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Why drastic weight gain didn't stop Tian from making a change

Why drastic weight gain didn't stop Tian from making a change


If you once had speedy metabolism that suddenly slowed to a halt, Tian can sympathize with you.  Despite having been skinny for most of her life, Tian took this genetic pre-disposition for granted. This led to drastic weight gain that weighed on her until June 2014, when she decided to take action against it. "It's never too late to make a change," she insisted. "I'm not the strongest or most athletic, but I have a lot of heart. I keep pushing forward." Not long after, Tian joined PumpUp in search of support and she hasn't looked back. When Tian shared about her transformation on PumpUp, the community was stunned by her truly admirable transformation. "[The] supportive comments really made my day," she said warmly. "I greatly appreciate [each person] taking the time to comment. [They] are all a constant source of great support. Much love and appreciation!"

How Tian overcame drastic weight gain

Exercise is the best stress reliever for Tian, who regularly wakes up at 5am to perform gruelling Insanity workouts. Though cardio is a challenge for her, she makes an effort to push through every workout. "At the time I began my fitness journey, I couldn't do 1 pushup or last more than 3 minutes on the treadmill," she professed.

The PumpUp community is inspired by everything that Tian has achieved after having overcome the drastic weight gain from her past. Keep her pumped on the app @tianloves!