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3 ways to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career

3 ways to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career


Do you like to spend all of your free time catching up on all of the latest diets and fitness news? And are you the person who all of your friends and family come to when they need advice about how to lose weight, gain muscle, or eat a healthier diet? If so, then you may find it deeply satisfying to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career. Not sure what you could do to earn money while working in this particular field? Here are some options to consider:

How to transform your passion for health and fitness into a career

#1. Start a Health & Fitness Blog

3 ways to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career // The PumpUp Blog


Writing a blog is a great way to enter health and fitness part-time as it will likely take you a few months or more to create a big following. However, once you do gain a lot of subscribers, you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing and advertising, providing you with additional income simply by sharing your expertise and passion. You can even sell it outright if you’d like! (Blog Tyrant got $20,000 for one of his blogs after just eight months!)

There are many sites that allow you to start a blog for free, which means you can begin writing today, and WordPress is probably the best-known one. Plus, if you have basic computer skills you can even design it yourself quite easily, saving you from having to pay someone else to do this for you.

#2: Become a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor

3 ways to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career // The PumpUp Blog Zumba Group Fitness Gif


If you prefer a more hands-on approach, a career option to consider is personal trainer or group fitness instructor. This allows you to work more one-on-one with clients to help them meet their weight or muscle-related goals by showing them precisely which exercises they can do to enhance their particular body shape within their current fitness level.

Two of the most popular accredited agencies that offer this type of certification are ACE and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). It usually takes a couple months or more to get through the coursework and earn your certification, but once you do you can earn a decent living. reports that the average annual wage of a personal trainer is more than $55,000.

#3: Become a Health Coach

3 ways to turn your passion for health and fitness into a career // The PumpUp Blog


Another career option that enables you to make money while doing what you love is health coach. A health coach is someone who assists others in achieving their health and fitness goals by helping them effectively deal with a variety of aspects that affect their overall health and wellness, ranging from food to exercise to their thoughts and beliefs. Where would you work as a health coach? According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the top nutrition schools that connects students with teachers such as Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Andrew Weil, as a health coach you can find employment in “doctor’s offices, wellness centers, and gyms.”

Choose this option and you’ll have a slightly higher monetary commitment up front for the course, but your ability to earn a high hourly wage can quickly help you recoup your costs and then some. Some health coaches earn as much as $200 an hour (or more), so this can be very lucrative field if it appeals to you.

Yes, there are many options when it comes to making money in the areas of health and fitness if this is your passion. Now all you have to do is pick the one that interests you most and do it!

3 ways to transform your passion for health and fitness into a career // The PumpUp Blog

About the Author

Sara Upton is an online freelance writer who loves covering anything related to fitness and healthy living. She's a proud owner of two dogs (Bill and Chewie), and you can follow her thoughts on Twitter @saraupton33.

Cover photo courtesy of PumpUp member @marismaria

Aicha's journey from deprivation to strength

Aicha's journey from deprivation to strength

When Aicha returned from her study-abroad term in the United States, she made up her mind: she no longer wanted to remain at such a low weight if it meant that her health was being compromised. "In September 2014, I started using PumpUp and in one way or another, it's been so supportive," she shared. "I never had a lot of confidence in myself, but I kept going because other people were motivating me. Posting pictures became a habit."

How PumpUp helped me to become a better personal trainer - Eleanor's PumpUp Success Story

How PumpUp helped me to become a better personal trainer - Eleanor's PumpUp Success Story

Not only is PumpUp member @eleanorjane_k a mother of 3 and a personal trainer, she also overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This self-professed gym junkie joined PumpUp in 2014 after one of her good friends @mariabellhouse suggested that she'd enjoy it more than other social media platforms. "She was right," said Eleanor. "I post a lot of fitness-related things on social media. Once I joined PumpUp, I knew it would be a better, more suitable, and more positive place to share my posts."
Eleanor nurtured a strong passion for health and wellness ever since she was 15 years old. "I would train at home in my lounge every morning because I was a size 16 (US 12) and miserable with how I looked," she recounted. Three pregnancies later, Eleanor managed to maintain her shape at a size 6-8 (US 2-4) because she's fuelled by her enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle. "Training for me goes far beyond aesthetics," she insisted. "It taught me about discipline and commitment. Most importantly, especially because of the help of the PumpUp community, fitness has taught me to love myself for who I am." 
Eleanor's PumpUp Success Story
She was thrilled that the PumpUp community was so compatible with her interests. "I still train hard and eat well every day," she explained. "The main difference is that since I joined PumpUp, I have a more positive self-image. I also feel like I have a lot more support and encouragement for my fitness lifestyle. Most of my friends aren't too enthusiastic about fitness." In turn, the PumpUp community's positivity helped Eleanor become a better personal trainer. "I've learned a lot about other people's perspectives from their posts," she continued. "I feel like this has helped me to empathize better as a personal trainer. More importantly, I value my health and my body much more than I did before I joined PumpUp." 
It hasn't always been easy for Eleanor to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Developing a positive body image with PumpUp ended up being a particularly important accomplishment for Eleanor. She had to overcome immense hurdles in order to get to where she is today. "Mentally, I've had to overcome low self-esteem, depression, anorexia, and self harm," she confessed. "Physically, I've dealt with endometriosis and SPD during pregnancy. Currently, I'm on and off crutches while I wait for knee surgery. I never let it stop me or use it as an excuse. I train hard now because I love my body, not because I hate it." 
 Eleanor's PumpUp Success Story
After receiving so much support from the PumpUp community while she was on and off crutches, Eleanor created the #ReasonsToSmile hashtag challenge as her way of giving back. "I wanted everybody on PumpUp to share a picture of what made them smile, and to give 5 reasons why they do it," Eleanor enthused. Since then, over 100 PumpUp members followed in Eleanor's example by sharing about the reasons why they smile. The success of her hashtag is a testament to the inspirational and supportive nature of the PumpUp community.
Eleanor's best advice
Start small. Small, positive changes are easier to maintain and lead to bigger changes.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself always: No one is perfect.
 Eleanor's PumpUp Success Story
Eleanor's biggest source of motivation
 My biggest  motivation is my job and my children. I feel I need to be a  good role model as a personal trainer and as a mother. 
Eleanor's Favourite Workout
I love Pauline Nordin's Butt Bible. Jim Stoppani's Bulk and Shred programmes are great as well! Currently, I'm doing a 5 day split in the gym, on top of teaching 5 classes a week!
Fun fact about Eleanor
I have an honours degree in English literature.
Keep Eleanor pumped and join her on the PumpUp community @eleanorjane_k! Have questions for Eleanor? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet @PumpUp!

I survived cancer when I was 24. Here's how it changed my life

I survived cancer when I was 24. Here's how it changed my life


My diagnosis

I never imagined that I would be where I am today. In early 2014, I noticed a mole where I had accidentally smacked my head at work. This one, stubborn mole would change my life forever.  The mole continued to irritate me for weeks on end. It didn't worry me much, but my mom urged me to have it checked. I went to a dermatologist and neither she nor I thought it was of major concern, but, following protocol, it was sent off to the lab for a biopsy. A week later, and to all of our shock, it came back as borderline melanoma.

Melanoma is the most fatal of skin cancers and extremely rare at my young age of 24. I met with my surgeon and it was decided that the site on my scalp needed to be cleared for fear that the melanoma would spread into my lymph nodes. My first surgery went smoothly. It was relieving. On the other hand, the results of the surgery’s biopsy made my stomach drop. The cancer had spread into one of my lymph nodes and a second surgery would be required to see how much further it had spread. Less than a month later, I was back in the hospital being preparing to undergo another surgery. I remember thinking, “Why me? I’m only 24. I have my whole life ahead of me.” But I kept my chin up. I was taught that the grass will always look greener on the other side. I was taught to be thankful for what I have because I am, in some way, more fortunate than somebody else. I knew that there will forever be a greener-looking pasture. These lessons calmed me down as the anesthesia overcame me.


The physical repercussions from my surgery were obvious. Nerve damage rendered the left side of my face paralyzed. I could not close my left eye or even blink. I could neither form a smile, nor fully open my mouth to eat. Yet, the worst part of the surgery was my inability to do any physical activities! I had become passionate about the gym and hated being kept from it. It took time to recover, but once I was cleared to return, I went as much as I could. I did not care that half of my face was still “dead", I just wanted to regain my bulk! I was discouraged to see I had lost much of my strength. I wanted it back immediately.

My journey to recovery

At the time, I was studying to become a personal trainer, so I applied what I was learning to my own workout routine. I spent hours at home reading books, perusing articles on the Internet, and scrolling through comment threads to discover what had and had not worked for others and why. Circumstances had left me downtrodden, but I was determined not to quit! Cancer changed me. It sounds cliché, but when your life is in question you fight harder than ever to keep it. I am trying to apply this lesson to all areas of my life.Why wait? Why wait for something to change you? Why not dig deep down and change it yourself? It is easier said than done, and I certainly still fail. I am not perfect, but I will never stop trying to better myself. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said “Winners never quit and quitters never win!”

cancer changed my life pumpup

Today, I feel better about who I am because of what I have accomplished. I am mentally stronger. I am striving to better myself in other areas the same way I attacked my fitness. I’m still not 100% back to where I was in terms of strength but I’m significantly happier. I know I’ll get there and I’m learning to be patient. Everything takes time and happens for a reason. I know I can turn the bad into good and I want people to know that they can do the same. No matter where they are on their journey, they can always move forward. I have learned that the grass is truly greener where you water it!

This is a post by PumpUp member Zach P. Encourage him along his journey on the PumpUp app @zpoisson, and find him on Instagram at @poisson_fitness. Do you have a recovery story to share? Any thoughts for Zach? Comment below! We'd love to hear from you! (Top image c/o flickr)

cancer changed my life pumpup



The friendliest personal trainer you'll ever meet - PumpUp Success Stories


Have you ever sought advice from a friendly personal trainer but didn’t know where to start? Meet PumpUp member Lee (@rocsolid_626). He joined PumpUp in July 2014, in search of a niche community tailored to his intense interest in health and fitness. “It was a perfect fit,” he enthused. “Fitness is an obsession for me.”  

As a personal trainer, he has been using the app to motivate his clients, create personalized conditioning exercises, and inspire others with recipes and top-notch advice. “I’ve always enjoyed sports and I work out daily because of my occupation as a personal trainer,” he mused. “By using PumpUp, I’ve helped others reach their fitness goals—and not just my clients. Watching others go through complete transformations (just as I did) inspires me like no other. If I can prevent somebody from experiencing health issues later on in the future, then I’m doing great work.” His weight fluctuated a lot throughout his journey. Lee began at 135 lbs, peaked at 206 lbs, and has since maintained a weight of 200 lbs with 9% body fat. 


Lee mentioned how hard it was for him to find a continuous source of motivation along his health and fitness journey. PumpUp allowed him to keep tabs of his progress along the way.  “I’m inspired by everybody who works hard on PumpUp because a lot of folks won’t even try!” he professed. “On PumpUp, I’m able to post recipes, workouts, fitness tips, and more. I hope that at least one person can benefit from any of my posts.” 

His best advice for those looking to lead a more active lifestyle is to be persistent about your goals. “You can workout every day and work out until you can’t move another muscle, but I guarantee that if you don’t eat proper meals, your fitness goals won’t last,” he counselled. Meal prep has been a crucial part of Lee’s success. He frequently struggles to fight the temptation of indulging in fast food. “That’s why meal prep leaves you no excuses. I still battle with being lazy, and forcing myself to work out because I know that if you take just a few days off, those days can turn into weeks upon weeks. All of your hard work will go down the drain. Every post on PumpUp motivates me. Once I see a post, it drives me to get my work done.”


Lee is a strong advocate for having a positive mentality when it comes to health and fitness. “It takes years for procrastinators to get started, but it takes seconds for winners to get started,” he mused. “Little by little, once the results show value, then you start to enjoy your work ethic. You will be treated with the same respect that you put in yourself.” For Lee, working out goes beyond aesthetics. A core tenant for him is exercising to improve his physical and mental health, and to feel comfortable in his own skin. “I’m always posting photos with my shirt off, but staying fit to me is beyond being topless,” he mentioned. “Through PumpUp I learned that it’s all about being confident within yourself.”

For Lee, PumpUp is more than just a fitness community. It’s a place where others can feel comfortable to share and support each other as they endure struggles and celebrate success. “It’s a blessing to be a part of a movement like PumpUp,” he mentioned. “Strive for your fitness goals! Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, or ‘tone’—I notice. PumpUp members such as @tweetii, @_harleyjade_ and @_marieta_, and everybody else on the app have become like family to me. PumpUp is so welcoming when it comes to feeling uncomfortable with yourself. It’s a great place to be if you’re struggling with bad habits that you fight daily.”


Lee’s Biggest Motivation

“My biggest motivation is myself, because I’m the only one that has the power to give me that push.”

Lee’s Eats
“I love aloe drinks and eating oatmeal with bananas. It’s pretty simple!”

Motivational Mantra
“This quote from Will Smith: ‘There are two types of people in this world. There are hammers and there are nails. You decide which one you want to be.’”

Favourite Workout Routine

“I like the circuit training exercises that PumpUp has, as well as the demonstrations that accompany each workout!”


Fun Fact about Lee
“I am fun and outgoing! I love to try new workouts. I am Crossfit certified and I have an intense passion for fitness”

Follow Lee on the pumpupapp @rocsolid_626 and keep him pumped!