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Why Success Isn't Measured in Pounds | Transformation Tuesday

Why Success Isn't Measured in Pounds | Transformation Tuesday


When Julia began her fitness journey more than one year ago, she professed that she was just a girl hoping to lose weight. After she joined the PumpUp community, she found so much more. "I may be 18 kilograms lighter, but I gained so much throughout this journey," she enthused. "The people I met and the knowledge and confidence that grew within me have changed my life. I was wrong when I thought it was all about weight. Thank you my PumpUp fam!" Lately, Julia has been working hard by logging her Nike Training Club workouts on PumpUp. She feels stronger, more agile, holds static positions for longer, and hardly pauses during her workouts. She's pushing herself out of her comfort zone and she has her PumpUp family to cheer her on as she makes stellar progress. It dawned on Julia that she could potentially be her own greatest source of motivation. "The moment I realized that I was the one who needed to believe that it was possible for me to change was probably the best in my journey," she admitted. "Having a fitness community and amazing friends on PumpUp who support you and believe in you is important and so motivational. But first, YOU need to believe in yourself if you want to achieve something. I really made a huge step when I understood how amazing the power of the mind was!"

How Julia realized that success isn't measured in pounds

Non-scale victories have proven to Julia that success isn't measured in pounds. "A year ago, I would have never thought that this kind of outfit would look good on me," she insisted. "I used to let my pretty friends wear the pretty things, and wearing a dress or a skirt wasn't an option for me. Even though I didn't buy this outfit, the fact that I gave it a try and felt good in it made me realize that I made a huge step. I want to thank everybody on PumpUp who made this possible for me. [They] are amazing."

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How getting a stress fracture changed my life for the better

How getting a stress fracture changed my life for the better


I suffered from my very first stress fracture at the beginning of 2015. I was pretty upset by it at first and was very worried that this injury would derail my quest for a healthy and active lifestyle that I embarked upon at the start of 2015. It definitely did not derail my quest for health, but it ended up being a really good thing. Here's why: I was always the cardio queen. Cardio was my go-to for being physically active. In the fall of 2014, I was even doing two-a-days where I would get up and run in the morning and then go to Zumba at night. Or I would go to a spin class and then go to Zumba. Or I would run to my gym (about two miles away) and then go to Zumba. You get the picture. Yet, I would hop on that scale, and nothing would really happen. I wasn't really losing weight, but I kept up the cardio. Then in October and November, I traveled a lot for work and gained about 15 pounds because I was having a high time sampling local cuisine and not working out. In the middle of December, I really started to revaluate my life and decided that enough was enough. I was going to get fit in 2015.

If you follow my blog, you know that I started off with a different approach by really trying to address the mental issues behind my unhealthy habits. However, I was doing the same thing in the realm of physical activity- cardio. I took a Body Pump class where we lifted very light weights (2.5 to 5 lbs) for 50 minutes, but I still shied away from weight training. I wasn't comfortable doing it, so I didn't. Then I was diagnosed with the stress fracture. I had to wear a boot and my doctor said no to any high-impact cardio. WHAT? What was I going to do? He did say that I could weight train while healing and ride the stationary bike.

I started off doing low-impact cardio (again, too scared to go outside of my comfort zone), and then I realized that I really enjoyed Body Pump and lifting weights during the class. I wandered up to the weight room with my workout pal, Watts. At first we would eyeball machines and pick one that was empty and looked do-able. We'd randomly choose the amount of weight and do three sets of 15-20 reps. You know, the standard. After doing this a couple of times, I wanted more.

I started to research about weight training and settled on a beginner plan that I thought was both reasonable and effective. I ran it by Watts, and she seemed pretty into it too. I've stuck to that plan pretty consistently since the early part of March (about two months to date) and increase my weight amounts by 5 lbs as the reps get easier over the weeks (roughly an increase once every two weeks).  I practice a split body plan Alternating ABA on week one and BAB on week two. I lift heavier now than I ever would have considered being able to do. I do squats on the squat rack, bench press, bent-over rows, deadlifts, lat-pulldowns (working up to a chin up someday), shoulder overhead presses, and am building in tricep pulldowns, calf raises, and bicep curls. I try to do ab work at least three times a week too. It seems to work. I feel stronger and definitely more confident.

How getting a stress fracture changed my life for the better

I was once the girl who would max out with a 12 lb dumbbell and was too intimidated by the weight room at the gym. Now, I sashay my way in there and feel strong after my workout. I'm really proud of how far I've come. Lifting weights has really changed my perspective. More than ever, I want to be fit, not just less fat. And I'm getting there, little by little. I stay off the scale for the most part and concentrate on how my body is positively changing. I feel unstoppable, even on days that I don't want to work out. And for that, I guess I owe my stress fracture a thank you.

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Non-scale victories: clothes never fit better for this PumpUp member

Non-scale victories: clothes never fit better for this PumpUp member


"I can't wait to see how my clothes fit after they're all taken in," said PumpUp member @2choosehealth, a Brooklyn resident who lost over 80 lbs over the course of her health and fitness journey. She has been experiencing all kinds of non-scale victories as far as clothes are concerned. "I went from having no waist to having a waist like this," she gushed. "Most days I can't believe how far I've come. One of the perks of losing weight is being able to shop wherever I want. I could never shop at American Apparel at 280+ lbs." A primary goal for this PumpUp member was to fit into an American Apparel dress. "I now fit into two [dresses]," she said gleefully. "It's the little things that make this journey worth it." Non-scale victories : fitting into clothes has never felt better for this PumpUp member

Hard work, meal preparation, and smart cheat meals became the keys to her success. She eats protein-rich food: a total of 4 small meals a day with 2 snacks in between. "I'm eating all day so that I can feel comfortable enough to know that I'm not being deprived of anything!" she insisted. "I also love to eat beautiful food. Put effort into your meals and make them look appetizing!"  @2choosehealth stayed on track with lots of mental preparation. "I'd remember what my body looked like every time I wanted something that was bad for me," she explained. "It's mostly a mental [process]."

Non-scale victories : fitting into clothes has never felt better for this PumpUp member

Keep her pumped on Transformation Tuesday by sharing some of your own non-scale victories! Let us know in the comments below, or share a photo with the PumpUp community with the #TransformationTuesday hashtag.

Transformation Tuesday: How Mel's non scale victory inspires us all

Transformation Tuesday: How Mel's non scale victory inspires us all


PumpUp member @mel_bourne's transformation has been two years in the making. It didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't all about the scale. "That's how I looked in a dress," she confided.  "I didn't feel very confident at that time in my life, but now I'm so happy about my progress! I feel much more confident in clothes." Mel's happiness is palpable in all of the photos that she shares with the PumpUp community. Mel's non scale victory inspires us

You can always count on her to have a big smile on her face after a difficult session at the gym. No matter how exhausted she feels after a weightlifting session, Mel always expresses how content she is with her strength. "I don't want another girl's body," she insisted.  "I want my body: leaner, stronger, and healthier. I love the support from my PumpUp family. I'm pretty proud and I only hope to inspire more people." Through healthy eating and a consistent exercise regimen, Mel lost over 15.1 kilograms and gained a world of confidence since she began her journey. Keep her pumped!

Can you relate to Mel's non scale victory? Share about it in the comments below and remember to post your transformation photos on #TransformationTuesday! We welcome every story, be it a scale-related accomplishment or a non scale victory.