Your 3-step solution to making better New Year’s Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your 3-step solution to making better New Year’s Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]


New Year's Resolution Infographic and Statistics // PumpUp Blog

New year, new you? It isn’t easy, but you can achieve your 2015 goals for real. According to one study, 45% of Americans usually make resolutions for the New Year. Given that the U.S. population was just over 317 million at the start of the 2014 year, and that a dismal 8% are reported to successfully achieve their resolutions, this means a whopping 131 million Americans did not achieve their resolutions in 2014. Millions more around the world may have experienced this same failure rate.
Why do so many people make resolutions, while so few succeed? The pre-frontal cortex is an area of the brain responsible for controlling one’s will-power among other important functions, including abstract problem solving and short-term memory.
Asking the pre-frontal cortex to immediately adjust to a big, abstract, and daunting New Year’s resolution is like asking an untrained individual to perform Beyoncé’s choreography perfectly: it won’t work. Like a muscle, the pre-frontal cortex falters easily without proper training.  This means that smaller and attainable goals will be easier to accomplish than larger ones.
If you do these three steps when you’re making a resolution this year, you’ll have a greater chance of being successful.
  • Be specific.  Set tangible goals with concrete deadlines that you can gradually work up to. Rather than making a generalized goal to, for example, run more often this year, train for a race instead.
  • Make a schedule. Take time to create a plan and set mini-benchmarks for yourself. Reward yourself when you transcend tiny personal milestones along the way. Set aside specific days each week for your resolution, or sign up for something that already adheres to a schedule, such as a class. Don’t wait until you ‘have the time’ to work on your resolution.
  • Track your progress. Make gradual changes and don’t expect too much too soon. Patience is everything. Mobile apps such as PumpUp are an excellent way to log your progress while other like-minded people cheer you on. It’s important to have a support team to keep you accountable.

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2015 is my year


Happy New Year PumpUp! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015! Congrats on everything: any and all of the successes that you celebrated last year. We’re celebrating with you! We can feel it, 2015 will be YOUR year. How are you going to make it count? Thank you so much PumpUp member @surfysurfy for the awesome photo!

New Update: Activity Logging & Custom Sharing

When it comes to your fitness, there are many ways to stay active. To help you keep track of all your fitness activity, we’ve launched Activity Logging and Custom Sharing!


Activity Logging: Did you just get back from a run? Dance? Hockey? Whatever it is, log it in PumpUp to keep track of all your activity! You can also see how many calories you burned.

Custom Sharing: Do you have a fitness tip or a healthy recipe for others? Share it with the PumpUp community to help others like you achieve their goals! You can also attach a pic for even better post.

From all of us at PumpUp HQ, we wish you a happy and healthy 2014. Now let’s start this year off right — track your first activity on PumpUp today! 

P.S. Follow PumpUp on Instagram and Twitter for fitness tips and motivation!

3 Tips for Transforming your Resolutions into Reality!

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

The celebrations are over, and now we’re back to our everyday lives with the goals we made… and intend to keep. Whether you decided to lose weight, lose a bad habit, or like me, run a 10k, we’re all trying to find ways to keep these resolutions — but it ain’t easy. defines a resolution as “an intention made.“ A lot of us can intend to do things, but it takes a lot of courage and determination to actually do them.

Here are a few tips for transforming your New Years Resolutions into reality!

  1. Make It Public: Let people around you know what your goal is. Write in the comment section below, make it your Facebook status, post pictures, do whatever it takes. Let your peers motivate you!
  2. Set Friendly Reminders: Find ways of making sure you remember that you have a goal and you want to complete it. Stickies, writing on your hand, a daily alarm — just do it, otherwise you’ll probably forget it! If it’s working out, PumpUp will remind you when to work out.
  3. Have a Plan: If you set a good goal, chances are it’s going to take a while. Make a plan and set midway goals to keep you motivated along the way. Build a PumpUp workout and schedule it for every week on a specific day/time.

Oh, and I almost forgot #4: follow us on twitter for more awesome tips like these!

The Solution to Your New Years Resolution


With the holiday season here, we’re looking forward to the year to come. People can turn over a new leaf and think about what they might like to change or accomplish in 2013. Whether it be something as simple as complimenting a stranger every day, or losing 20 pounds, the New Years resolution is something most of us make in someway or another — BUT rarely actually follow. Look back on the past year — did you honor your new years resolution? Are you still going to the gym 4 times per week like you promised yourself? Or did you fall into the realization that some bad habits are hard to change. Well, maybe you didn’t, but I sure did! I told myself I was going to wake up every morning before class and go to the gym. But there’s something about a warm bed during a cold Canadian winter that just makes you not want to get up! Nobody’s perfect, but this year, I challenge you! Make a New Years resolution and honor it.

Here are some tips to picking a good New Years resolution:

  1. Pick something realistic. Choose something that isn’t easy enough to conquer overnight, but not impossible.
  2. Use the buddy system. Find a workout partner, or just someone to keep up-to-date on your progress, and keep each other motivated.
  3. Set secondary goals. If you want to lose 20 pounds, make 5 pound markers and focus on hitting the next marker.
  4. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Things happen that we can’t control, but don’t let them stop you! Keep at your goal and fight your way back if you get off-track.
  5. Enjoy the ride! Think about how satisfied you will be once you complete your goal, and use that as the motivation to push you towards achieving it.

We’ve built PumpUp to help you achieve your New Years resolution by making personalized workouts that will help you reach your goals!

Please post your new years resolution for this coming year and tell us any stories you have about past resolutions of your own! Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for more tips and tricks to achieving your goals.

Happy New Years!

Get Set for the New Year

Crazy to think that it’s already December and 2013 is just a few weeks away! Whether you’re finishing up exams or working the 9-5, we all know that New Years is coming up. And sure, maybe it’s not time to jump into a New Years resolution just yet, but think to yourself… why not? Yes, its called a “New Years Resolution,” but why do you have to wait for the melody of “Auld Lang Syne” to start making changes in your life. Let’s start with something small now to give you a kick start.

A very simple way of getting into a routine is stretching. Not only are there significant physical benefits to stretching and staying flexible, but it also keeps you focused and just might get you moving before New Years!

As you may not know, stretching is a bit more then just touching your toes. To implement stretching into a daily routine, find a time that works best for you - whether its in the morning or at night doesn’t really matter.  Here are a couple different types of stretching that you can do.

Here are a few stretches you can try right now! Hold each for 15 seconds:

  1. Hamstring Stretch - Try touching your toes while keeping your legs straight.
  2. Hip Flexor Stretch - Lunge forward with your back knee on the floor and push your hips forward until you feel a stretch.
  3. Shoulder Stretch - Bring one arm across your body and pull it towards your body with the other arm.

Happy December to all and good luck with everything!