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How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Year

How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Year

The power of positive thinking can do wonders for your New Year's Resolutions.  This year, make it a priority to take charge of your thoughts over all else.

Our thoughts define our emotions and influence our lives, so changing your mindset can make a major difference. Though there are external factors we can't control, we can control how we respond to them.

4 Do-Able Strategies For Staying Positive During Big Transitions

4 Do-Able Strategies For Staying Positive During Big Transitions

During big transitions, it's pretty common to feel like you're drowning underneath a waterfall of feelings. They can be positive or negative – excitement or anxiety, for example. Most of the time, you're overwhelmed by emotions. At the start of big transitions, you should try your best to remain as calm as possible. Don't consume yourself with other problems or tasks. They may leave you feeling completely drained in a short amount of time. Things have their own way of falling into place. They will just run their course, no matter what our actions are. Take a step back and remind yourself where you are.

3 ways to stay positive after a sports injury

3 ways to stay positive after a sports injury

Self-loathing and denial won’t make an injury go away. If anything, psychological stressors can make recovery more difficult. That's why it's so important to stay positive after a sports injury. When I developed a repetitive stress injury called tarsal tunnel syndrome— similar to carpal tunnel, but on the inner side of my lower leg—I thought that I might never run a competitive long-distance race again.

The power of positive words : learning to believe in yourself

The power of positive words : learning to believe in yourself


Words have the ability to pick somebody up or tear somebody down. We all have the opportunity to think about what we are about to say before we say it. The same mouth that shoots out negative words also has the ability to shoot out positive ones. The choice as to which version will come out our mouths will first start from the inside: from our minds and hearts. Sometimes, mental barriers get in the way of our ambitions. In order to change the mind, we must speak words of power. Phrases like “I can”, “ I will”, and “there is no stopping me” will kick your doubt into the dust. When we identify what the mind is trying to do to us negatively, we are able to take control and take action.  This concept can help us to make our minds stronger and help us to speak words of power not only to ourselves, but to others.

If I came up to you and sincerely said, I believe in you, you'll probably think that I lost my mind. You'll be wary because I don't know you, nor what you've been through, and yet I'm still insisting that I believe in you.  If I was to take it a step further and told you every day that I believe in you, your mind will start to think positively. You will tell yourself, if they believe in me, then I must be doing something positively. You'll start to believe in yourself too.

We are programmed to immediately see negative aspects about ourselves. The negative words that people use to describe us tend to take power over us. We can rein that power back into our hands by using equally effective words. Words like:

NO – I will not believe the negative words that you are saying to me


YES – “I am strong”; “I will prevail”; “I am capable!” “I got this!”

Choose your words wisely and think before speaking. Use those powerful words for good. Speak them loud and speak them proud. Watch the magic happen in your life and those you have the ability to affect. Positive words are effective; positive words are contagious, positive words are powerful!

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! Did you encourage yourself with positive words today? Let us know in the comments below!

What happens when you learn to take yourself just as you are

What happens when you learn to take yourself just as you are


There is only one you. Take yourself just as you are. No matter how hard we try to turn ourselves into something different, the reality is that we are who we are. The beauty of it is is that we are all unique and beautifully crafted. Being who you are will allow others to see a different perspective on life. It allows for you to show talents that you cultivated for yourself, and somebody else can benefit from it. Cherishing that piece of you will allow others to see that they do not have to act different to be accepted. Challenging the odds takes on a new meaning for somebody who accepts things as they are and for who they are.

Bettering our self-image or our self-esteem is always a great thing. Striving every day to be better than who you were the previous day is a challenge, but it's rewarding. Be cautious: striving to be the best shouldn’t mean that you're trying to be someone different. It's not fair to give off a wrong impression.

The poem below sums up exactly what it means to take yourself just as you are. Others will have no choice but to follow suit. Some won't like it; most will try to change it; few will accept it; all will have to respect it.

Take Me, As I am

Accept Me, As I am 

Criticize Me, As I am 

Compliment Me, As I am

We are like no other, as we are uniquely designed. 

We are like no other, no other in mind.

Live life to the fullest as best as you can.

We are born to live life, Just As I am.

Displaying the true you will not only bring more people your way, it will allow others to see their own self-worth. Who you are will matter. Who you are will be noticed. Who you are will be rewarded. You will be accepted one way and one way only when you learn to take yourself, just as you are.

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! Did you give somebody a positive affirmation today? Let us know what it was in the comments below!

5 simple body positive art projects that you can start today

5 simple body positive art projects that you can start today


All you need is a pen and paper to make a difference. That's the mission of Operation Beautiful, a project determined to end negative self-talk through the medium of positive, thoughtfully-placed post-it notes. The movement recognizes that there is extraordinary power behind random acts of kindness, as good deeds have the tendency to spread like a contagion. If you feel like doing a good deed on Motivation Monday (or any day, for that matter), consider taking up one of these body positive art projects:

A Body Positive Sticky Note Wall

Body positive sticky notes can make a world of difference for somebody's confidence. Consider this a Motivation Monday project for yourself

This is an example of body positive art that PumpUp member @midge623 found at her local gym. It's a wall dedicated to sharing positive thoughts, quotes, and messages about body image.

Thoughtfully-placed Post-It Notes

Body positive sticky note from Operation Beautiful

This body positive sticky note from Operation Beautiful was placed on various mirrors of public restrooms to remind visitors about how beautiful they are.

The positive white-board project

Body positive wall art

In this project, participants were asked to sit in front of a white-board while others were asked to write positive qualities about the seated person. Each participant was not allowed to look at what was being written until the photograph was taken.

Something borrowed : library post-it notes

Stick body positive post it notes between pages when you return library books

This person shares encouraging post-it notes between the pages of library books that they've returned.

Sewing mends the soul


Artist Augustina Woodgate 'poetry bombs' thrift stores by sewing poems into articles of clothing. The same can (theoretically) be done for body positive quotes.

Inspired by these ideas? Share your favourite ways to motivate others on #MotivationMonday with the PumpUp Community! 

5 ways to boost your self-esteem

5 ways to boost your self-esteem


I doubt that anyone feels good about themselves all the time. We all have those moments when we just do not feel good enough. Maybe your teacher gave you a bad grade. Maybe you let yourself down by not following through with your New Year resolutions – again. Whatever it is that caused you to doubt yourself, it's certainly not a good feeling. Here's what you can do to boost your self-esteem and make you feel like you.

1) Exercise!

(Image via giphy) 

It might not be the funnest (at first), but exercise makes your brain produce endorphins that will make you feel awesome. When your body reacts to certain stimuli, like exercising, your hypothalamus signals for endorphins, and the cells that contain them heed the call. When endorphins lock into special receptor cells, they produce a euphoric feeling. And just like that, exercising got a little better than it already was!


2) “I look good today”

(Image via giphy)

Talking to yourself can actually make you feel better about yourself. Try telling yourself something nice every time you look at yourself in a mirror. Whether it is about how amazing you look, or how great of a person you are, eventually you'll start believing it. It might feel a little weird the first couple of times you do it, but who ever said that weird was a bad thing? (It isn't)


3) “You look good today”

You look good - Boost your self esteem

While giving yourself compliments can make you more secure about yourself, giving them to others is quite effective too. Giving the small gesture of a smile to a stranger will make you feel great when they return your smile. Challenge yourself by smiling at everyone on your way to work. Or see if you can give at least three compliments a day. It'll be beneficial for you and everybody else!

4) Doing it Ally-McBeal-Style!

(Image via giphy)

If you know the show “Ally McBeal”, you probably know what I mean when I say this: designate a theme song for yourself. It is absolutely silly, and absolutely worth trying. It’s very simple: pick out a song that gets you in a good mood, and when you walk down the street, you listen to the song on your iPod or simply play the song in your own head. You will feel like you're starring in lead role of the movie about your life!


5) I love me because…

(Image via giphy)

Find your pencil case! It’s time to make a list! Write down all the things you love about yourself! It doesn’t matter how long the list gets, just make sure that it’s full of positive things about you! It could be anything. Do you have nice eyes? Are you a great host? Are you good with animals? Write it down! You can put your list up somewhere, so you get reminded about all the fantastic things you are! Or you can put it away and read it, whenever you’re having a bad day.

These 5 tips to boost your self-esteem were written by PumpUp member @jessicanielsen. Have more tips to share about ways to boost your self-esteem? Let us know in the comments below! 


Why everybody needs positive affirmation

Why everybody needs positive affirmation


We are all motivated by something in our lives. It may be something we see or hear, it may be a thought that comes into our minds that makes us acts a certain way. These thoughts may fire us up to achieve all the dreams and desires that’s burning inside, or they may make you determine that something needs to change in your life. It can be as easy as changing something in their daily routine that others catch a glimpse of. It can be stepping out in a crowd where everyone else is standing back. The step that is taken in that moment can be a motivator for someone to step up or out in his or her own world.

Circumstances can be motivational. For example: going to a department store to shop for skinny jeans. They don't always fit the way you want them to. As discouragement sets in, your attitude won't be the same because the outfit you set out to purchase in your mind is not the outfit that you see on yourself in the mirror. What is the next step? Motivation can go a few different ways. You can be de-motivated and not do anything, or you can be motivated to do something about it.

Positive affirmation is exactly what we need, but often times neglect. Not everybody has high self esteem, but we can lift somebody's spirits by helping them to validate their worth. People want to know that someone is in their corner; someone fighting on their behalf even if they may not be right. The fact that someone is standing beside them will make them feel better.

We see this play out in numerous situations and circumstances. Take a person who just started working out at the gym. They are working out on the machines and they are reading the instructions. They know that this is not familiar to them and they are a little nervous. They are wondering, who is watching me? Am I doing this right? Why am I here, why do I care? Why do other people care? Affirming that what that person is doing in the gym will make them feel comfortable in the gym. It will answer all those questions of who is watching, why are they there, why do people care, etc. Go up to somebody. Simply saying, “You’re doing a great job” will do wonders for the confidence of that individual. It will take what they thought was a waste of time and make it become one of the highlights of their day.

Positive affirmations

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his website, Did you give somebody a positive affirmation today? Let us know what it was in the comments below!

4 ways to stay on track when you're stressed out to the max

4 ways to stay on track when you're stressed out to the max


As the end of the school year rolls around, I know we all can’t help thinking about the quickly approaching summer months. I know how easy it is to start slacking off and getting distracted by the thoughts of relaxation and warm sunshine. We are in the final stretch!! Time to find some motivation in all aspects of life and stay on track to finish the year out successfully! Here are my top tips for staying on top of your health and school work!…

1. Plan AHEAD!

My favorite way to stay organized is to write everything down. Making a list and crossing things off can be extremely effective in not only staying on top of your work, but also finding a personal sense of accomplishment when you complete things. Also, if you know you are going to be studying at the library all day–bring snacks! Eating “brain food” like fruits and veggies is the perfect way to stay energized during long hours of studying.

Plan ahead by writing everything down - 4 tips to stay on track, even when you're stressed out from the PumpUp Blog

(via Tumblr)

2. Give yourself a BREAK!

Make time for YOU on a daily basis. Whether you take 30 minutes to exercise, watch a TV show, or take a nap, breaks are necessary for your brain, your body, and your sanity! Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. :)

Give yourself a break - 4 ways to stay on track even when you're stressed out

(via giphy)

3. Surround yourself with MOTIVATION!

Studying in a an environment with little distraction will help keep you focused. If you like studying in a group, find other students who like to do it too! Find what works for you and what inspires you and you will absolutely be on the road to success!

Surround yourself with motivation - 4 tips to stay on track, even when you're stressed out | PumpUp Blog

(via Tumblr)


One of the best pieces of advice my parents ever gave me is “You don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best.” It is so important to remember this in all aspects of life– don’t compare yourself to others. You are your own biggest competitor! Challenge yourself to be a better version of YOU every single day. That’s all you can ask of yourself!

Remember that there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! Summer is right around the corner! Working hard until then will make your time off even more enjoyable, I promise.

Stay positive - 4 tips to stay on track, even when you're stressed out | PumpUp Blog

(via giphy)

These tips to stay on track, even when you're stressed out were written by Ashley Hampton (PumpUp:@rawincollege), a college student looking to spread the power of the raw vegan lifestyle through her positive posts and vibrant photos. Check out her blog.

4 tips to stay on track and be healthy, even when you're stressed out. Plan ahead, take breaks, immerse yourself in a motivating environment, and stay positive. Learn more from the PumpUp Blog at

How I learned to shift focus away from the 'ideal' body image

How I learned to shift focus away from the 'ideal' body image

It starts when we are children. We look around at the world and begin to see ourselves as individuals, separate from everyone else. As a teacher, I see this in the classroom every day when children call on each other about how different they are. Sometimes they are saying it as a positive experience, other times they are trying to get a rise out of their target by tinting it with judgement or disdain. We are constantly trying to find comfort for ourselves by putting judgements out towards others, to see what they think or how they view us. How do we grow up and stand within ourselves, accepting who we are, where we come from, and where we are going?


There has always been an image out there in society for people to grasp at as an ideal. This image has changed a bit throughout evolution but now for a long time it has moved around the physical quality of "skinny". Today, to be "skinny" as well as "fit" are popular ideals. Human beings pressure each other and themselves beneath the weight of this. Unfortunately, just like when corsets were the fashion and women wore them even to sleep just so they could achieve the "ideal" shape despite its affect on their organs, this new idea of how people "should be" is also found to be harmful to some people. Almost all of us hold some insecurities about how our physical bodies look, no matter how they look. Some people take this to extreme measures and become ill because of their insecurities.


It is up to us to remember that our body is our instrument. We create with itIt does not define who we are, but it is shaped by who we are wanting to become. If we can remember that our happiness is most important; that a balance in life is always healthy; eating enough for whatever it is you do; sleeping and resting your body and mind; doing things to nourish your own personal spiritual life; our body will begin to reflect all of this. And not only that, but when you look in the mirror or stand before another person you will have a bearing that is most beautiful of all: confident and happy.


Ideally, which I think many people know, eating healthy and getting fit should be a happy aspect of ones life, supporting your work and dreams. Back in the days when farming was a bigger part of our culture, we had fitness in the form of physical labor. Today with many of us holding office jobs and the like, we have to fight to create a space for physical activity, and especially in the digital age. If we could emphasize the activity, and lower the stress of the image, would things be different at all? I like to think about that, and wonder.


Meanwhile, I meet my students each day with as much love and patience as I can muster, and do my best to help them discover how to be together socially in the most healthful and non judgmental ways possible. If we can give each other enough space and encouragement to grow and live our dreams, endless wonders will be possible.


This is a post by PumpUp member @bodysoulspiritfitness, a teacher and movement artist with a passion for healthy living and adventure. Follow her blog here.

How PumpUp helped Jessica beat anxiety

How PumpUp helped Jessica beat anxiety

If anxiety and tide pools of profound unhappiness have ever burdened you, Jessica knows exactly how you feel. Freshly out of university in July 2014, Jessica decided to do something about it by joining the PumpUp community. “I turned to fitness and a healthy lifestyle in an effort to lose weight, boost my mood, and combat my anxiety,” she explained. “My lifestyle has completely changed since I’ve been using PumpUp. I can’t even express how much healthier I feel!”

Prior to PumpUp, university-induced stress got the best of Jessica’s eating habits. “I would constantly snack when writing essays, a form of comfort eating I suppose,” shrugged Jessica. “There was quite a lot of partying and drinking so I put on quite a bit of weight while at university.” Frequent fast-food trips didn’t help her case either, as much as she tried to stick to lean meat and fish at dinnertime. Her snacking habit and lack of exercise became two of her biggest obstacles next to her 3-year battle with anxiety. “I would suffer from frequent panic attacks and avoided many situations because of it,” she recounted. “PumpUp was the beginning of my fitness and health journey. The community was so positive, uplifting and encouraging. I began to appreciate what I had and learned that positivity is key. I started to say yes: I will live my life to the fullest, believe in myself, and face my fears.”

Life with PumpUp: less anxiety, more positivity

Suffice it to say, Jessica has be true to the promises she made since she began to share her story with the PumpUp community. She eased into the groove of a different routine and was stunned by the palpable impact it made upon her physical and mental health. “What’s so great about PumpUp is that I can track my progress since I first started my journey,” she insisted. “It really helps me to see how far I’ve come with the added bonus of such a motivational community.” Not only are Jessica’s eating habits much more balanced, they are less so dictated by her stress level. “I started my job as a teaching assistant in September—this keeps me busy because I don’t get many breaks,” she elaborated. “There is less time and no temptation to snack.”

Once work finishes, you’ll be able to find Jess at the gym 4 times a week, tracking her progress on PumpUp as she goes. “When I especially don’t feel like working out, I’ll go onto PumpUp and it’ll instantly motivate me to get back in the gym,” Jessica enthused. “I’ve never regretted a workout and really do feel so much better after. Not only is she motivated it exercise more consistently, Jess’s mood is discernibly more positive. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an ounce of negativity when you’re around her. “I used to be extremely pessimistic, always worrying about what I looked like,” she recalled. “I’m happier and healthier than ever before since I joined PumpUp. I’m an optimist for the first time in my life and I’ve been able to help encourage others with their own journey.”

If there’s one thing that Jessica recommends to others looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, it’s perseverance. “Believe in yourself,” she affirmed. “If you’re struggling to maintain an active lifestyle, set goals and believe that you can achieve them. Change doesn’t happen right away. It takes time. Often I feel like when you're close to giving up, you begin to see change!" 

Jessica’s biggest motivation

Initially my biggest motivation was wanting to love my body. PumpUp helped me to achieve that. Now I'm constantly motivated by the wonderful and supportive PumpUp community but in particular, Lorrin (@lorrin) and Dan (dmccarthy). I've been following their journeys since I downloaded PumpUp and they have always been so encouraging and supportive, not just to me but to so many other users too. Both have come so far and I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such inspirational and supportive people like them!

Jessica’s meals

I usually eat porridge with chia and flaxseed for breakfast, a banana as my morning snack and I make a salad every night for lunch, which consists of spinach, chicken or salmon, olives, tomatoes, humus, falafel, avocado and a grain such as quinoa or bulgur wheat. Sometimes I'll have a protein bar an hour before I go to the gym or oatcakes with almond butter (my favourite snack!) A typical dinner for me now would be salmon and sweet potato or a chicken casserole.

Motivational Mantra

My biggest struggle was learning how to be happy and not to worry so much, so Helen Keller's quote "Be happy with what you have while working for what you want" is a fantastic reminder to enjoy life. 

Favourite Exercise

To stay active I mostly go to the gym and do running here and there. I like to start off my gym session with 15 minutes on a bike followed by 5 minutes on the rowing machine. I then use various different weight machines but I particularly like the roman chair (even if it looks scary!) to work my abs and I enjoy doing lunges with 8kg dumbbells. 

Fun fact about Jess

I'm British but I'm also bilingual, I speak English and French and lived in Paris for a year in 2012! As well as fitness, I have a huge passion for makeup and beauty and I have my own beauty blog. 

Keep Jessica pumped on the app @_js and follow her on Instagram @jessbabeszz!

We think you look lovely today


We think you’re pretty lovely all day, everyday! #MemberCrushMonday is a real thing on the pumpupapp.

Tell somebody (or many people) that they look lovely today by rebloggging. Warm up your week by including a warm-up song in your #8tracksPUMP captions!

Bringing joy to others will help you to find joy in yourself

How one less bad thought will allow us to live positive lives


This is a post by Abigail B. (@shaudae on PumpUp). Follow her on Tumblr and on her Wordpress blog at Inspiration Served Daily

Let’s think one less bad thought about ourselves. Let’s say one less negative sentence about ourselves. Let’s start within.

 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” - Proverbs 23:7 King James Version (KJV)

Spreading Positivity starts within. We must think positive thoughts. You control your emotions and a positive mind will bring about a positive attitude. Once we start to think positive, we will speak positive words of affirmation to ourselves – “I can do this!”; “I will complete every set in this workout routine”. There may be times when we realize that we are not where we want to be – in our workout progress or in life. In those times, we must think positive and speak positive words to ourselves and over our situation.

When we start to speak positive words to ourselves, our aura will exude positivity which will allow us to spread positivity to others.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” – Buddha

There are days when we spread positivity and still receive negative reactions from people. Do NOT let that stop you. There are also days when we may not feel perky or happy. Remain positive.

If it should be measured, our blessings outweigh all the bad things that have happened to us in our lives. We may never know the extent to which we touch the lives of others in a positive way, and therefore we must continue to spread positivity. There is always ONE person, young or old, who actually looks up to you. They value your words of encouragement, your smile; your positive aura. By spreading positivity, we brighten someone’s day and they in turn will spread positivity - ripple effect!


“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.” - E. Joseph Cossman

When we continuously spread positivity, we tend to have a positive outlook on life. Therefore when we look at our past, we rarely remember the negative things that have happened to us and if we do, we look at the negative things as lessons.  Use these lessons to encourage others.

Let’s start each day with positive thoughts. Let’s turn our positive thoughts into positive words. Let’s exude positivity, through words and actions, and watch it impact the lives of everyone we come in contact with.

Over time we will realize that one less bad thought will allow us to live positive lives so we can…#SpreadPositivity.

-        Abigail Brady

Random Acts of Kindness


Spread positivity this month! PumpUp member beau3 wrote small, positive quotes on strips of paper and surprised people with them at the train station. “It felt amazing when I saw their reactions from a distance.” See who won a PumpUp beanie yesterday by opening up the app!

A positive anything is better than negative nothing


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Motivation Monday: Should, would could, did


Question of the day: What does positivity mean to you? Let us know how you’ll #SpreadPositivity today! Thanks PumpUp member @karolapreparea for the photo!


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Throwback Thursday: Back Progress


"For the past three months, I committed to become healthy. I wanted to prove to myself that it was achievable and to somehow, someday inspire those close to my heart to do the same." This message does nothing but #SpreadPositivity!

This is how to breathe positivity into your soul

There’s a saying that when we quiet the mind, the soul will speak. In this post, PumpUp member fitnessriss (@carissamarie2 on the app) teaches us how to internalize negativity and #SpreadPositivity through self-awareness.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must find discipline and control one’s own mind.” – Buddha


Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that inhabit our lives. Ponder the possibility that our lives are molded by our minds. Imagine your life without stress, pain, depression; all the outer negativity from work, school, peers, family, and even personal issues. It can all be mended from within.

Wouldn’t that be relief? Wouldn’t that life be a beautiful breeze? Well, it is. It is freedom of the soul, and it’s more than possible. The change you’ve been waiting for, that part of your life that you’ve been searching for that has been missing, it has been within you all along. Your despair, stress, and worry can be healed beginning with the way you see, think, and how you feel.

 You carry the freedom of your mind, body, and spirit, but it’s up to you to take that freedom and control the emotions and responses you have towards life. Our lives are altered by our reactions and it takes seconds to make that right or wrong decision to react. Indeed, we are only human, but we must be patient with ourselves and think before we act upon a simple emotion. I’m not telling you to bottle up your emotions, I’m telling you to acknowledge the negative ones, breathe in, and search for an easier, less stressful way to react to a situation.

Those few moments of pure awareness within yourself can free your mind of the way you view the outcomes and sometimes negative situations handed to you. But you are saving yourself from the unneeded pain, unwanted alterations, and even unacceptable anger or intolerance. Your reactions to the struggles and situations that this life will bring forth will define your outlook on life. You cannot let the negative ones get the best of you. Your love embodies the best of you and your negative emotions or reactions will only bring you out of touch with that love. No matter what life throws your way, you can overcome it. Always look at situations from all perspectives. Stay mindful of yourself and be aware of your emotions, but again, do not act upon the negative ones. If you breathe positivity into your soul, only a positive brighter life can be viewed through your now aware and tolerant eyes.

Free yourself from the barricaded rooms of stress, depression, and despair. You deserve the light. You deserve to feel the winds of happiness caress your skin. See the world for what it is and realize that only you can truly stop yourself from seeing that beautiful truth. Remember that this happiness and positive perspective of life isn’t something you need to search for – it’s already there with you.


You possess the ability from within, right now. You can be happy and see this life full of light and feel the love, right now. Once you take hold of that new perspective you are living that life you’ve always wanted, you’ve found what was missing, you have it all in the palm of your hands. Hold it close, practice each day, stay mindful, and remain patient with yourself. You can spread the love and positivity to others, don’t just tell them to react differently, remind them of that self-awareness, and let them see the beauty of a more patient perspective of life.  

Follow Carissa on Tumblr fitnessriss, Tweet her at @risaamariee2, find her on instagram @rissmarie2, and best of all, #SpreadPositivity with her on PumpUp @carissamarie2!