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4 simple ab exercises for a stronger core

4 simple ab exercises for a stronger core


It's important to have a stronger core for reasons far more important than aesthetics. When you exercise the muscles around your trunk and pelvis, this helps to improve our stability and balance. This short ab circuit by PumpUp member @fitmissrach will challenge your core muscles with 4 simple moves. Try this circuit for just 10 minutes a day. These moves will build a stronger core before you realize it. Toe touches

Ab moves for a stronger core: Toe touch gif

Begin with your body in an L-shaped position. Legs are straight up in the air and your upper body is flat on the ground with your arms straight and raised above your head. This is your starting position. With one movement, touch your hands to your ankles and lift your upper body towards the ceiling. Lower back to starting position.

In and outs

ab moves for a stronger core: in and outs

In a seated position, keep your tailbone on the ground, hands at the base of your spine, and feet hovering above the floor. Begin with your knees bent to start. Simultaneously, lower your upper body and straighten out your legs, then come back up to start.

Plank wall jumps

Ab moves for a stronger core: plank wall jumps

Start with your arms in plank position, feet just at the base of the wall. Your forearms should be in line with your wrists. Quickly jump your feet vertically to touch the wall, then lower.

Mountain climbers

Ab moves for a stronger core: mountain climbers

Start in plank position. Drive the opposite knee to the opposite shoulder, twisting your obliques throughout the motion. Switch to the other leg repeatedly.

Keep Rachael pumped on the app by following her @fitmissrach. Check out her Instagram account @rachaelgervais. What is your favourite ab circuit for a stronger core? Let us know if you tried this exercise in the comments below!