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The 7 Sleeping Habits of Smart Sleepers

The 7 Sleeping Habits of Smart Sleepers

Not sleeping soundly or easily at night?  Sleep deprivation can significantly affect your overall health and undermine your work performance throughout the day. Not only will symptoms of exhaustion and burnout hit you sooner and more drastically, you'll be at a much higher risk of falling ill. 

Top 5 Workout Mistakes

When it comes to fitness, there’s a lot to know. While we can’t possibly teach you all there is to know in a single blog post, we can teach you how to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make. Here’s a list of the top 5 mistakes that you’ve likely seen in action before, but may not have noticed!

  1. Not Eating: Half the battle in the gym is what you bring with you (or in you, rather). Whether your goal is to be healthy, lose weight, or put on muscle, without proper nutrition you’re not going to see results . Try eating 30-60 minutes before going to the gym - ideally foods with B vitamins (eg. yogurt, a banana, peanut butter) to help you release your energy and some carbs (eg. whole wheat toast) to supply you with energy.
  2. Lack of Sleep: Without a good night’s sleep your body doesn’t have enough time to sufficiently recover from workouts. Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep, especially after a workout.
  3. Swinging Weights: We’ve all seen this one before, but did you know it’s actually dangerous? Along with not receiving the muscle gains you want, you can get seriously injured. Lower the amount of weight you’re lifting if you swing your weights.
  4. Avoiding Cardio or Weights: A lot of people tend to avoid cardio if trying to put on muscle or avoid weights if trying to improve their cardio. Fact is: weight training and cardio go hand-in-hand. To stay healthy, it’s important to balance working your heart (via cardio) and your other muscles (via weight training).
  5. Not Having a Routine: How are you supposed to know what to do and how to do it if you don’t plan out your exercise program. This is the most confusing part of working out. If you don’t feel like researching endlessly, let PumpUp take out the confusion by building the workout perfect for you and adjusting it to you as you go! 

And there you have it - 5 mistakes that you’ll never do again! Let me know if you have any questions or can think of any other big mistakes you see.

Cure your Exam Fitness Drought!

With assignments to complete and exams to study for, exam season can be a very stressful time; staying healthy and in-shape becomes more difficult. The hardest part is finding the time to go to the gym while you have so much other work to do. Here are a couple tips to staying in shape during exam season!

1. Sleep: It all starts with a good night’s sleep. When you sleep well, you have more energy to be more productive with your studies, WHICH THEN gives you more time to exercise!

2. Eat Healthy: No matter how busy you get with exams, you need to eat. Take 5 minutes in the morning and pack your food for that 12 hour study session. If you eat healthy, you’ll feel better and avoid putting on those extra pounds from snack breaks.

3. Work Out: I know, I know - easier said than done during exam season… but there are many quick n’ easy ways to get active without ever leaving your bedroom! Here are some examples of exercises which can be done in little to no time to keep you active during exam season.

  • Push- Ups: Simple, but effective in targeting your entire upper body and core.
  • Body-Weight Squats: Try doing 100 of these and you’ll feel a great burn.
  • Plank: A great ab exercise - make it more fun by competing with a friend for time.
  • Burpees: Excellent way to get your heart rate up and use your full body.

All of these exercises can be done multiple times a day to stay in shape during exam season without having to leave your bedroom!

Let us know how you plan on staying fit and healthy during this exam season!