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Absolute Beginner Yoga Workout

Absolute Beginner Yoga Workout


To begin a yoga practice you need to stop competing with yourself and others. Yoga is a lot more than Downward Dog poses. The pose is actually quite challenging, and holding it for several breaths at ease is difficult, even for the most flexible. Before you can advance much further with yoga, you need to build the foundation of your practice by engaging your breathing with your movement and the moment. These are the key points of this Absolute Super Beginner yoga practice video where we will begin building the base. These moves are also good reminders for others who are more advanced with their practice. It's important to slow down and not go through the flow as if you're on auto-pilot.

This practice will give you the first insight of acknowledging different body parts during the practice. You'll engage in the moment. Breathing deeply actually requires a little bit of work in the abdominals. On the other hand, balancing poses are actually more work for the mind than for your body.

Since yoga is a lot more than making your heels touch the mat in Downward Dog, I left that pose out of this 30-minute routine on purpose.

Explore who you are and feel better by breathing deeper.

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5 poses to supercharge your run: yoga for runners

5 poses to supercharge your run: yoga for runners


Why yoga might make the difference for your run

You're running. You feel the wind ripping through your hair, adrenaline pumping through your body, then suddenly: a cramp. Tight hamstrings. Sore feet. Your knees. If running pains deter you from being able to thoroughly enjoy outdoor or indoor jogs, do yoga for runners!

We particularly like the way that Daily Yoga structures their Yoga for Runners sessions by making a distinction between pre and post-run stretches. Their pre-run yoga routine focuses on body balance, muscle strength, and joint flexibility and makes use of simple stretches to condition the body for long-distance runs. Their post-run training restores, elongates, and loosens any tension built up in your muscles. Mobile communities like PumpUp and Daily Yoga provide the guidance and structured routines that a personal trainer would give you, but within the comfort of your home.

Our favourite pre-run yoga moves

daily yoga for runners forward fold


Standing forward fold with hands on hips

daily yoga for runners wide legged forward bend


Wide-legged forward bend with hands on hips


daily yoga for runners triangle pose

Triangle pose (right and left)

daily yoga for runners pigeon pose


One legged pigeon pose (right and left)

daily yoga for runners warrior 2


Warrior Pose II (right and left)

For more instructions on how to do these poses, check out Daily Yoga's Yoga for runners series and share about your routine on PumpUp! How do you warm up and cool down before and after your runs? Let us know in the comments below!

21-Day Yoga Challenge Week 3: Learn the splits and more!

Day 13: Upper back 

This routine will give you some relief on your upper back problems and help the movement of your shoulder blades and also calming your mind.
Give some love to your inner organs by massaging them with these yoga poses included in this Detox Flow!
How to eventually do a split! What moves to do on daily basis to make it into a split? In this sequence we will go through some key stretches and you will receive tips along the way.
Day 16: Balancing poses 

Let’s go through some balancing poses and see if we can stay in them! Remember that balance is a state of mind and a great core workout.

Day 17: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression 
Yoga relieves anxiety and depression overall pretty well but there is some main poses that actually activate our brains and body and breathing that help us feel a lot better and that’s what we are focusing on this video. If you had to only do a one video from this challenge, this would be it.

This routine will help you relax and clear your mind. Especially good right before bed yoga because this one will help you fall asleep better.

5-Minute Morning Yoga: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Getting inspired to workout during the morning time might be a bit challenging at first. But once you start doing it you just might get addicted. A trick to do it could be in indulging just five minutes of stretching and blood flow boosting yoga moves in to your morning routine.
Imagine yourself. You get out of bed, start your coffee maker and plan to take a shower or whatever it is that you usually do. Postponing all of that with five minutes can’t be that bad. And with postponing I don’t mean to hit the snooze button two more times but actually get up and do yoga the first thing in the morning.
When you start with just five minutes and get that as your routine you will start craving for more and you could turn into a “morning-workout” -person because all of a sudden you started feeling better and seeing the morning workout as a priority rather than a chore.
Your morning workout sessions will become longer during the sunrise when you actually have time and during the mornings when you really have to rush out of the door you are going to prioritize the need of an exercise and involve anything from two minutes to five minutes to those days you are running late, after all you are already running late but you could make your body feel better while doing so.
This 5-minute yoga routine is a solution for those who need to hurry in the mornings and also a way to trick yourself becoming a workout person. In this routine you will open up your spine and hips from the sleeping mode and get your blood flowing.

Intermediate 5-minute Morning Yoga

Advanced 5-minute Morning Yoga

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While we all can’t be Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, think of your muscles like you would a rubber band—they are easy to stretch when warm, but cold ones break more easily.

PumpUp member elizabethmaria points out from the literature that stretching after is “the most productive and safest time because the muscles are warm and pliable.” This will help to minimize stiffness, aches, and pains later on—helping you to recover faster and prevent injury.

Jeremy Duvall from Men’s Fitness explains that muscles contract after exercise, leaving them in a shortened state after workouts. He elaborates, “Stretching helps to reset your body to a natural posture and position.”

However, dynamic warm-ups are still important before you exercise! Thank you annakowaleski for sharing us a pic of your post-run stretch and congrats elizabethmaria for answering “C” and winning the pump up swag challenge!

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One lucky Member is going win some awesome PumpUp Swag to rep at home & at the gym. It’s trivia question time folks! 
When is the best time to stretch? 
a) Never. Stretching is pointless. 
b) Before your workout so you can warm-up your muscles of course. 
c) After, to make sure that you give your muscles a break. 
d) 2 days later so you can stretch when you are getting sore. 
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Get Set for the New Year

Crazy to think that it’s already December and 2013 is just a few weeks away! Whether you’re finishing up exams or working the 9-5, we all know that New Years is coming up. And sure, maybe it’s not time to jump into a New Years resolution just yet, but think to yourself… why not? Yes, its called a “New Years Resolution,” but why do you have to wait for the melody of “Auld Lang Syne” to start making changes in your life. Let’s start with something small now to give you a kick start.

A very simple way of getting into a routine is stretching. Not only are there significant physical benefits to stretching and staying flexible, but it also keeps you focused and just might get you moving before New Years!

As you may not know, stretching is a bit more then just touching your toes. To implement stretching into a daily routine, find a time that works best for you - whether its in the morning or at night doesn’t really matter.  Here are a couple different types of stretching that you can do.

Here are a few stretches you can try right now! Hold each for 15 seconds:

  1. Hamstring Stretch - Try touching your toes while keeping your legs straight.
  2. Hip Flexor Stretch - Lunge forward with your back knee on the floor and push your hips forward until you feel a stretch.
  3. Shoulder Stretch - Bring one arm across your body and pull it towards your body with the other arm.

Happy December to all and good luck with everything!