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How To Avoid Getting Germs From the Gym

How To Avoid Getting Germs From the Gym

It’s no secret that hitting the gym has innumerable benefits for your body and mind. That’s why it’s such a bummer that the gym isn’t always the healthiest place for you to hang out. In fact, a fitness center can be host to a plethora of germs brought in by guests and missed by cleaning crews, no matter how thorough they are. There is good news, though: you can avoid getting unwanted germs from the gym during your next workout and beyond. The following five tips will help you do it.

Cure your Gym Fever!

You’ve been so great at sticking to your workout routine, but all of a sudden you wake up feeling under the weather! WHAT TO DO?


Here are some general guidelines for when you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T work out.

You’ve got a cold?

Moderate intensity workouts are fine when you have a common cold. A general guide to follow is the “Neck Check”:

  • If the signs and symptoms are above your neck (eg. runny nose, nasal congestion or minor sore throat) you’re okay!
  • If the signs and symptoms are below your neck (eg. chest congestion or a hacking cough) steer clear of the gym.

If you choose to venture to the gym when you’re sick, be courteous to your fellow fitness pals — use hand wipes and sanitizer to wipe surfaces you have touched so you don’t spread it around.

You’ve got a fever?

Fever is a limiting factor. Since a fever means the immune system is fighting an infection, you know your body is already under stress. You don’t want to add more stress to it by exercising.

You’re feeling sleep deprived?

Get yourself out of bed and get moving. A morning workout, such as light cardio or a circuit, could be just what the doctor ordered after a restless night. It might even help boost your energy levels and get you ready to push through the day!

You’re muscles are sore?

Get over it! If only certain muscle groups are sore, try working different muscle groups or do some cardio. If you’re feeling super sore (or just lazy), try stretching it out!

You recently suffered a severe injury?

The body needs time to heal. Do not exercise or participate in any physical activity unless cleared by your doctor.

LISTEN to your body. If your body says something’s wrong, be cautious about pushing it too far. On the other hand, when you do choose to work out, be sure to use PumpUp to make the most of it :)