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Spotlight Series: Melody Y.

Today’s Spotlight blog sings the story of Melody Y, an ex-gymnast who means business with her workouts. A Criminal Justice major hoping to work with juveniles in or out of prison, Melody is as ambitious as she is inspiring. Read on to find out more about her story!

Gymnastics burns serious calories by leveraging almost all of the body’s major muscle groups. After Melody left gymnastics, she sought motivation to get back into shape. She began by going to the gym at her college for at least an hour, but still ate whatever she wanted. PumpUp helped her routinize her workouts. “I’ve made workout circuits that I use everyday. I have them memorized,” confesses Melody.

Working out has and still is helping her overcome depression by motivating her to get out of her room and interact with other people leading a healthy and active lifestyle. “I’m not going to lie and say my life is perfect and have no problems,” admits Melody. “Sometimes I feel the need to break a mirror or lock myself in my room, but that doesn’t help; it makes it worse.”

At this point in her life, Melody is fueled with confidence to pursue her fitness goals and she is proud of the many feats she has been able to accomplish. “[I’ve lost] ten or more pounds, work out an hour or more, [and feel comfortable] asking other active people for advice on certain muscle groups,” lists Melody. “I believe that I can still look good as an ex-gymnast.” To say that she looks good would be an understatement—she looks fantastic. For the time being, Melody’s next big fitness goal is to have washboard abs. “I know it’s going to take some time,” she admits, “but I’m willing to get them the right and healthy way. 

She advises those looking to lead a more active lifestyle to use the app as a starting point—a catalyst for motivation. For her, the customizability of PumpUp’s Build a Workout feature is where the app gains its purchase. “These workouts have helped me lose 15 pounds and it is also a good stress reliever,” explains Melody. Exercise is proven to stimulate the human body’s dopamine receptors to release adrenaline, attenuating the effects of stress and depression. “The other day I was upset about some personal things going on in my life and I ended up running six miles,” elaborates Melody. “I usually do two [workouts] a day because of my knee issues. Push yourself every day and cut out all fried foods!”

Melody’s Motivation

Michelle Lewin. Her body is amazing. Her abs are flawless and her booty is phenomenal.

Melody’s Meals

Melody does her best to make healthy choices at her college’s cafeteria.  “I eat at least a Nutri-Grain bar or something at the cafeteria for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a sandwich or wrap for dinner,” she elaborates.

Favourite Snack: Cookies and cream Quest bar

Favourite Meal: Baked tilapia with rice

Favourite Drink: Water

Motivational Mantra

Believe in Him, because He believes in you!

Favourite Exercises

Leg raises, lemon squeezers (bringing your knees to your chest) and plank! 

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