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This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)

This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)


When PumpUp member @sharksbitesoflife took up heavy lifting one year ago, she never could have imagined how it would transform her body. Not only is her back definition much more pronounced, this PumpUp member looks and feels stronger and more confident. "Obviously the lighting is different, but I think I made some progress between then and now," she said modestly. "I have seen a huge improvement in my upper body strength and definition over the last few months." @sharksbitesoflife has been hard at work preparing for her beach vacation to Mexico. She's alternating between intense cardio, weight-lifting sessions, and resistance band workouts. She frequently documents her progress by sharing photos with the PumpUp community. "My reason for posting this photo is to hold myself accountable, so that I can post proof of progress," she mentioned. "I'm motivated."

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Keep @sharksbitesoflife pumped! Do you have back progress pictures to share? Tag them on PumpUp with #throwbackthursday so that we can see them! Do you have feedback about how heavy lifting changed your body? Let us know in the comments below! 

Zoe achieved all of her progress without the help of a gym! Here's how- PumpUp Spotlight Series


Zoe (@zoetigran) has a luminescent smile and the warmest heart. She joined PumpUp in October 2013 to keep her heart healthy in light of her family’s history of cardiovascular disease. “I realized how important it was to live a healthy lifestyle and I didn’t want any problems as I got older, particularly with my heart,” she elaborated. “A lot of people in my family don’t lead a healthy lifestyle and are now afflicted with heart problems. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me. I know I’m young but you can never start too early!”

Being proactive about her holistic wellbeing, rather than being reactive towards problems that arise from unhealthy decision-making, was the solution that Zoe sought when she became a member of the PumpUp community. “Before PumpUp I wasn’t that healthy. I ate a lot of junk food and I’d go to McDonalds every Saturday with my sister,” she lamented. “The only exercise I performed was one hour of hip hop…and that was once a week.” Though she was never overweight, Zoe went on to explain that her changes in her body began to reflect her sedentary lifestyle. “I didn’t drink enough water, and my body had no shape at all,” she elaborated. “In 2012 I realized that I wasn’t healthy but I didn’t know what to do. I started my journey by eating more wholesome food in the summer of 2013. Then I began to think about fitness—although I was hesitant because I had the impression that you could only exercise at the gym.”



Believe it or not, Zoe has achieved all of her progress without the help of a gym. She prefers calisthenics and at-home workouts. “I’ve NEVER been to the gym and I don’t use anything when I work out. I first and foremost want to prove to myself and to others that you can reach your goals without pouring tons of money into a gym membership, machines, and weights,” she affirmed. “You can do it with just you, your body, and your own bedroom.” After she joined PumpUp, Zoe began to realize the benefits of training every part of her body, rather than one single area. She particularly enjoys the Ultimate Lower Body Gainer and the Ultimate Body K-O workouts on the app. “At the beginning of my journey I only performed core exercises,” she admitted. “The rest of my body wasn’t in shape at all. I now make sure that I do full-body workouts as well.”

Zoe more regularly incorporates exercise into her busy schedule as a student and she has a greater flare for culinary creativity. “I like to go through the popular page on PumpUp to look for motivation or healthy food,” she explains. “Healthy food sounds boring, but there are so many ways to make your food healthy AND delicious. After joining PumpUp, I try to perform a 30-minute workout at least five times a week.” Though she does treat herself to McDonalds from time to time, she hardly eats fast food as frequently as she used to. “I also make sure to get enough sleep and drink more water,” she added.


She encourages other PumpUp members to be resilient. “Never give up!” Zoe exclaimed. “It sounds cliché and I’m sure everyone says this, but once you start something, you have to finish it. I promise: You won’t regret any minute of your workout!” She also advises that members shouldn’t let lactic acid buildup discourage them from continuing their workout. It’s all about mentality: “When I felt my muscles burn during a workout at the beginning of my journey, I’d stop completely,” she continued. “That wasn’t the best decision. Now, when my muscles burn, I get excited because I know that I’m really working my body. I exercise ‘through’ the temporary pain.”

In the future, Zoe aspires to become a personal fitness trainer. She explained that she uses PumpUp not only to focus on her own progress, but to help others achieve their goals as well. “Now that I’ve accomplished my goal of living a healthier life, I make smaller goals for my self like gaining more muscle mass and slimming out my thighs a little bit,” she explains.


While Zoe’s best friend Jente helps to keep her accountable in her daily life, she derives inspiration not only from PumpUp’s popular feed, but when other people leave motivational comments on her account. “It feels good when you know that others believe in you,” Zoe said happily.

Zoe’s Favourite Meals 

“When I don’t have a lot of time in the morning I like to put a banana, an orange and a couple (or a LOT) spoons of muesli in the blender. Delicious breakfast!”

Motivational Mantra

"If you work hard, you’ll reach your goals before you even realize"


More About Zoe

“I’m 16 years old and I live in a small city in the Netherlands. When I’m older I want to become a personal fitness trainer in Florida. I have big dreams, but I know I can do it!”

Keep Zoe motivated as she tracks her progress on the app @ZoeTigran!