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The thirst is real when you’re working out. Though your recommended water intake during exercise depends on several factors, a person should drink around 8 oz. of fluids every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise. Congrats khathreehna and elivkaa for your answering our #pumpupswag question correctly and for following us on Tumblr!

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Ready to win some PumpUp swag (tank + bracelet) ? Just answer this question: How Much Water Should You Drink DURING A Workout?

a) Around 15 oz. every 15-20 mins
b) Around 8 oz. every 15-20 mins
c) Depends on how much you sweat
d) Only when you feel thirsty!

Comment with the correct answer and if you have Tumblr, follow us at for a chance to WIN! #PumpUpSwag #SaturdayChallenge #TeamPumpUp

Did you know that when awake, the human brain produces enough energy to power a small 25 watt light bulb? Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well to fuel your mind! Thanks PumpUp member @tejada_granja for the awesome photo!


One lucky Member is going win some awesome PumpUp Swag to rep at home & at the gym. It’s trivia question time folks! 
When is the best time to stretch? 
a) Never. Stretching is pointless. 
b) Before your workout so you can warm-up your muscles of course. 
c) After, to make sure that you give your muscles a break. 
d) 2 days later so you can stretch when you are getting sore. 
Like this pic and comment for a chance to win #PumpUpSwag. Pic Credit: @noel_corrin.