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Learn the Top 5 Root Rules to Health

Learn the Top 5 Root Rules to Health


The-5-Roots-to-Health The idea of Roots Health & Fitness came because I had the desire to share my passion and experience with others. Roots focuses on a holistic approach to health from the ground-up, emphasizing our healthy lifestyles inside and outside of the gym. And then we get our sweat on at the end of each session!

“Healthy” means a lot of different things depending on who you are, so here are the Top 5 Roots Rules to Health, no matter who you are!


The Top 5 "Root Rules" to a healthy lifestyle

Drink More Water

I know, I know…everyone says to do it. This rule isn’t revolutionary, but it works! Not only does water aid in maintaining body functions like digestion, but it also gives energy to your muscles, flushes your kidneys, and makes your skin glow like you’re a vampire in Twilight. So everyone please grab your water bottle and take some (water) shots with me!

Don’t Cook

So before you get too excited, let me explain…Eating cooked fruits and vegetables is a wonderful thing, but there are even more health benefits to eating raw fruits and vegetables. For one, you don’t have to add any oils, fats, or sodium that we usually include when cooking. Also, the enzymes, fiber, and other nutrients in fruits and veggies are preserved when left raw. And finally, it’s just plain easier! My favorite way to incorporate more raw fruits and veggies into my diet is through green smoothies. View my favorite green smoothie recipe here.

Eat More (often)

This doesn’t mean I want you guys to eat a bunch of Thanksgiving style feasts every day (though if you can, that’s quite impressive). As long as you’re fueling your body mindfully with healthy meals, your metabolism speeds up the more often you eat. Otherwise, the body can store fat and energy when it has to wait a longer period of time for the next meal leading to unwanted weight gain. Eating 5-6 small healthy meals a day is exactly what your belly and body need to stay happy and healthy.


Having a plan, from start to finish, makes staying on track as easy as breathing. Plan your healthy meals for the week before you go to the grocery store, use a shopping list, and pick a day to prep a few meals for the week. My favorite meal to prep for the week is a homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowl. Preparation is great because you save money by cooking at home instead of purchasing your meals at restaurants, and you know exactly what’s going into every meal you eat.


Think back to the last time you got a new shirt, and how excited you were to wear it and show it off. Apply that same concept to your health. Buying a new piece of gear – whether it’s a pair of shoes, a fancy sweat-resistance shirt, a cool fitness watch, or even a water bottle – gets you excited to use it, and holds you accountable. When you look good and feel confident, you’re more likely to go out there and work hard (and not waste your hard-earned cash by letting your new shoes collect dust in the closet).


This is a post by Randi Shores, creator and trainer for Roots Health & Fitness. Find her on the PumpUp app @randiashley to follow her health and fitness journey.