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Here's how PumpUp members sprang into action this week | PumpUp Progress

Here's how PumpUp members sprang into action this week | PumpUp Progress


PumpUp members are up to all kinds of amazing things. They're fitting into all kinds of clothes that they haven't been able to in a long time, they're defying their own self-imposed limitations, and they're smashing through personal records. April is a month of firsts, accomplishments, and steady progress. Here are some highlights from the PumpUp community over the past week.

They absolutely crushed their personal bests

@shotgunsamx beat her personal best 5K time

PumpUp member @shotgunsamx set a new 5K personal record at a race on Saturday, April 18. She finished at a very impressive and speedy time of 26:04. "I used to think 27 minutes was impossible," she exclaimed. It's clear that she's come a very long way from when she first started.

They fit perfectly into new clothes

This PumpUp member dropped 1-2 sizes in her clothes

Shirts and shorts are fitting better for PumpUp members more than ever before. This was especially true for @jazigrace when she took a trip to the mall this past weekend. "I went shopping for clothes today and I discovered that I'm one or two sizes smaller than the last time I went shopping. I haven't been able to fit clothes this size since my freshman year in softball!" She looks absolutely terrific: it's palpable in her bright smile!

...They also grew out of old clothes

This PumpUp member grew out of her old shorts from last summer

PumpUp member @cris_cc took our Spring Into Action message to heart. She worked so hard prior to summer that she realized that her old shorts no longer fit. "Last summer's shorts are too big for me now," she lamented. "I'm so happy and sad at the same time. I'll keep working. Looking forward to summer!" We're excited to help her achieve her goals for the rest of the year and beyond.

This PumpUp member grew INTO a shirt that didn't fit her last summer

Similarly, @camillagwp grew out of a shirt that fit tight around her stomach last year. "Now it's actually comfortable to wear, and I don't worry about it crawling up," she gleamed. Keep her pumped! She's been working so hard at improving her running pace!

They became much more flexible

This PumpUp member made progress with her dancer's pose

The dancer's pose in yoga is no joke.  If you've ever tried it as a beginner, you probably experienced a lot of flailing and falling. Not PumpUp member @gorgeous303. She became so much more flexible between the months of January and April and she's been able to get her leg up much further than she ever expected.

They ran forever. Literally, forever.

This PumpUp member beat her personal best distance, running her first ever 15K

5K is hard. 10K is brutal.  15 kilometers? Absolutely, mind-numbingly difficult. @limitlesstyle challenged herself to finish her first-ever 15K anyway. "Today wasn't about my time or improving my time," she affirmed. "It was about running a first ever 15K that my son challenged me to run. I may or may not have crawled the last mile home, but I finished and feel accomplished!" She definitely deserves an amazing rest this weekend!

They're improving their form in a big way

This PumpUp member is seeing improvements in her upper body strength

By concentrating on her upper body strength, @clodaghsiobhan has really been able to improve her form with tricep dips. "I can feel that my strength has improved a lot. Persistence is key for sure!"


5 ways to spring into action and commit to your goals

5 ways to spring into action and commit to your goals


You've already set out your goals for the year and tested them over the past few months. Maybe your methods worked. Maybe they didn't. With summer just around the corner, it's time to really push yourself. Make your routine a bit stricter to achieve the best results. Don't expect change to happen overnight and don't give up after a few weeks! It takes time to create habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some ideas that will help:

Don't be too hard on yourself


Image via BetweenScreens

It isn't hard to exhaust yourself by embarking on your goals a bit too enthusiastically. Your willpower can only do so much for you. Don't push yourself too much at first and don't beat yourself up about your failures. Starting little by little and gradually changing your habits will become central to your health and fitness journey. It's also a more thoughtful way to treat yourself, as your body needs time to adapt to change.


study gif

Image via mrwgifs

Be curious and critical. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what kind of food is best for your body and your lifestyle. Dare to research about how exercise affects your body and whether 'health fads' actually live up to the hype. Keep your goals in mind and make sure that you constantly ask questions before (and during) your lifestyle change. The fitness industry is just that: an industry. Be wary of false information and ensure that your decisions are well-educated.

Look around. Is there someone who can accompany you in this journey?

Workout buddy gif

Find a workout of this gif here

From personal experience, I've noticed how motivating is being able to count on somebody who is pursuing goals that are similar to yours. You and your workout buddy will be able to hold yourselves accountable to your goals and mutually benefit from the motivation boost you give to each other.  Put simply, it's a win-win situation that's just plain awesome. Reach out to your friends, colleagues, family members, classmates, or even your significant other. You have the power to give them the greatest opportunity to commit to their health and fitness objectives for real.

Stick to a consistent and realistic workout routine

Be consistent about your workout schedule

Image c/o Wordpress

Exercise isn't easy, and you won't see progress overnight. Overexerting yourself can be pretty dangerous and may even lead to muscle strain. Begin slowly, make adaptations as needed, and research about what kind of exercises will give you the best results based on your goals. Working out doesn't need to feel like a chore! If you love sports and hate the treadmill, sign up for an intramural team so that you at least have a schedule to commit to.

I always recommend PumpUp's customized workouts: they're so adaptable for any fitness level. It's just like having a personal trainer with you! YouTube workout videos are also great for staying in shape. You don't need to spend a fortune to create a daily routine for yourself!

Between workouts, make subtle changes that will help you to incorporate more activity into your lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride your bike or walk instead of taking your car or a bus to nearby places, and do more active activities with people you care about. As long as you're making an effort to increase your movement in some way, you're doing something right.

Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Image c/o giphy

The fact that this is the last tip doesn't mean that it is the least important. Challenges are the foundation of a happy & healthy life. If you haven't accomplished your goals, maybe you haven't stepped far enough from your comfort zone. Push yourself.

Are you watching Netflix on your couch when somebody asks you to go rollerskating with them? Ditch the television and go rollerskating.  For this moment, forget about relaxation and comfort: opportunities are once in a lifetime.

Do you plan your walks along the shortest possible route? Walk faster and and farther just because. You'll not only feel physically awesome because of the extra exercise, but you'll be conscious that you transcended the limits of your willpower.

These are just a few tools to keep you pumping up. Go for it and don't think about losing faith!

This is a post by PumpUp member Sara A. (@bunnies), PumpUp blog contributor. Follow her Tumblr @gurdiel

Feature photo via Hamad Al-Mohanna on Flickr

Spring Into Action: Why action beats intention

Spring Into Action: Why action beats intention


Good intentions are just that— they're good. Actions transform good intentions into great accomplishments. From experience, you know that taking action isn't so simple: you overthink, you don't know where to start, excuses pile up higher than Mount Everest, and life simply gets in the way. How we create our intentions poses another problem. Tucked away in the corner of our minds are intentions that manifest themselves broadly, like vapours waiting to take form as a cloud full of precipitation, action, and meaning. There's something in your life that you haven't done:  an intention to eat healthier, to exude more positivity, to exercise more often. What gives?

Later can be now. Someday can be today. Tiny and gradual actions can help you to achieve major results.

Spring into Action and let the PumpUp community help you to achieve your goals. Use the hashtag #SpringIntoAction to share about how you are making actionable difference in your lives and the lives of others. It can start with a plan, or a post. It can start with a commitment to a community. Share about what spring into action means to you this month in the comments below!

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