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Check out @shark_attack’s muscles on #FlexFriday! She looks just incredible! “Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than what you used to be. I look in the mirror because that’s my competition, no one else.” Keep her pumped!
This is the new, more confident, her!

She marvelled at how much she’s changed in just twelve months, both on PumpUp and on her own personal Instagram account. ”At this time last year I looked totally different. I was really skinny and cut my hair short, which made me look extra young," Julié said. "I look young enough already." 

In January, Julié promptly got a gym membership and completely changed her lifestyle. “I switched majors to exercise science and sports science, got a job at the gym, and kept on transforming my body,” she asserts. It hasn’t been easy, but Julié keeps pushing – regardless of whether or not she sees immediate results. "My days have been long but this is the reason why: this is the new and more confident me. I’m not skinny anymore. I’m fit!"

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