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5 fitness valentines that are relevant to life

We just want somebody to lift, run far, and drink protein shakes with us. We just want somebody who will accept just how much we’re into the healthy lifestyle. Jump-squat for joy, because we have 5 hilarious fitness Valentine’s Cards that capture all of our feels in the cutest and most relevant way possible. PumpUp-Valentine---Fitness-1

One does not simply eat ONE Quest Bar.



You’re sweaty. I’m sweaty. Half the work is done ;)



Somebody call the paramedics, you just took my breath away


I just want someone that will cuddle, lift, and drink smoothies with me. Is that too much to ask?


It beats swiping right.

6 body positive cards that are as beautiful as you


6 body positive cards that are as beautiful as you are

If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love, why shouldn’t Valentine’s Day celebrate you? Be your own cupid and send a relevant, hilarious love letter to yourself from the bottom of your heart. These pumpupapp cards are an amazing way to start.

You deserve all of the cute doodles and positive affirmations in the world. You’re hot stuff, flaws and all (think Sriracha hot, and multiply that by 100). You’re absolutely amazing, at any and every size. Love your imperfections before you love your perfections. Love yourself.

Yoga for Couples and Friends

This is a post by PumpUp member Marinka Essel. Follow her on PumpUp @rinkae and on Instagram (rinkae_)

Partner yoga for everyone! My friend Sanni (a beginner in yoga) helped me do this yoga video where we show you a cute routine that you can try with your significant other or a friend. It’s a perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the video I offer you beginner tips but also show you how more advanced yogis can flow together.

Yoga x Pilates  for couples and friends (feat. Acroyoga)

My best friend Niko (also a beginner in yoga) helped me do this video. This routine will work your abs and help you relax. Be it your boyfriend, bestie or mother this one should be fun!

Get Physical with your Valentine ❤


February 14th is a day full of love and romance. Couples get together, eat chocolate, go out for fancy dinners, and enjoy a wonderful day together. However, there is another side to Valentine’s Day that usually goes unnoticed. Working out with your valentine isn’t just fun, but a great way to stay motivated and challenge each other!

You’ll find yourselves enjoying some healthy competition. Having your companion one step ahead of you is a great way to stay motivated, get stronger, and increase your energy levels. If you don’t believe me, read what other couples have to say. On that note, here are some great activities you and your valentine can do together — don’t be afraid to challenge each other!

Cardio: It’s as simple as going on a run together. There’s no better running partner than the person you care about most. And what better way to spend quality time together than on the run?!

Push-Ups: Gain a competitive edge while working out. See who can do more push-ups. If you feel strong enough, you can even place your partner on your back and get a real burn! Try facing each other and tapping your partner on the shoulder or shaking their hand after each push-up. (Alternatively, a kiss after every push-up will surely push you to do more!)

Medicine Balls: There are tons of great benefits to using medicine balls for strength and conditioning training, and they’re easy to share with a partner. Try playing catch, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, pass the ball after every sit-up or squat!

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just sit around and eat chocolate — get physical and make the most out of your day! Follow us on twitter and have a happy Valentine’s Day!