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How I controlled my emotional eating and reached my goal weight - Lisa's PumpUp Success Story

How I controlled my emotional eating and reached my goal weight - Lisa's PumpUp Success Story


Strength training can certainly be intimidating. Lisa didn't let that stop her from taking the initiative to enhance how she lived a healthy lifestyle. "I was looking for an app that would provide some structured workouts, especially for strength training," she revealed. "It's the area that I am the weakest in. I didn't really know what to do or how to plan my workouts. PumpUp had exactly what I needed." Though Lisa led a very physically active lifestyle prior to joining PumpUp, her eating habits held her back. She binged on copious amounts of fast food to sustain her after exhausting hours at work. She's constantly on her feet and is required to lift 50 lbs a day. "Exercise was touch and go, but not very consistent. I mostly did bodyweight exercises and running, or I'd throw in some exercise games on my XBox," she explained. "I would each Chick-Fil-A for lunch (with large fries) and I wouldn't have snacks throughout the day. By the time I ate dinner, I'd be starving and binged on fast food or pizza." 

Lisa stopped emotional eating with the help of PumpUp

Rather than opting for processed food, Lisa now maintains much more wholesome eating habits. "Since PumpUp, my lifestyle changed drastically," she professed. "As soon as I get home, I go upstairs and change into my workout gear. I run for at least a mile and do a PumpUp workout afterwards, or even additional weightlifting after that! I don't binge on fast food anymore, and I snack on fruits such as bananas, grapes, and berries." Lisa is sure to eat lots of lean protein, steamed veggies, fruit, and complex carbohydrates. "I no longer have wine after every dinner, except on occasion, and I also make time every day to spend time with my kids by doing something fun and active," she added. "Sometimes, I even have them work out with me!"

Since Lisa began her journey on PumpUp, she accomplished  more than she ever thought she was capable of. "I wanted to be healthy, fit, and happy with how I look and feel," she said. "I struggled for over two years and finally made the decision to eat right and exercise regularly. There are so many women on PumpUp who have inspired me to achieve more than I thought was possible." Making that decision was difficult, but not impossible. Lisa makes a conscious choice to live healthy every day. "With PumpUp, I reached my goal weight, I gained some muscle definition, and lost almost 3 dress sizes," she said excitedly. "I feel better physically. Eating healthy had a lot to do with it. On the days I slip, I notice a difference in how I feel. I hope that I encouraged others on PumpUp because they inspired me so much!"

Lisa stopped emotional eating with the help of PumpUp

Emotional eating no longer has as great of a hold on Lisa's life as it used to. "I've been dealing with severe depression since I was a teenager. Food was my comfort when I was sad, and also a way to celebrate when I was happy. Food was my answer to everything." Though Lisa faces a daily struggle with emotional eating, it gets easier thanks to the healthy routine that she adopted. "I ask myself if I'm actually hungry anytime I want to eat. I've been able to identify whether I'm eating based on my mood, and I hold back as best as I can," she elaborated. "There are still times that I slip, but I'm getting better and always get back on the wagon. PumpUp's community is amazing.  No negativity and everyone is so supportive.  It has been something  amazing in my life!  I really do love this app and the whole community!"

Lisa stopped emotional eating with the help of PumpUp

Biggest motivation

My biggest motivation right now is to be an example for my kids and not end up like my family. All the women in my family are extremely overweight and have various health problems. My mom had a heart attack a year ago and also found out she had cancer.  Thankfully, we caught the cancer early enough that she is now cancer free.  I don't want to grow old and not be able to do anything and feel horrible.  I want to be the old lady that still bowls and runs down the street, playing with my grandkids.

Favourite workout routine on PumpUp

I really can't pick a favorite!! I generally like to do full body workouts on PumpUp but I do love how you can customize what you want to do everyday!!  I can say though that I enjoy trying new routines to challenge myself, I get bored with too much repetition!

Lisa stopped emotional eating with the help of PumpUp

More about Lisa

I grew up moving a lot, 23 times in fact.  I had to switch schools over 10 times so I learned to adapt.  I was born in the south but moved to Las Vegas when I was 11.  Absolutely loved it out there and ended up joining the  U.S. Navy at 17.  I was stationed in San Diego and spent time in Florida as well.  I was an aviation electrician and worked on the S3-B Viking.  Lots of good times while serving!  I met my husband at my first squadron and we married young (I was 20) and our first child came along later that year (I was 21).  We have been together for 12 years now and have 2 beautiful children.  I love to read, I'm kind of a movie buff, and have had a pet deer that I named Bambi.

Keep Lisa pumped on the app @tinker_fit! Have questions for Lisa? Are you struggling with emotional eating? Let her know in the comments below!

Transformation Tuesday: EDNOS Recovery


How Gracie made peace with her past

Love Yourself. Make peace with your past. Share a #TransformationTuesday pic about how your past has shaped who you are today! 

pumpupapp member fit_gracie shared her brave story: "My progress is not only in my appearance, but in my heart as well. I was struggling with depression and hated myself more than anything else," she explained. "[Later on], I had my first go with anorexia, EDNOS, and stress eating. Now I’m happy and healthy. I feel stronger and better than ever. Not only is there an obvious change in my weight, there is a huge change in my smile. I owe it to myself to get better" 

 Cheer her on!

It's Time to Talk About Comfort Eating

This is a post by PumpUp’s DebbieMC1232. Through her weight loss journey, she has been able to motivate and inspire others both on PumpUp and through her own personal fitness page 


Today, I want to talk to you about comfort eating. It is a serious problem that so many people around the world struggle with. I used to have a hard time with comfort eating and would go through so much rubbish food a day.

I had it in my head that if I ate a bar of chocolate, it would make it all better but at the same time I knew that it would make me feel worse! I couldn’t stop it! Throughout the last 10 months of my weight loss journey I came to an understanding that there is ALWAYS an underlying reason for comfort eating. It can be for many reasons but through listening to my followers’ stories and my own, the main reasons that came up were from stress at work, grieving, depression, and the end of a relationship to name  a few.  It is very hard to try and recover from any of those reasons, but at the same time you shouldn’t let them control your life and as a result gain weight, have no interest in your appearance, stop going out, or distance yourself from friends. You should always talk to someone you trust about your feelings.


I think deep down, when you are eating crisps, chocolate, take-away foods etc., it’s a nostalgic feeling.  It reminds you of when you were younger, when your parents would bring you out for burgers and chips on special occasions or at birthday parties you could eat all the sweets, cake, chocolate you wanted that day. Those were the good times, when you could meet up with your friends, not have a worry in the world and would run around all day playing. The difference between then and now is when you are younger you are always running around the place and keeping active playing sports, walking places with friends and you end up working off all the food you ate. Perhaps, in your case, your parents would only allow you to have treats once in awhile rather than every day. Now we drive most places, we have long days in work/college and literally will eat what ever is the handiest to us, instead of what is healthy and nutritious.

 The reason for my comfort eating was because I was unhappy where I was working at the time and always wanted to be doing something in fitness. But unfortunately my comfort eating had spiralled out of control and had gained 3 stone. There was no way I would do any type of fitness at the time because who would have taken me seriously when I was overweight!


It’s 10 months later, and I’m a different person.  I have lost 3 stone, I’m studying to be a personal trainer, gym instructor and fitness instructor. I am out of that job and the comfort eating has completely stopped. I started working out and eating healthy and have one treat day in the week. I chose to change and so can you!


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