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It’s good ol’ #PumpDay, and we are curious what you are all getting up to in your workouts? Make sure you get active today, even if it’s going for a walk or a quick 15 minute workout - it all matters. This pic is compliments of PumpUp Member, prescilladeschenes.


It’s #PumpDay everyone! Do you do a crazy amount of pushups in hopes of getting rid of arm fab or toning up your muscles? We hate to tell you, but push-ups don’t actually help you lose arm flab. Push-ups do play a role in fat loss, but they won’t specifically burn the fat around your arms. To burn more fat from the upper-body area, incorporate bicep curls, tricep lifts and shoulder presses as exercises to tone your arms!


It’s #PumpDay & here are some tips to make sure you are pumped for your workout. 

1. Use music to get you fired up! 

2. Feeling unmotivated? Look at other peoples pics, and your own progress pics. 

3. Start lightly and give yourself a warm-up before going full force. 

4. Near the end of the day do you get lazy? Switch up your routine and workout in the morning to get it out of the way! 

Are you pumped to workout now? Good, we thought so! #TeamPumpUp #PumpDay


Hey PumpUp Fam. Are you pumped for your workout today? Good, because it is none other than #PumpDay, get in a good workout today, because you are halfway through the week, YAY!