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Make 2015 the best year of your life! To help you start January off on a healthy foot we’re excited to introduce the #MyResolution photo-a-day challenge!

Each day this month, share a photo for the daily theme (see photo) and make sure to use the hashtag #MyResolution to have your photo entered in the challenge.

You can win #PumpUpSwag every day this month for participating - with a grand prize for those who complete the whole challenge!

Side bonus - include your personal resolution as a hashtag to connect with other like-minded members who are striving to achieve the same goal as you. We’re all in this together! 

Reblog this photo if you’re doing the challenge. Check out full descriptions of our January 2014 photo-a-day challenge down below.

Day 1: Set resolution - Create a post about your resolution or ultimate goal list for 2015. How will you achieve it? Are your goals specific and measurable? 

Day 2: In my fridge- Is your fridge neatly organized and full of wholesome food, or is it a jungle overflowing hidden science projects? We want to know what you’ll be eating this year to stay healthy!

Day 3: Plank- Plank it out anywhere and everywhere. Bonus points for taking a photo of a creative plank! Have you been tracking your plank progress? How long can  you hold it for?

Day 4: Workout buddy- Do you have a person who’s keeping you pumped up and accountable for the rest of the year? Tag and post a photo of you and your workout buddy doing your favourite exercise move together!

Day 5: Favourite quality- Who said that the new year always has to be about giving something up? Think about a quality you never want to change about yourself— what’s already working for you, what makes you happiest. Write it down on a piece of paper and share a photo of it!

Day 6: Transformation- Whether you’re at the very beginning, in the middle, or nearing the end of one of your goals, share a transformation photo! We love all ‘before’, ‘after’, and ‘during’ photos! Use this photo as a marker of your progress at the end of the month.

Day 7: Lunge- Lunge it out! Add a little jump when you switch between legs to make this a killer plyometric move! greatistteam has an awesome article about lunge variations that you can try for this photo challenge.

Day 8: Realistic goal - We’ve already set our ultimate resolutions, so what’s a realistic, short term goal that you want to accomplish this week? Whether it’s reaching new personal record, working up to a new yoga pose, or maxing out your mileage during a run, let us know if you have a very specific goal that you’d love to accomplish this week!

Day 9: Try a new ingredient- Cooking may be scary, but hey: Gordon Ramsay will (hopefully, never) be standing over your shoulder, critiquing about your culinary expertise. We dare you to incorporate a new ingredient in one of your meals today, and snap a photo about how you did it & felt about it. You may just surprise yourself!

Day 10: Tuck jump- The tuck jump is a fun and tricky plyometric move to capture in a photo. We’d love to see you try! Start in a standing position, knees slightly bent. Hold your hands in front of you at chest height, dip down into a quarter squat, and immediately explode upward as high as you can. Drive your knees toward your chest, attempting to touch them to the palms of your hands. Land softly!

Day 11: Obliques- Work those obliques! They’re stabilizing muscles that run along the sides of your abdomen! What’s your favourite move for your obliques?

Day 12: Inspiring quote- Write out or post a photo of a quote that motivates you all day, every day. Let it all out, PumpUp is a judgement-free, inspiration-friendly zone! How did you apply this to your day?

Day 13: Fave transformation- Repost a photo of your favourite transformation from somebody else, be they a PumpUp member or a friend/family member! Keep them pumped!

Day 14: Wall sit- Brace yourselves. Wall-sits are coming. Here’s how to do them. See how long you can do it for and share a photo of yourself performing the exercise! Bonus? Challenge somebody else to do a wall-sit with you and see who can hold it for longer!

Day 15: RewardWe’re almost halfway through the photo-challenge! Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yo’ self to a smart reward. Why are rewards important? They shape behaviour: your goals will become habits and they’ll help you to maintain a positive attitude. Share a photo of a tangible and meaningful way that you’re rewarding yourself today!

Day 16: Eat the rainbow- No, this isn’t an excuse to eat Skittles. “Eating the rainbow” is a simple and visual way of reminding us that a variety of fruits, vegetables, and colour in our diet will help us to attain our necessary vitamin and mineral intake.  It’s a good indicator (but not a be all and end all rule) for eating healthily in general, as certain colours of food indicate an abundance of specific nutrients. Make a healthy and colourful meal today and share a photo about it!

Day 17: Squat- When in doubt, squat it out! Share a photo of you performing an awesome squat variation, and see how many you can do with proper form in one go! Here’s a post with inspiration for different types of squats that you can do! 

Day 18: In my gym bag- It’s our most trusted companion on our busiest days, and essential for morning gym-goers. Packing a well-stocked gym bag is, well, an art. We wanna know what your essentials are!

Day 19: Keeps me on track- What are you using to track your progress and to measure what you’ve accomplished so far? Whether it’s a personal journal, sticky notes, or a mantra that repeat to yourself every morning, share a photo of something that’s keeping you on track to achieve your resolutions and goals!

Day 20: Workout gear- When we wear new workout gear or exercise in our favourite workout clothes, we kinda feel like Power Rangers (RIGHT? right). Post a photo of you in clothes that make you feel invincible, almost as if you have the eye of a tiger.   

Day 21: Triceps- Get jiggy with it by being arm jiggle-free! Show us a photo of your tricep progress, or of you doing a move that sculpts the muscle group in the back of your arms. 

Day 22: Food journal- Keep a journal to track whatever you ate or drank today, and either post a photo of your journal or share your reflections about it. This one simple act instantly increases your awareness about the quality and quantity of what you eat. It’ll also help to identify why you are eating, and whether you can cut down on triggers that lead to mindless munching. 

Day 23: Protein- On this Foodie Friday, share a photo of healthy protein that you incorporated into your meals! Nuts, legumes, lean meat that is low in saturated fat: anything! The world is your oyster.

Day 24: Yoga pose- Namaste, PumpUp! Share a photo of you doing your favourite pose, or of one that you’re excited to build up to. Which muscle groups did you work during your pose? 

Day 25: Smoothie- We’re smooth sailing today with wonderful smoothies that pack a healthy, nutrient-filled punch! What kind of smoothie did you drink or make today? Include the recipe! 

Day 26: Give advice- What’s the best piece of advice that you can give about leading a healthy and active lifestyle? Help your PumpUp fam out by sharing a photo with a tidbit of advice in the caption, and comment on any post from somebody asking for help! As Oscar Wilde was quoted saying, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.” 

Day 27: Progress- Progress is progress, no matter how small! Share a photo about any kind of progress you made between now and the first #TransformationTuesday photo we encouraged you to post this month. Congratulations on anything and everything that you’ve achieved so far!

Day 28: Stretch- Lest we forget to stretch! You’re almost at the finish line of the photo challenge, so stretch it out. Minimize the risk of injury by stretching often! Active warm-ups and consistent, stretch-abundant cool downs can help to increase your flexibility and range of motion. Do a killer workout, and stop, drop, and stretch after! 

Day 29: #TBT- Share a throwback photo of where you were one year ago, or a photo that captures a point in your life that reflects the very beginning of your health and wellness journey. What great changes have you made since then? 

Day 30: Flex- It’s time to flex those muscles and be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Show us a flex friday photo of you getting pumped in the place that you love the most. Why does it keep you motivated? 

Day 31: What’s next- You’re FINISHED the photo challenge! Let’s do the Y.M.C.A., the Macarena, the harlem shake. Let’s get pumped for the rest of the year and the rest of your life. What’s in store for you?