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5 ab exercise videos for busy bees (15 mins or less)

5 ab exercise videos for busy bees (15 mins or less)


Working on your core doesn't have to be a bore (or a chore for that matter). Take 15 minutes out of your day to improve your core strength. If you're at home, you can easily do so with simple, straight-forward ab exercise videos. Resources like Fitness Blender, Tone It Up, POPSUGAR Fitness, and XHit Daily make it easy for you to squeeze in a quick workout, regardless of how busy you are. No gym required. If you're doing the PumpUp #ChallengeMe June fitness series, you'll earn points for every 15 minutes of ab exercises that you do today. 15 minute ab workout videos

Fitness Blender's Abs Boot camp

Difficulty level: Beginner - Moderate

You won't need any equipment to do these ten exercises. You'll repeat each move twice, for 30 seconds each rep. You're encouraged to perform the moves at your own pace in order to maintain proper form throughout the entire video. Though Fitness Blender expects you to break an intense sweat during their ab exercise videos, this one isn't too challenging. According to their website, you can burn as much as 103 calories by doing this video.

Tone It Up's Bikini Abs Routine

Difficulty level: Moderate to Advanced

Tone It Up's bikini abs routine really is a difficult workout on its own. There are standing warm ups to get your heart pumping before you proceed with challenging moves that play a game of tug-o-war with your stabilizer muscles. Watch out for the single leg reverse crunch when you're doing this routine. Go slowly, emphasizing proper form rather than maximizing your repetitions to get the most out of this workout.

Popsugar Fitness's Fast and Furious Calorie Burn

Difficulty level: Moderate to Advanced

Autumn Calabrese sure knows how to make mean workouts. This 'full-body' routine actually incorporates several dynamic standing moves that are great for burning fat around your abs. It'll keep your heart rate up and help you to build strength as well. You'll need a pair of dumbbells for this routine.

XHit Daily's Washboard Abs

Difficulty level: Moderate

You'll have a ball with this ab workout.  As fun as bouncing on a stability ball may be, you can get a pretty effective ab workout with a few simple moves. The ball makes conventional ab exercises a lot more challenging by destabilizing your body. Just roll with it (but actually, try to minimize rolling while you're performing the moves).

Jessica Smith's Crunch-Free Workout

Difficulty Level: Beginner - Moderate

Who doesn't love ab exercise videos that don't include crunches? This workout uses more static exercises (like the plank) in order to build your core strength. All of these exercises are done on the floor and you won't need any equipment to get started.

Loved these ab exercise videos? Let us know your favorite ways to build core strength in the comments below! Cover photo courtesy of PumpUp member m_dancer18. If you're doing our #ChallengeMe June fitness series, you'll earn points for every 15 minutes of ab exercises that you do today.

Watch the new PumpUp video

Watch the new PumpUp video


Success is achieved when we inspire wellness, together.Get motivated by millions to become the best version of yourself. Let PumpUp encourage you along the way. Nothing is impossible! Share this video if you love #TeamPumpUp! 

This video shows that it's okay to fail

This video demonstrates that it’s okay to fail

We’re doing Workout Wednesday a little differently in light of our December theme: Spreading Positivity. PumpUp member @jenac demonstrates that it is okay to fall and fail in this video. “Yes, you may laugh. I don’t mind,” she shrugged. “After completely falling on my [butt], I laughed too.” 

Many times we do fall. Both videos and pictures may seem perfect when the final version is edited, polished, and published. In reality, it takes a few tries before anybody can achieve the ‘perfect form’ or take the ‘perfect picture’. “I’m human, I can only try my best and HOPE that I don’t fall flat on my face. But if I do fall, I’m never worried. It’s all a part of learning,” said Jen. 

It’s natural to feel discouraged when our first attempt at anything fails to meet our expectations. “That’s when you need to take a step back and look how far you’ve come,” explains Jen. “I did fall after this video, but I continued and beat my personal record by adding another plastic frame! Push yourself and strive for greatness. You already have it in you.”

Spread positivity all December long with PumpUp by using the hashtag #SpreadPositivity

It’s back to school time — and you know what that means… #Freshman15! PumpUp hit the street to speak to University of Toronto freshmen about their take on this so-called first-year phenomenon. Here’s what they had to say.