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This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)

This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)


When PumpUp member @sharksbitesoflife took up heavy lifting one year ago, she never could have imagined how it would transform her body. Not only is her back definition much more pronounced, this PumpUp member looks and feels stronger and more confident. "Obviously the lighting is different, but I think I made some progress between then and now," she said modestly. "I have seen a huge improvement in my upper body strength and definition over the last few months." @sharksbitesoflife has been hard at work preparing for her beach vacation to Mexico. She's alternating between intense cardio, weight-lifting sessions, and resistance band workouts. She frequently documents her progress by sharing photos with the PumpUp community. "My reason for posting this photo is to hold myself accountable, so that I can post proof of progress," she mentioned. "I'm motivated."

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Keep @sharksbitesoflife pumped! Do you have back progress pictures to share? Tag them on PumpUp with #throwbackthursday so that we can see them! Do you have feedback about how heavy lifting changed your body? Let us know in the comments below!