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Who do YOU admire?

PumpUp member rfitdiary’s core strength makes us positively starry eyed on Woman Crush Wednesday. She’s also mastering the handstand!

She says, "I only lift heavy weights and do long runs but heyy—handstands and generally my core muscles and balance are great." Love it!

Handstands make your muscles insanely strong, working everything from your core to your upperbody. They’ll also relieve pressure from your legs and back and give you an extra metabolism boost.

Can’t do a handstand yet? Afraid of your face getting too friendly with the floor if you fall down? Build up to one gradually by starting against the wall and practicing every day. Yoga moves like crow pose have also been known to help beginners transcend their fear of handstands. Inverted poses will gradually ease you into becoming a handstand warrior just like rfitdiary over here.