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New Update: Way Faster, Concierge, and More Control

It’s been an awesome start to 2014 and we’re happy to see so many of you already seeing great progress this year! In this update, we’ve focused on making PumpUp faster, simpler, and… just way better!


Faster: The feed loads up to *10x* faster and profiles load *instantly*

Concierge: Let Pat guide you through your fitness journey — from working out to sharing your progress

Upload from Camera Roll: Choose your favorite photo from your camera roll when logging an activity or updating your status

Control: Delete old posts from your profile and if you find something inappropriate in the feed, you can now report it


From all of us at PumpUp HQ, thanks for all your love and support — we’d be nowhere near where we are without you! Make sure you get the latest update and get in a great workout today!

P.S. Follow PumpUp on Instagram and Twitter for fitness tips and motivation!

New Update: Activity Logging & Custom Sharing

When it comes to your fitness, there are many ways to stay active. To help you keep track of all your fitness activity, we’ve launched Activity Logging and Custom Sharing!


Activity Logging: Did you just get back from a run? Dance? Hockey? Whatever it is, log it in PumpUp to keep track of all your activity! You can also see how many calories you burned.

Custom Sharing: Do you have a fitness tip or a healthy recipe for others? Share it with the PumpUp community to help others like you achieve their goals! You can also attach a pic for even better post.

From all of us at PumpUp HQ, we wish you a happy and healthy 2014. Now let’s start this year off right — track your first activity on PumpUp today! 

P.S. Follow PumpUp on Instagram and Twitter for fitness tips and motivation!

New Update: Popular feed, Android beta, and more!

After seeing thousands of progress pics and workout results shared within the PumpUp community, we’ve put you front and centre with the brand new 'popular feed!' We also stabilized PumpUp beta on Android, enhanced the overall design, and revamped the workout build experience! We know you’ll love our latest update!


Popular Feed: See how others like you are using PumpUp to reach their goals. Keep you friends and others in the community motivated with a like or a comment. Share your post-workout pic for a chance to be featured in the Popular feed!

Workout Builder: Experience a more beautiful workout builder with a brand new icon set, easier flow, and new options, like Get Toned.

In this update:

● Popular feed

● Stable version of PumpUp on Android

● Beautifully redesigned workout builder

● Privatized real names (and replaced with usernames)

● Enhanced loading screen with tips and updated design

● Fixed gender bug in profile

We have some very exciting updates coming your way soon! Until then, keep pumping up, and thanks for being part of our growing community!

P.S. Share your workout pics on Instagram and use the hashtag #TeamPumpUp for your chance to be featured on the @PumpUpApp Instagram page!

PumpUp 2.0: Get Fit with Friends

Every week, PumpUp helps you and tens of thousands of others achieve their fitness goals. As our first iOS7 update, we’re excited to present to you […drum roll please…] PumpUp 2.0!



With PumpUp 2.0, we’ve added a core layer to your favorite fitness coach: COMMUNITY! You’re now a part of the fastest-growing fitness community of people just like you. It’s the best way to stay motivated along your fitness journey!


View a beautiful, real-time news feed of your friends’ fitness activity! Keep your friends motivated by encouraging them with a like or comment!



Show your awesome results to all of your friends! Share a link to your PumpUp profile to grow your following (find your link in settings)!



Share your results with the PumpUp community and on your favorite social networks! Show the world your great progress with each workout!


Also in this update:

  • Redesigned results screen
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes

Win a PumpUp Swag Pack!

At the end of your workout, share your progress pic on Twitter or Instagram and tag #TeamPumpUp for your chance to win! We will announce the winner on Friday, October 18, 2013.


New Update: This is a BIG one.

Get ready for our newest update — we’ve taken PumpUp to the next level. We’ve built some incredible features that put you and your progress front and center. PumpUp is more beautiful, easier to use, and faster than ever. We know you’re going to love it!


Sift through a beautiful display of all your activity within PumpUp. See your post-workout pictures, results from your recent workouts, and more! If you want to dive even deeper, simply tap a workout you recently built or the results of one you completed last week.


Swipe to the right or tap our new menu icon to reveal our beautiful new navigation menu! From scheduling a workout to creating a new one, getting around the app has never been easier! 


After completing a workout, snap a picture to share your progress with your Facebook friends. It’s a simple way to inspire others and watch yourself improve over time! Don’t worry, if you aren’t in a sharing mood, you can still snap a post-workout pic and it’ll appear in your personal activity feed.


Invite your friends to get access to PumpUp Pro for FREE! For every friend you invite, you’ll receive 3 free days of PumpUp Pro. It's a great way to help a friend start their fitness journey and our way of saying “thanks for sharing!”


Tap on a workout you completed in your activity feed to see exactly what you did and how it was changed for the next workout! We drill it down to the rep so you can closely monitor your progress. See how PumpUp helps push you forward!


  • Workouts load up to 11x faster! 
  • Exercises downloaded are 82% smaller (with no loss of quality)! 
  • Squashed the bugs you’ve reported! 

Phew, that was a lot! We’re pumped to share this awesome update with you. Give the new features a try and tweet us your thoughts on the update — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into that workout gear and show us what you’ve got!

P.S. Share your new workout pics on our Facebook page and tag us @PumpUpApp on Instagram. We’ll be sharing a featured member every week!

New Update: Scheduling!

Improving your fitness all starts with building good habits, and what better way is there to build a habit of working out than scheduling it?


After scheduling your workout, it’s added right into your iPhone’s calendar! You’ll also get a push notification reminder before your workout to make sure you don’t forget.


This update also fixes a bug that was preventing existing workouts from loading for some people. Not to worry: your workouts are still there and will load properly after you download the latest update!

We’re pumped to show you what’s next, but for now, try scheduling a workout into your week and let us know how it goes! Tweet us your thoughts on the update — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

In case you missed the last update…

We launched VOICE COACHING*! Now you will know what to do and when to do it without looking at your phone! Get simple voice commands and motivating feedback throughout your workout.

For a limited time, you can try PumpUp Pro FREE for 7 days by using the following promo code: PUMPUPVOICE

About the author…

image Calvin is the Lead Developer of PumpUp and a recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. He stays healthy by walking a ridiculous amount and eating lots of whole, unprocessed foods.

* Available to PumpUp Pro members

New Update: Introducing Voice Coaching!

We’ve made some awesome new updates to PumpUp! First and foremost, PumpUp is free — forever! In this update we’re launching PumpUp Pro with added features that you can subscribe to on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis.

Okay, enough about being free… let’s show you what we’ve got in store!


Well… it’s kind of hard to show you when it’s Voice Coaching, but here’s a good idea of what it’s all about:

  1. Know what to do and when to do it without looking at your phone! For example, in the picture above our voice coach would say something like "Dumbbell Squat — Grab 15-pound dumbbells. Do 12 reps." It’s like having a personal trainer right by your side!
  2. Not only will you know what to do, but you’ll be motivated to do it. You’ll get motivating remarks when you need them, like a "5-4-3-2-1" countdown or "Keep pushing it!" on those tough exercises.
  3. If you like listening to music while pumping up, then you’ll love this — your music gets dimmed out whenever our voice coach has something to tell you.
  4. Since you’re told what to do, you don’t even need to tap for the next exercise — it’s automatically started when the current exercise finishes! It’s that easy.

But wait! There’s more:

  • Exercises are now saved directly to your phone, but only the ones you need. This makes the app much faster!
  • There’s a progress bar showing you how many steps are left in creating your workout, and we’ve made the tips easier to read for a more enjoyable workout-building process.
  • During your workout, you can now see how many calories you’ve burnt, your progress within the workout, and how long you’ve been working out!
  • We enhanced the design of the login and workouts screens.
  • We redesigned our header for a beautiful and cleaner look.

Because Voice Coaching is just the first of many PumpUp Pro features, we’ve decided to give you a FREE promo code that upgrades you to PumpUp Pro for 7 days. Simply use the promo code: PUMPUPVOICE

Give Voice Coaching a try and UPDATE TODAY!

P.S. If you’ve already subscribed for an annual or monthly subscription to PumpUp, no to worry, we’ve made sure you’ll already have access to PumpUp Pro when you update the app!

P.P.S. Tweet us your thoughts on the update — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

New Update: Rethought. Redefined. Redesigned.

We took a fresh look at our app and decided it was time — time to step up our game and make it beautiful. We polished up our icon and loading screen, and redesigned the home, login, dashboard, workout review, workout results, and signup.

As you can see, we’ve also made it simple to share your workout to Facebook. Why? Because letting our friends know we’re staying active doesn’t just motivate us, it motivates them too.

But that’s not all — we decided to take it one step further. Our newcomers get to build a workout before signing up, and we’ve simplified the process.

And there you have it. PumpUp v1.1.0. Are we finished yet? Never. We have an even bigger surprise for our next update, so follow our blog and keep pumping up!

New Update: Push Reminders, Better Breaks, and more!

push reminders

Push Reminders

Yeah, we all say we’ll work out, but how often do we actually work out? PumpUp now gives you a push that will surely get you moving more.

better breaks

Better Breaks

There’s a lot you can do when you’re taking a break after a tough set — grab some water, chat with your friends — but what if you’re a keener and you want to get ready for what’s next? Well, as it turns out, we have lots of keeners, so we’ve made it easier to get ready for the next exercise during your breaks!

Other Things

Some would argue that it’s the small things that count, so we made sure to include lots of them:

  • Swipe to delete workouts!
  • Know where you are in your workout with the new workout progress bar!
  • Voice your requests in our new feedback section!
  • No more typing in your Facebook email/password — we now use iOS6’s Facebook Single Sign-On!
  • Get even better workouts, especially when you add in some cardio!
  • Enjoy improved performance and fixes to minor bugs that you may have experienced.

Thanks for working out with PumpUp! We’re gearing up for a big update, so stay tuned and keep pumping up!

New Feature: Switch Sides

Have you ever tried brushing your teeth with the other hand? How about writing? Throwing? Some things aren’t very important to do on both sides, but others are… which is why PumpUp now tells you when to switch sides!

Switch Sides

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

P.S. Some of you encountered problems when completing your workouts, so we’ve made sure that doesn’t happen again!

PumpUp is Hiring!

VeloCity Garage Image

If you’re looking to join a red hot startup and make a serious impact, the full-time Software Developer position at PumpUp is perfect for you!

After launching on December 27th, PumpUp has already seen incredible traction with users across the globe! PumpUp was recently named one of the 30 best iPhone apps by The Guardian. We’ve also been featured on The Next WebFinancial PostVenture BeatBetaKit, and PC Magazine. Back in October 2012, we won the prestigious VeloCity Venture Fund competition.

The Scoop
PumpUp is the personalized workout app that adapts to each individual user. We’re taking on the fitness space by building the most personalized and adaptive technology on the market. Our company mission is to improve the health, fitness, and lives of people worldwide.

The Candidate
The chosen candidate will be PumpUp’s first full-time employee. You will have a significant impact on the success of our company and will craft the direction of our product as we scale. Your work will be instantly put in front of thousands (and soon-to-be millions) of people to enjoy!

The Position
We’re looking for someone who has experience building amazing mobile and/or web apps. If you’re into healthy living and fitness, that’s a big plus. Be sure to show us your past work, including your GitHub and StackOverflow accounts. Show us what you’re made of!

The Compensation
We will be compensating you both financially and with equity. We want you to own your work and take pride in your accomplishments!

The Skills

  • 1+ years experience developing web/mobile/mobile-web apps
  • 1+ years experience with MVC frameworks
  • Optional: B.CS. / M.CS. / PhD Computer Science degree or related field

The Technologies

  • JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • jQuery
  • BackboneJS
  • ParseJS
  • Optional: PHP, Bash, iOS, Android

Our Office

Our office is located in one of the coolest workspaces in the world — the historic Tannery Building in Kitchener, Ontario. We are housed alongside a dazzling array of interesting technology companies, from Google upstairs to dozens of startups in the VeloCity Garage and Communitech space.


Email us your résumé if you’re interested. If you have a StackOverflow and/or GitHub account, please include a link in your email.

PumpUp is LIVE!

The day has finally come! We’re excited to officially announce that, just in time for the New YearPumpUp is now live on the App Store!

Blog Image

If you’re wondering exactly what PumpUp is, here’s the idea: PumpUp is a personalized workout app that adapts to you. By asking you a few simple questions, like your fitness goal, where you want to work out, and the equipment you enjoy using, PumpUp builds a high-quality workout designed specifically for you. PumpUp has an intuitive interface that shows you how to perform each exercise. As you track your progress, it intelligently adapts your routine to push you towards your goals!

Want to work out but don’t know what to do? Looking to take your fitness to the next level? Whether you’re new to working out or have been doing it for years, PumpUp will help you lose those 20 pounds, build up some lean muscle, or just get healthy!
We’re just getting started and can’t wait to show you what’s next! Oh, and for you Android folks, that’s coming very soon too! If you have feedback, don’t be shy — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

PumpUp is the solution to your New Year’s resolution! Download it now — you won’t believe what PumpUp can do for you!

Meet PumpUp Pat

Meet Pat — PumpUp’s awesome mascot and your new gym buddy!


We’re still not to sure where Pat came from, but he’s rumoured to be the long-lost cousin of Osmosis Jones. That didn’t matter too much to us, because when we met Pat, we knew he had to be our official mascot! When we offered Pat the job, he had only one simple request: he gets to help design everyone’s workouts. How could we say no to that?

Pat has an infectious energy about him — it’s hard to explain. He motivates you to be your best and is always there with words of encouragement to keep you on track! He’ll give you that kick in the butt we all sometimes need to get up and hit the gym! To truly experience Pat’s energy, you’ll just have to work out with him.

Welcome to the team, Pat! We look forward to Pumping Up with you!

New Feature: Track Your Performance!

The time has finally come - you can now log your workout on PumpUp and track your performance!

After logging your workout, you are presented with the screen above. Here, you can easily track how many calories you burned, how much weight you lifted, and how much time you took for that workout.

Logging your workout is easy - simply click on the ‘Log’ button above and you’ll be taken to something that looks like this:

After filling out the basic information about your workout, you can fill your specific results for each exercise:

We’ve made it super easy to log your results. So what are you waiting for? Start tracking your results today and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve :)

New Features: Warm Up & Cool Down!

What do you do to warm up your body for a great workout? How about helping it recover? Did you answer dynamic warm-up and static stretching cool-down? We didn’t think so. This post will give you a quick overview of why we added these important features.

This week at PumpUp we’ve implemented a warm-up that matches your workout so that you prepare your body for the training you’re about to do. Not only is this going to help you improve your performance during your workout, but it’s also going to help prevent injuries - a common misfortune among many gym-goers.

We’ve also implemented a cool-down for you to help reduce some post-workout soreness in the coming days. You will be static stretching all the muscles you just worked to improve recovery and get you back in the gym faster!

We know you’ll love this improvement to PumpUp!