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Great squats! #MyResolution Day 18: PumpUp’s best squats

  • @catherinegrey’s adorable picture wins the challenge of the day! A little furry companion makes squats 10x more enjoyable
  • @limitlesstyle’s kettle bell squats up the ante with added resistance (you’ll feel it)
  • @alexawinter’s outdoor squat is beautiful! (Helps when you have a mountain in your backyard, right?)
  • @lorrin introduced PumpUp to her new fuzzy friend! (Can you tell that we like animals? Because we love animals)
  • khathreehna demonstrates that a couple who squats together, stays together

Thanks for squatting, PumpUp! Check out our full #MyResolution photo challenge here. 


It’s the last day of @katefit_'s 12 days of FITmas challenge! This workout will kick your booty into gear just in time for the holidays. 
  • 12 Triple Jump Squats
  • 12 Prisoner Squats
  • 12 Walking Lunges
  • 12 Lunge Kickbacks
  • 12 Jump Jack Squats
  • 12 minutes of Interval Sprints (Sprint 30 secs, power walk 30 secs, repeat)
  • (Repeat 2-3x)
Daily Challenge: Try something new today! (a new healthy food, a new hobby, a new yoga pose, etc.).
Tag @katefit_ and #SpreadPositivity if you try. You can have a merry FITmas all year long by using these workouts as part of your regular routine! 


PumpUp member @aichatytgat’s transformation is a lil’ different, but no less inspiring.
“The left picture was me in 2009: I was always undereating, did too much cardio, and was extremely conscious of every calorie I put in my body.
On the right is me in 2014: I never stop eating, I’m constantly working out, and I feel better than ever.”
Keep her pumped, she’s making amazing progress!


Never skip leg day again

Who says leg day has to be a chore? Here are two of PumpUp member @jatie’s favourite leg and butt exercises. 

  • 180 Jump Squats
  • Wide Squat Leg Lifts

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