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Spotlight: Rikke S.

Joining us from Norway is today’s PumpUp spotlight Rikke S., who captivates us with her balanced active lifestyle and beautiful landscape photography.  Her passion is to change at least one person’s perception of themselves for the better. Although Rikke deals with certain mental health issues, she resolves not to be defined by them, saying that ”The strongest people have the strongest minds.”  Learn more about Rikke on the blog today!spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

Prior to PumpUp, Rikke struggled to find balance amidst her hectic schedule.  Not only did she devote an average of 2-4 hours a day to handball and boxing practice in addition to eight hours of school, she often spent her weekends travelling to and competing in handball games or regional gatherings. Her drive to be the best at everything took its toll. ”In the long run this became too exhausting, mentally and physically, and I had to quit,” confesses Rikke.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

PumpUp helped her to keep track of her fitness goals and remain active after quitting handball practices. She was at last able to find a middle ground. “I definitely will not ever workout as much as I did before, but I still work out a lot. I workout about five times a week but I never go over two hours in my workouts,” states Rikke. “My eating has only become more and more healthy now that I am focusing on being healthy and not the best at everything or the skinniest or the most fit person.” Although her daily routine still consists of school and exercise such as running, hiking, and weight-lifting, the time that she now has to relax with friends contributes positively to her sense of well-being.Rikke struggles with depression and anxiety but resolves to not let the pathology of her mental health afflictions get the best of her. I definitely had ups and downs. I’ve had some major setbacks and struggles. I’ve fought with my life to get stronger than what’s trying to pull me down,” Rikke admits. ””The strongest people have the strongest minds.’”

She emphasizes that we recognize the importance of our own self worth, and has advice for those who grapple with similar mental health issues. ”I know how it is to never feel good enough,” says Rikke. ”Please never give in to any pressure that’s going to leave you headed in the wrong direction. You’re good enough for me.”

The song that keeps Rikke pumped up through difficult times is Meghan Trainor’s ”All about that bass”.

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

She takes pride in what she has accomplished so far. Her biggest motivation is to keep feeling good about herself and seeing small changes in her physique. “I’ve come quite some way with shaping my body, and I hope to be able to do even more,” explains Rikke, “My body is my masterpiece…That’s what keeps me going.”  

Her advice to the PumpUp community and those looking to lead a more active life is to “Set small goals at first. When you see the results faster you’ll want to keep going. Make sure to eat and drink right and find time for rest.”

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

More About Rikke

Motivational Mantra: “Det er I motbakke det går oppover”  which means “It is in an incline it goes upward”

Favourite snack/meal/drink: My fav snack is Norwegian Apples, nuts and raisins. I love water and homemade smoothies. Any meal with fish is my favourite.

Favourite PumpUp workout routine: I usually lift weights to stay active, but I do love all the small circuits on the PumpUp app.

Rikke’s Simple Banana Pancakes: For those with sweet teeth, simple mix two eggs per banana together and cook them like you would a pancake!

spotlight fitness inspiration rikke pumpupapp

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